Hello fellow gamers and welcome to my SWGOH Lets play.

This was take 2 of the podcast as the first 45 mins i recorded was eaten, yet again, by my tablet.

There's some battles in there from both arenas and from GW so plenty to watch.


Welcome to a very fast and furious SWGOH lets play video.

Real life has interfered with today's podcast. I have been logging in periodically all day and doing bits and pieces due to me services being required in a 'furniture moving' capacity.

Top #200 in arena
Top #50 in Fleet arena

Stuff done just not as comprehensively as i would have preferred. Enjoy the short version.

Hello Everyone and welcome to another SWGOH lets play video!

Twas a very good day. Only three more toons to go until we have a full Phoenix squad of 7 star toons. Chopper and Hera are only a few days away with Ezra coming up the rear.

Top #200 in Arena
Top #50 in Flight Arena

Kept it under an hour as i did all challenges prior to the podcast. i hope you enjoy.

Hello Everyone and welcome to another SWGOH lets play.

A good day in both arenas today as i made the usual TOP#200 and #50 in respective Arenas.

The Credit heist gave me some well needed currency so i can catch my Phoenix Sqn up to the maximum lvl possible which is now LVL 66 as this was unlocked today.

Hope you enjoy. No tantrums today lol.

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play

Still in the Top#200 for Arena and Top#50 for Flight arena

Cant seem to catch a break in GW though. another impossible match lost. midway point this time.

Enjoy the slightly shorter than usual vid

Hello everyone. Welcome to another SWGOH lets play.

A good days play today.

Top #200 in Arena
Top #50 in Ship Arena

Having played around with the ships in fleet battles i believe i have a solid team that will keep me in the Top #50

Kept the vid to around an hour so i hope you enjoy.

Hello everyone. Welcome to another days game play from my SWGOH lets play.

Im so close now to having a full Phoenix Squad at 7 stars. hopefully in time for the EP legendary

Hello and welcome to my SWGOH lets play.

Back in the top #200 in arena
Back in the top #50 in flight arena

Did a bit of ugrading on some phoenix toons. all of them barring chopper now have gear 7.

Big thanks to the new guild for letting in such a lowly level player.

They are recruiting so get in touch with them if you think you'd like to join them.

Back to an hour long!

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play.

Today's is very short. Mainly due to the need for me to move some furniture today.

I go through where i got to in the arenas and with the four pillars upgrading.

Enjoy this short hodgepodge of a video.

normal service will resume tomorrow where you can enjoy/endure a full days gameplay.

Hello everyone.

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play. Today was kinda....Vanilla....Got back into the Arena #200 but could quite make it into fleet Arena #20.

No one was upgraded except for a Geo but that was for fleet. It didnt make a difference lol.

Anyway a shorter vid than yesterday. please enjoy, like and subscribe

Welcome to another long, long, long SWGOH lets play video.

There's no getting around the length of these vids with the lvl 60 threshold being reached. There's just so much to cover and i want to cover the play, as close to its entirety, as much as i can.

With that being said i made it back into the top #200 of the arena and also made #27 in ship arena. couldn't quite hit the top #20 today but i'm hopeful over the next couple of days.

Hera did get bumped to 6 stars during the episode so that was a bonus.

The Soprano's reference is at the end of the vid if you want to fast forward to it. The reference was unintentional.

Hello and welcome to another episode of my SWGOH lets play.

There's no avoiding it. today was a long podcast. Now that the ships have been unlocked there are three new tasks to complete dailys and ive got to do a lot more admin on toons for the next few days.

The good news is i stayed in the top #100 of fleet arena.
The bad news is i dropped out of the top#200 of PVP arena

I did get the shards to get Put Hera to 6 star but im now in a credit bottle neck needing credit for lots of upgrades and not enough to do them.

Anyway, enjoy the show and hit that like and subscribe button if you feel like it.

Hello and welcome to another SWGOH lets play. Big progress made using the Four pillars method today!

Zeb is now at 7*. It took 35 days but it was definitely worth following the four pillars just for this.

Also Kanan reached 6*.

Hello everyone and welcome to another SWGOH lets play video. The four pillars is working well. The sidetrack i took a few days ago, so i could have scoundrels ready, paid off as i bagged an extra 500k credits from credit heist. Enjoy and dont forget to subscribe.

Big Thankyou to MogileGamer for recording the introduction to Day 33 of my SWGOH lets play Video. Lots of interesting stuff happened but one of those things was not getting back into the Arena top #200. Anyway please enjoy the video.

Please watch and subscribe to this awesome YouTube content provider. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKjqnZEvjlf4TPtt9dmqhYw

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play. Big Thank you to AhnaldT101 for his introduction to the days episode. I can honestly say it's probably the most exciting part of today's video. Oh i did reach lvl 58 today so that was a bonus.

Anyway if you dont already subscribe to his channel then please do so as he is a lovely chap who im happy to call a friend now. i think everyone at the meet up is now his friend.

Short one today as im off to meet mobile gamer and arhnoldt101. welcome yada yada yada. enjoy lol

Its that time of day when i upload another SWGOH lets play video. Today was fun. I returned to the regular four pillars farming method and normal service was resumed. Made a push for the top #100 in arena which surprised even me and 3 starred all the hard node of light side stage 6. A rather productive day all round!

So once the server issues were over and i was able to log on i was able to record this. Here is day 29. Todays SWGOH lets play is full of fun. I got ezra up to gear 7. I unlocked two scoundrels ready for the next credit heist and pushed my squad back into to arena top #200. Enjoy

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play. Today wasn't massively eventful but i did finally get CD 5 dot MODs and got my speed triangle for Ezra. Still in the Arena top #200 so only a day away from getting Scoundrel number 2. Kept it nice and short. I lost my temper and threw my teddy in the corner towards the end of thew video. so its funny to listen to me lose it lol.

Today was huge! hello and welcome to day 27 of my SWGOH lets play video. So much was achieved today. Hera and Chopper went to 5 stars. Zeb went to 6 stars, I unlocked 5 dot MODS for health and defense and i hit the lvl 55 mark. I was also still in the top #200 of arena and moved closer to the Top #100. Easily the best day ive had on this account. Enjoy.

Its time for yet another SWGOH lets play. Today we got lots of fairly useless MODs because, well, we had to use the energy. I flew through the NS event and got some NS shards and i also completed another training event for some free shards. Made it back into the Top #200 but its getting tough at the top. Enjoy.

Here's another SWGOH lets play. A mellow day today. Nothing really exciting other than i was still in the top #200 of squad arena. Upgrades made and extra freebies collected. enjoy the journey.

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play. Day 23 and were flying! completed stage 5 of MOD battles with all nodes at 3 stars. Even made it into the top #200 of the Arena which surprised even me. Its good to be in my Arena shard!

Welcome to another SWGOH lets play. The four pillar system is working. Todays play had 3 Pheonix Sqn competing at 5 stars. they made it very close to the top #200 and they walked through stage 4 of MOD battles with the help of some Ally's. I hope you enjoy.


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