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art in the style of John Buscema!


Strange Adventures is a 64 page pulp magazine done in the classic style of Savage Sword of Conan, and the EC horror mags. Fans of John Buscema style art will want to check this out!

Emulating the style of Big John Buscema! Strange Adventures is a 64-page Pulp Comic Magazine, printed on newsprint with all hand-done art in the old style you miss! Come on by the Kickstarter and make a pledge!

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The story the God in the Bowl deserves another look. Not published in Howard's lifetime, this Conan story is an important signifier of one of the larger themes pertinent to the Conan mythology.


In 1981 and '82, TSR put out 8 comic strip ads, featuring Grimslade the Magic User, Valerius the Fighter, Indel the Elf and later Saren the Cleric. I break the first one down in this video, and go over all the background there is to know about the project.


Aside from being an illustrator, I am also a singer. This is me covering Deadringer by Meatloaf and Cher. They recorded this great song in 1981 under the album of the same name. Jim Steinman wrote the music. The cover painting was done by none other than Bernie Wrightston.

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Art and especially figure drawing is about measurement. The dimensions and proportions make the image. John's women -faces and figures - are a perfect match with Sophia Loren's proportions. She is the perfect Buscema Woman.

Jim Neal wrote an excellent ballad as a backup feature in Savage Sword of Conan, number 105. His Conan poetry and exhaustive work with Conan scholarship is vast and should be remembered.

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How did John Buscema adapt the 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian, by John Milius, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger?


In 1954, Frank Frazetta illustrated a script called Came the Dawn, a script used previously by Wally Wood for EC comics. It did not see publication, and it has never formally been put back together with the text... until now....


"Do you share my madness?" -Victor Frankenstein

POWR is an original Role Playing Game I have written, which consists of a campaign game world, a rule system and an epic adventure all in one. It participates in the Grande Tradition of Concept, a mad pursuit that men such as Immanual Velikovsky, John Milton and Thor Heyerdahl each attempted in their own way. The Grand Tradition seeks to harness something utterly massive, and in so doing, contain it, and bring that thing to bear... Harness the POWR & Shatter the Serpent Ring.

In this video I talk about how I draw the male figure, and some of the techniques artists can use to figure out proportional anatomy.

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This is a dramatic reading of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian, issue number 2, presented in comic format, with all the ads and editorial sections.

In this video, I reveal and comment on a super rare piece of Masters of the Universe collectible history. No other video on Youtube considers or shows this item! Must be seen to believe!

Interview with the new Heavy Metal band, Greyhawk.

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twitter and instagram: @greyhawkmetal

Sci-Fi author Andrew Duncan recently stated that Tolkien's treatment of orcs in the LOTR was 'dangerous' and 'racist'. This attitude is the endgame of postmodernism. I noticed this nihilist trajectory start to infect the Dungeons & Dragons community in the early 1990's. Thirty years later, politically correct attitudes and postmodernist interpretations of Gary Gygax's classic game are now common practice - the signs of rot are all around us.

This is the second video of the new series, Point Vs Point. This episode features part two in the discussion regarding the use of dice in table-top role playing games, with our guest Dirk the Dice of the Grognard Files podcast. He weighs in on last week's discussion, and here represents the position "Dice are Necessary in Role Playing Games".

Find Dirk the Dice & his excellent podcast here: https://thegrognardfiles.com

Point Vs Point part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W_qDJ9WKe8

The Series POINT Vs POINT investigates a variety of topics, by way of longform interviews and presentations, given from 2 opposing positions. This first instalment features "The Case for Diceless Role-Playing Games" presented by our first guest, Scott Barnes.

Tom et ses chums! - Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhmUj9QJ9RM

Tom et ses chums! - Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9FMURHhgzc

This is the first of my Interview Series, featuring Fantasy Author David V. Stewart.
David's array of works include Garamesh and the Farmer, the Needle Ash series, The Water of Awakening, Muramasa Blood Drinker, The Prophet of the Godseed as well as many other long and short form writings found on his website.

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This is a demonstration of how to use a jackhammer to demolish a waste piece of concrete.

This is the Polymath review of Immortal Fear, by Matthew J. Wellman, an excellent Urban Fantasy novel.

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Matthew J. Wellman's homepage: http://matthewjwellman.com

Writers of the Dawn : https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/writers-of-the-dawn/id1202124828?mt=2

This is a dramatic presentation of the 1970 Marvel issue of Conan the Barbarian, number 1. Photographed from my personal copy of the premier issue from the groundbreaking Silver/Bronze age series.

The Great Books series. This is the second part of my review of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.


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