Early each day on the street, in the mall, the men from Lahore and Sudan,
In their own special way to the people they call: “Come take this book - the Quran”.
Come take a copy, come bask in the grace of the words of the mighty Allah...
“Take a passage at random, choose as you see fit...you won't need to go looking too far:

“Fight for Islam – fight, live or die! Sell your life for the man in the sky!
End your days for the One Who Is True...and he'll bestow great rewards upon you!”

And when challenged they'll say with those innocent eyes and a face that's a model of calm,
That the verses of murder are simply misunderstood - peaceful, no cause for alarm!

Though their words may seem genuine...sincere...careful, your trust will one day cost you dear...
Read the words – “fight, live or die – sell you life for the man in the sky!”

When a man doesn't have enough to do.

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Tories first, Brexit Party if you must.

If you hand out exhortations to the glorious consequences of murder, don't be surprised when murder happens just down the road.

Get those Bradford-born chip shop boys.

There's a fairy at the bottom of my garden.

Newsnight on Thursday 14th November 2019 began with a video the BBC had faked, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiling to a round of applause and flashing press cameras a wall-mounted plaque saying "A & E waiting times worst on record". The accuracy of the statement is not the issue. That a fake video, presumably produced by the BBC themselves, was broadcast on a BBC programme, is - the implication is that there is pride, even a sense of triumphalism, on the part of the Tories in the matter of A & E waiting times. This is clearly fake, and produced with the clear intention of misleading and manipulating viewers into sharing this toxic sense of Tory inhumanity. The BBC should be neither producing fake video memes nor seeking to promote political messages - they are paid by the taxpayer and required to be impartial. Please take action.


Central Brexit figures gunning for Nigel Farage.


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