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I call up a scammer and the scammer tries to tell me how to "cure" the coronavirus. Disclaimer: Don't believe what the scammer says and don't drink bleach.

When you're bored, you start to think of stupid things like this

I glued an SD card into my phone, so now I have to take it apart and show the weird pictures on it.

Poodad calls up some scammers to ask for more toilet paper.

I unfortunately had to change from FireRTC to BobRTC. So it looks a little different and there are a few flaws that I want to fix in the next video.

Originally release to Youtube 1/17/19
A compilation of scam calls from 2018 that hadn't been released.....til now.

I know it's not Christmas time now

Originally uploaded to Youtube 12/17/18
Poodad calls some scammers and sings Christmas music to them.

Looking back at this video its kinda bad in my opinion. Better videos on the way. :)

Originally uploaded on Youtube 8/28/18
Poodad calls up a scammer as an old lady as he runs an old Commodore 64 emulator.
I would also like to say sorry if the sound is too quiet or loud. I had an ear infection and my hearing was being weird.


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I'm random and don't know what type of video I'm doing next. I could be calling a scammer, making a short film, 3d printing, or something else. Who knows?