The New York Times has published a racist history of the U.S. based on critical race theory. It holds that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery. Slavery made the U.S. wealthy. The U.S. original sin was racism. Our culture is built on racism and it is an unchangeable part of our society.

The 1619 Project is based on CRT, cultural Marxist critical race theory - only white racism matters and it is systemic in the U.S. It maintains that all blacks are victims (still slaves) and all white people are privileged oppressors (still masters). So there must be monetary and socialized atonement. This theory denigrates the black person as one who is unable to take responsibility for themselves and make their own success. The 1619 Project is a racist document.

What is completely missing from the 1619 Project is the fact that the entire African slave business was run by Muslims and each slave was the result of jihad.
If you'd like to know more about Islam and slavery, read
The Doctrine of Slavery - An Islamic Institution

This is a Chinese subtitled version of the original English version

According to Muslims, Islam was the first religion to give women their rights.

Actually, the Koran has three ways to treat women: they are equal to men on Judgment Day; they are elevated in status as mothers; they are subjugated in marriage. But the equality of women is tainted by the fact that they will be judged by how well they obeyed their husbands in marriage. And mothers are subjugated as wives.

Sharia courts use the Koran to achieve “justice”, a justice that makes wife beating a sacred law.

Censorship and de-platforming are radical changes from our past of freedom of speech and expression. My life has totally changed after censorship for the worst. This is not an accident, but a planned program to drive people such as me out of the marketplace of ideas and out of business.
Instead of facts, reason and discussion, we have descended into insults, name-calling and hatred. We are being trained to self censor. Censorship is viewed as a virtue and there is no debate of ideas. Without debate, we will make irrational decisions that can doom our civilization to failure.

This is the first time that Spencer and I have been together. We both enjoyed ourselves in a great interview.

Center for the Study of Political Islam International (CSPII) is a volunteer-based, non-profit educational organization that translates and publishes books by Dr. Bill Warner, provides training and lectures, does research, and offers the ability to connect with like-minded people worldwide who want to be active.

Muslim apostates are the invisible victim group. And their fate can be worse than any other minority group in the world. Why?

Currently people who leave Islam can be shunned, threatened, beaten and killed. But these are only the Sharia law consequences. Killing apostates violates our freedom of religion, but this is ignored by U.S. legal authorities. Former Muslims are forbidden to work as translators of Arabic and Farsi for the FBI and other government agencies. Former Muslims are also never allowed to give advice about the history and doctrine of Islam. Only practicing Muslims may do this work. This is employment discrimination and is a limitation on freedom of speech.

Now is the time for ex-Muslims to let go of old ethnic and ideological grievances, network and form a solid basis for bringing the truth of their lack of civil rights into the public awareness.

We need a “starter” group that can create the steps necessary to form a basis for a permanent group with the long-range goal of obtaining full civil rights for Muslim apostates. There are many things to be done, the writing of brochures, position papers, group communications, and talks. I would like to inspire this movement. I can provide a focus and help in providing a “voice” for this movement but I can’t be its leader as I have never been one of you. And I have more work to do than I can handle at this time.

Ex-Muslims could be a powerful weapon against Islam. Currently, only Muslims are allowed to educate government agencies, think tanks, schools and other tax funded organizations. If we followed our laws and Constitution, then if Muslims are used for presenting the “truth” about Islam, former Muslims should present the rest of the facts. The total truth needs to be told from both the believer and the non-believer side. The same should happen to translations of Arabic and Farsi, if Muslims are hired, then former Muslims should be hired as well.

Another great advantage of seeking full civil ..

• Sex with jihad captives
• How crime can be an act of jihad
• Slavery as a business
• The rights of slaves
• Islamic State (ISIS) is pure Islam
• The rules for enslavement
• The return policy in selling slaves

Part 5 of the interview series with Al Fadi.

If you'd like to learn more about the topic, see my book The Doctrine of Slavery - an Islamic Institution at https://www.politicalislam.com/product/the-doctrine-of-slavery/
Center for the Study of Political Islam International (CSPII) is a volunteer-based, non-profit educational organization that translates and publishes books by Dr. Bill Warner, provides training and lectures, does research, and offers the ability to connect with like-minded people worldwide who want to be active.

We need to know the total history of slavery.
• Mohammed as a slave holder and dealer
• How slavery can lead to conversion to Islam
• Rape as jihad
• Sex slaves
• The Koran and the Sunna support slavery
• Jihad as a business

Part 4 of the interview series with Al Fadi.


Center for the Study of Political Islam International (CSPII) is a volunteer-based, non-profit educational organization that translates and publishes books by Dr. Bill Warner, provides training and lectures, does research, and offers the ability to connect with like-minded people worldwide who want to be active.

