TEDxNavesink, Apr 28, 2015

Popular culture bombards us with hypersexualized images of women and men, conveying powerful images that help shape our sexuality. Dr. Gail Dines, recipient of the Myers Center Award for the Study of Human Rights in North America, sociology and women's studies professor, and porn industry researcher and writer, explores how masculinity and femininity are shaped by pornified images that spill over into our most private worlds. In Dr. Gail Dines' compelling talk, she exposes the effects of porn culture on pop culture and the impact on children and young adults growing up in a pornified culture today, addressing how nonprofit organization Culture Reframed is "solving the public health crisis of the digital age".

Popular culture bombards us with hyper-sexualized images of idealized women and men, conveying powerful messages that help shape sexuality. Dr. Gail Dines explores how masculinity and femininity are shaped by pornified images that spill over into our most private worlds.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Studio 10, Oct 25, 2016

We're joined by a panel of experts and young people for our special investigation into the impact porn has on our society.

David Corlett, Jan 1, 2016

Readily available and aggressively marketed online, exposure to hardcore pornography is now mainstream. The classroom or parent talk is now no match for porn – with its endless array of gyrating bodies, offering a quick, easy and anonymous sexual charge. Porn has become the default sexuality educator for young people growing up online.
The Porn Factor takes viewers on a journey of discovery, from regional and urban Australia to the centre of the international porn industry in Los Angeles and back. Through candid interviews with young people, experts and porn industry professionals, The Porn Factor explores how pornography is shaping young people’s sexual expectations and experiences. It brings into compelling focus the 21st century challenges faced by parents, schools and others as they seek to equip young people for a sexuality that is safe, respectful and fully consenting.

FreeMedEducation, Dec 3, 2018

A new series exploring the neuroscience behind porn addiction and how to overcome it. Based on works of Dr Gary Wilson, used with his permission.

Part 1 is about the introduction to the series and why porn addiction is so uniquely addictive and uses inbuilt wiring in your brain to take over your brain.

FreeMedEducation, Apr 16, 2019

A new series exploring the neuroscience behind porn addiction and how to overcome it. Based on works of Dr Gary Wilson, used with his permission.

Part 2 is about the coolidge effect and why porn addiction is so uniquely addictive and uses inbuilt wiring in your brain to take over your brain. It also explains why your brain is not ready to resist this addiction instead it has been trained to embrace this addiction.

FreeMedEducation, Sep 22, 2019

A new series exploring the neuroscience behind porn addiction and how to overcome it. Based on works of Dr Gary Wilson, used with his permission.

Part 3 is about the limbic brain and why porn addiction is so uniquely addictive and uses inbuilt wiring in your brain to take over your brain. It also explains why your brain is not ready to resist this addiction instead it has been trained to embrace this addiction.

Strength To Fight, Nov 1, 2018

Speaker & Activist Devorah Gilman's joins us to talk about how our pornified culture has changed relationships, and expectations for how girls should be treated.

Learn More About Strength To Fight:

Channel 4, Sascha Olofson, 16 Aug, 2006

Documentary about serial killer Ted Bundy. This documentary asks the question whether Bundy's obsession with pornography was the cause of his crimes.

BBC, 14 Mar, 2019

Porn Laid Bare series 1, episode 1 of 3

Contains some strong language and sexual content.

Six British people in their 20s with different attitudes to pornography visit Spain to explore its sprawling adult film industry. Meeting producers,performers, whistleblowers and the police, the group immerse themselves in one of Europe’s biggest pornography production hubs where they’ll confront ugly truths and complex dilemmas. They’ll discover who makes porn; how they make it; why they make it; and who makes the money. Can the group reconcile what they see with their own values and ethics?

In this episode, the group visit one of Spain’s biggest producers called Cumlouder where they witness their first porn shoot with performers Rob Diesel and Julia De Lucia. They then head to a porn shoot on a Spanish beach with a producer called Thierry Kemaco who is trying to avoid being caught filming outdoors by the police. Over dinner that evening the group meet an academic called Dr Sam Carr who thinks that overconsumption of porn reduces real life empathy. The group then split to meet a performer Canela Skin who shows them how she prepares for her scenes and reveals that she once caught a sexually transmitted disease on a shoot as well as being the subject of racial stereotyping on porn sets. Later three of the group meet a whistleblower Ishmael López Fauste who reveals the dark things he witnessed when working in the industry, and then they speak to a former porn performer called Sabrina who recounts her experiences and concerns about alleged widespread drugging and prostitution in the industry. Concerned about Sabrina’s testimony one of the group meets a police officer fighting human trafficking and sexual exploitation in porn, before three of the group come face to the face with one of Spain’s most notorious producers, Torbe, also know as ‘The King of Spanish Porn’ who in renowned for filming group sex scenes. They witness a gang bang shoot with a young woman who is new to the industry, raising concerns about the vulnerability of young women in Spain’s porn industry.

