America's Frontline Doctors, a group of medical practitioners who dispute the effectiveness of lockdowns and the wearing of face masks:

Presenter: Simone Gold

Robert Hamilton - pediatrician, Santa Monica, California

Stella Immanuel - primary care physician, Houston, Texas

Dan Erickson - emergency medical practitioner, Bakersfield, California

Isolde's Liebestod

Coronavirus has killed no more people worldwide than seasonal flu

Peter Hitchens and Andrew Pierce, consultant editor for The Daily Mail, on The Daily Show talking, inevitably, about Coronavirus insanity.

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3 template questions:

Why was the pandemic model supplied by Professor Neil Ferguson used as the basis for the Coronavirus lockdown decision given that several of the professor's previous pandemic models have proven to be highly inaccurate?


Given Professor Neil Ferguson's history of pandemic models that have been shown to be inaccurate and with substantially inflated mortality projections, why was he asked to supply such a model for the current Coronavirus pandemic and why did the Prime Minister act upon it?


Does the Prime Minister regret asking Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London to supply a pandemic model for the Coronavirus outbreak considering that Professor Ferguson has a documented history of inaccurate pandemic models with exaggerated mortality projections?


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