Many of the questions are about defeating political Islam.
• How to convert Muslims into atheists
• Why we are losing the ideological war with Islam?
• Can the US defeat jihad?
• We are spineless
• Love jihad

This is a half hour interview with a Hindu lawyer. Sanjay Dixit covers Islamic ethics, fact based reasoning and the relationship between the Left and Islam (and why it will fail). We also cover my books in the Taste of Islam series.


I highly recommend the Questions and Answers follow up video.

We find out from the Hadith that the suffering of the Kafirs made Mohammed laugh. However, no one had better laugh at Mohammed. Humor and jokes poke fun at our foibles and flaws. But Mohammed is the ideal man and has no flaws. According to Islamic doctrine, he is the perfect pattern to follow.

In 1400 years, there has never been a Mohammed joke. The Mohammed cartoons have caused rioting and murder. Something as simple as naming a teddy bear, Mohammed, caused riots and imprisonment.

To have a sense of humor about the world and yourself shows an inner strength and a balanced personality. It takes mature person to laugh at their mistakes and foibles. We learn about Islam and Mohammed through his sense of humor.


Center for the Study of Political Islam International (CSPII) is a volunteer-based, non-profit educational organization that translates and publishes books by Dr. Bill Warner, provides training and lectures, does research, and offers the ability to connect with like-minded people worldwide who want to be active.

The Trilogy of Islam is the Koran, Hadith (Mohammed’s traditions) and the Sira (Mohammed’s biography). These three works contain the complete doctrine of Islam. If it is in the Trilogy, it is Islam. If something is not in the Trilogy, it is not Islam.

The smallest part of the doctrine is in the Koran. 86% of the three texts is devoted to Mohammed and only 14% is devoted to Allah in the Koran.

Once you understand the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira, the basis of Sharia law is clear. These texts describe how a human is to act in all areas of life; there is no human action that is not found in Sharia and hence, in the Trilogy.

Islam has a little-known doctrine and history of slavery. Mohammed was involved in every aspect of slavery. He captured Kafirs and made them slaves. He bought and sold them, retail and wholesale, and gave them as gifts. He had black African slaves, white European slaves, and Arab slaves. His favorite sex slave was a light skinned Christian. Islam has a complete doctrine of slavery which has been made sacred and permanent by the Koran, Sunna, and Sharia law.

The greatest mystery about the Islamic doctrine and history of slavery is how little is known about it. Every slave sold on the west coast, north coast and east coast of Africa was a part this huge Islamic business. The business of slavery is still practiced openly in Africa and clandestinely in some Mideastern countries today.

We should educate others and demand that the truth about Islamic slavery be taught in schools.

This is a video based on one of the chapters from my new book Measuring Mohammed:

Islam has a moral concept called sacred hate and sacred love, in Arabic, it is al wala wal bara.
What does Allah love? Muslims. What does Allah hate? Kafirs. There are 13 verses in the Koran that say that a Muslim can never be a true friend to Kafirs. They can be friendly with Kafirs, but never a true friend.

It is sacred doctrine that the Kafir can be hated, kidnapped, tortured, deceived and enslaved. There are no good words about the Kafir in the Koran.

This hating-for-Allah directed to all Kafirs poisons our relations with Muslims. It plants a seed of doubt in friendship with them. Sadly, true friendship with a Kafir means not being obedient to Allah and Islam.

This talk is based on a chapter in my new book Measuring Mohammed:

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Over half, 51%, of the Islamic doctrine found in Koran, Sira and Hadith is about the outsider: the Kafir. I define that part of Islam that deals with the Kafir to be Political Islam.

Some other topics in this interview:
- There is a great difference between the Meccan Koran and the Medinan Koran. Oddly enough the two different Korans contradict each other, the later Koran (Medina) abrogates the earlier Koran (Mecca).

- The structure of the Koran, why it is difficult to understand and how my it is can be easily understood using my statistical methods.
- My method of analysis is to use facts and to never criticize Muslims, but to make clear the doctrine they are following.
- Why the doctrine of Islam can never be changed and improved.
- How the law of population saturation works.

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My approach to learning about Islam is to use fact-based reasoning and not opinions of “experts.” The only experts we need to consider are Mohammed and Allah. So I use the three doctrinal texts of Islam, the Koran, the words of Allah, the Hadith or Traditions of Mohammed, and the Sira, his biography, to examine the doctrine that refers to non-Muslims or Kafirs. This is the basis of the method I used to write my books.