BBC, 14 Mar, 2019

Porn Laid Bare series 1, episode 2 of 3

Contains some strong language, sexual content and some upsetting scenes.

Touring porn sets in Spain the group have seen what the adult film industry means for producers and performers – good and bad - but now it’s time to reflect on themselves and consider the impact that porn is having on their life, their relationships, and on wider society. The group explore questions including how porn effects the brain, how it shapes our views of our own and others’ bodies, how it shapes societal attitudes towards racial groups, women and our understanding of sexuality, and asks if porn addiction is becoming a problem amongst heavy users.

To help answer these questions three of the group submit themselves to scientific tests by neuroscientist Dr Nicole Prause where their brainwaves and genital responses are measured when watching different types of pornography. One member’s results when presented with gay porn and an adult film with black performers provokes a heated discussion between the group, leading to disagreement about how porn fetishizes certain racial groups. Two of the group also seek to explore the impact of porn on body image by visiting a plastic surgeon Dr Ignacio Sanza who is operating on a man who wants a penis enlargement and two extra testicles inserted to create a bigger bulge. They then get into their scrubs and witness the surgery as they are invited into the operating theatre. Two of the cast decide to delve into the world of gay porn and explore how it differs to the heterosexual shoots they’ve attended so far, meeting director Macho Serge as he shoots an aristocratic themed porn film in Barcelona.

Meanwhile one cast member concerned about his dependency on pornography enters therapy and makes a profound revelation about his life and reflects on his own problematic porn usage. Finally, two cast members who reported a dependency on porn visits a representative of the ‘NoFap’ movement, Jesús Gomis, who advocates giving up porn and masturbation as a way to overcome porn addiction.

BBC, 14 Mar, 2019

Porn Laid Bare series 1, episode 3 of 3

Contains some strong language, sexual content and some upsetting scenes.

The group have been exposed to some of the good and bad practices in Spain’s porn industry, as well as exploring the positive and negative influences porn has on consumers, but in this episode they are questioning that if there are aspects of mainstream pornography that are damaging then what should be done about porn? They’ll explore whether there are ethical alternatives to mainstream porn that means the industry can change from within, or whether the solution is to limit the reach of pornography as much as possible to protect society. Finally the group get the opportunity to put what they’ve learnt into practice, choosing between going on a march against pornography taking place in Madrid or helping to make a porn film in Barcelona applying more ethical principles to the shoot – but after two weeks seeing the good and bad of Spain’s porn industry, how will the group divide?

In this episode three of the group meet feminist campaigners the Towanda Rebels protesting against violence seen in porn. The campaigners show the group a genre of porn called ‘public disgrace’ where a woman is humiliated sexually in public, and they are shocked to learn that one of the actors in this genre is someone they’ve already met. Keen to find a more ethical alternative to more violent forms of porn the group meet producer Erika Lust in Barcelona who claims her films are more responsibly produced and focus as much on female pleasure as male pleasure. Three of the group discover what some argue is the most ethical form of pornography out there: films made by couples which completely bypass producers. They meet amateur performers Eze and Jowy who are making a porn film featuring bondage. Later the notion of there being an ethical alternative to porn is strongly challenged when they meet academic Heather Brunksell Evans. Her views inform the group’s decision at the end of their two weeks in Spain on whether they want to shape the production of a porn film being filmed in Barcelona or join feminist campaigners marching against pornography and violence against women in Madrid. But after two weeks immersing themselves in Spain’s porn industry, how will the group split?

BBC, 14 Jul, 2019

This documentary offers a never-before-seen look at the incel community, an online subculture linked to multiple mass murders and hate crimes against women.

In 2014, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger shot and stabbed six of his fellow students to death in a premeditated attack at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His motive? In a chilling video Rodger said he was angry that he was still a virgin and in his words wanted to show himself as 'the true alpha male' by punishing women for not being attracted to him.

