Tommy, back in work mode and with a few middle fingers to the establishment for good measure, gives a taster of his plans for next year including a documentary, "The Rape Of Britain", about the Muslim gang rape phenomenon and the staggering coverup thereof. My boy's back in the saddle.

Original video: https://www.facebook.com/thetommyrobinson/videos/585866425174836/

Sky News, evidently gutted at not getting a sufficiently toxic quote from Tommy during Jason Farrell's 75 minute interview with him, resolved their dilemma by...making one up. Journalism at its finest.


Praying six abreast on a narrow road and a woman punched in the face. But that's OK, 'cos it's the Muslim masters.

The EU Copyright Directive passed by a large majority but it might work out fine.

According to a security guard I just spoke to at the Old Bailey, Tommy's trial tomorrow is to be held behind closed doors.

Trial delayed to 22rd October and ample space in court. Still the public were denied access.


Voting on the EU Copyright Directive is taking place on Wednesday afternoon. Articles 11 (the "link tax") and 13 (the copyright filter) are of concern to internet users as they will almost certainly have a prejudicial effect on the free expression of ideas online; I don't want to overburden this message so I'll simply point out that the sites where the ostensible copyrighted content originates, those companies the copyright legislation purports to benefit, will suffer loss of the free advertising that direct linking and promotion of their content on social media provides with no particular corresponding benefit, to say nothing of the radical dilution of the user experience and the content loss to the social media companies themselves.

I would sincerely urge you to vote against the Copyright Directive and in doing so support a continuance of the free exchange of ideas on the internet.

Reporting restrictions, hate facts, sexual innuendo and a side order of Islamasanity. But the UK government's not ridiculous.

Marks & Spencer and the Halal Monitoring Committee vie for top spot in this year's Islam Insanity Award.


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