After I wrote my books on the doctrine of Political Islam, I sent out weekly newsletters about how this doctrine shaped and caused Muslims' speech and actions. This is an important learning step, because you can never fully understand Political Islam until you see how it works in the world. I do not mock or condemn Muslims or Islam. However, I am an on-going critic of the apologists who speak and do not know or want to know.

Measuring Mohammed is an eye-opening and insightful look into the inner-workings of Islamic doctrine as it pertains to those of us who aren’t Muslim believers. This book addresses a problem that confronts many nations today, a 1,400 year old problem that is not going away anytime soon. Read it and you will understand the nature of the problem and how we can solve it.


I have done many interviews about the foundations of Political Islam, but I find this interview to be one of the best. We begin with my personal history that led to learning about Islam, and then discuss various topics such as:
- Why you don’t want to start out learning about Islam by reading the Koran
- Knowing the life of Mohammed, the Sira, is the easiest way to learn about Islam and the most efficient use of your time
- There is a law of saturation for Islam. After Islam enters a nation, in a matter of time, the nation becomes completely Islamic
This is the first of several interviews with Al Fadi about Political Islam. More will follow.

For the first time a political leader has referred to Political Islam. Chancellor Kurz of Austria has called out Political Islam as a criminal conspiracy that needs to be discussed and made illegal. Political Islam is responsible not only for acts of jihad, but also gives it moral and financial support.
This is a major step forward. Instead of seeing jihadists as mentally ill, they are acknowledged as part of a political group dedicated to the destruction of Austria.
Kurz also makes the point that European countries need to unify, since no one country can defeat Political Islam.

Without freedom of speech, we can’t have rational thought. Without rational thought, we can’t examine our society objectively and fix its problems.

Without freedom of thought and speech, there can be no creativity, no creative ideas. You are not fully a human being if you can’t express your thoughts or talk about your ideas. So, you become “inhuman.”

Free speech is now being censored and attacked as hate speech. The meaning of hate is determined by political correctness. Hate speech is any speech that offends a “protected” minority. There is little push back from Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, feminists, artists, and intellectuals because we’re afraid of being called names, being shamed, losing status or even our jobs.

Those who are courageous and want to resist becoming serfs with no voice, those who value freedom of speech and rational thought, need a way to work together. CSPII is creating such teams. If you’re interested in resisting this 21st century wave of tyranny, go to https://www.cspii.org/joinus/.

Censorship destroys our most precious right – free speech.

Before the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, attacked me, I was a respected expert on Political Islam. Then I became a racist, hater, bigot, Islamophobe. SPLC said that people such as me should be driven out of business. All the big tech companies – Amazon, FaceBook, Twitter, PayPal, Master Card, YouTube – attacked me in some way.
Critical thought is the intellectual foundation to our civilization. Without it we have riots, screaming, brute force and tyranny.

There are two kinds of censorship: direct suppression and hidden censorship. An example of hidden censorship is textbooks that teach an Islam that is without fault and no classroom debate is allowed.

Look at all of the topics that cannot be openly discussed: race, immigration, climate change, gender, Islam.

Individuals cannot stop this, we need an organized power such as CSPI International that is being built in the US after a five-year development in Central Europe. If you are interested in joining us: www.cspii.org/joinus

The Democratic Party has decided to submit to Islam.

Here is how we should Islam in our schools

Over the last five years, we've successfully developed and piloted, in six European countries, the international solution to a global problem of Political Islam called: Center for the Study of Political Islam International (CSPII). Today we are officially starting the worldwide expansion of our organization that:

- Teaches the foundations of Islamic political doctrine
- Provides a methodology that uses the effective language and how to debate and educate others about Political Islam
- Teaches research methods for measuring the political power of Islam in your country, state and community
- Furnishes a group to work with and a communications network
- Provides international, national and local programs

If you want to join us, fill in the application form here:

Bill Warner
President, Co-Founder

Milan Podlipny
Vice-President & CEO, Co-Founder

In any war of ideas, you must command the language to shape the ideological battle space. The left and Islam are experts at using the right words to win.
There is a word we must start using—Kafir, do not use unbeliever or non-Muslim. I did a study of the use of the word “kafir” in the Koran and found that it is used in nearly 400 verses. In 345 verses kafir means unbeliever and in 39 verses it means “ungrateful”. Kafir is the word Allah uses to describe us.
How do we know it is the right word? Simple. Muslims do not want us to use it. Using Kafir is a game changer. And while you are at it, use Koran, not Qu’ran.
The book I referenced in the talk: Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Quran; Toshihiko Izutsu.

This interview covers Farrakhan, the Islamic Jew hatred doctrine, why do we tolerate such hatred and why don't want to know, and if they do know, why do they not do anything?


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