The legacy of Rodger's assault catapulted online incels into wider consciousness. Incels - short for 'involuntary celibates' - are a global community of sexually frustrated young men, who have found support amongst one another on the net. Some idolise Rodger, and chillingly, his murder spree seems to have helped inspire at least three further mass killings in North America, that have mainly targeted women.

At its extreme, incel ideology spreads violent misogyny, which blames women for depriving men of sex and relationships. Some forums have recorded up to 40,000 members and feature depraved ideas like state-sponsored rape and girlfriends.

Following eight months of unprecedented access to incels, this documentary is the deepest exploration yet of this notoriously closed community.

Told primarily through the personal stories of three men who identify as incels, the documentary explores how an online ideology can push young men into very disturbing behaviour. But the film also delves behind the sensationalist media headlines to unearth some of the reasons for incels' existence - many feel alienated and are enduring difficulties, like mental health issues, autism or traumatic upbringing.

For some, the online forums are a haven to joke, vent and find support in a world where they are struggling to find an identity and where gender relations are changing dramatically. The question is, where are the lines between this radical misogyny and violence?

Oxygen, 5 Mar, 2019

In incel subculture, which thrives on message boards and the dark web, lonely men feel unwanted by women--and sometimes lash out with extreme violence.

James Dobson, Jan 23, 1989

In the last interview convicted serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy gave before he was executed, he talked extensively about the impact porn had on him in his formative years and how he became desensitized to the objectification and abuse of women early on. This interview is chilling, but keep in mind that this is a serial killer who also had sociopathic tendencies, likely telling his interviewer, well-known anti-porn activist Dr. James Dobson, what he wanted to hear. We need to take what he said in this interview with a grain of salt—while also considering the facts.

Based on the available research, we do not believe a porn habit automatically turns people into serial killers or even violent criminals. We also do not believe every porn consumer will develop violent tendencies, nor will every consumer become addicted.

That being said, there are important facts about how violent porn—which has become mainstream—impacts our world today in measurable, real ways.

Whether Ted Bundy was telling the truth in his last interview or not, there’s a lot of research to consider. Click here for more information about how porn is connected to sexual violence:


Documentary about Ted Bundy that asks the question whether Bundy's obsession with pornography was the cause of his crimes:

Look For The Light, Nov 13, 2015

This is a documentary about how addictions can be overcome through grace, family, and love. Love is real. This documentary teaches fighters to overcome their addictions. However, there is also a very important part that goes out to supporters. These supports play a huge role in helping out in addiction recovery. As we as a community begin to talk about how we can overcome this, this problem will end. This can't happen without love, support, and faith.

TED, Dec 2, 2009

At TED2009, audience member Cindy Gallop gave a 4-minute presentation that became one of the event's most talked about. Speaking from her personal experience, she argued that hardcore pornography had distorted the way a generation of young men think about sex. She talked about how she was fighting back with the launch of a website -- -- to correct the myths being propagated.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on, at Watch a highlight reel of the Top 10 TEDTalks at

Make Love Not Porn: Cindy Gallop at TEDxOxford, Apr 21, 2013

Reboot Nation, Feb 16, 2017

This presentation was given at the 2016 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit in Houston, TX, hosted by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Details on the CESE Summit at


A growing number of young adults who were a part of the first generation to grow up with unlimited access to internet porn are experiencing sexual dysfunctions. As a result of these porn-induced problems, they are giving up porn and speaking up. This presentation will discuss porn’s negative effects on the user, the science behind the phenomena, and how the demographic and background of those struggling destroys misconceptions and changes the conversation.

Connect with Gabe on twitter @GabeDeem or visit for help and support for both partners and those in recovery.

Channel 4, 30 Sep, 2013

Former Loaded magazine editor Martin Daubney looks at how pornography has changed in recent decades and considers whether today's pornography may be having a detrimental effect on the brains of its young users.

Julien Himself, Apr 3, 2017

Julien Blanc shares his controversial take on the matter!

Cut through the false self-help promises you’ve been spoon-fed and release your authentic self, smashing through your inner blocks and unleashing the raw power of your subconscious mind!

No hype, no nonsense, just reesults.

Noah B.E. Church, Nov 15, 2017

Rebooters across NoFap, YBOP, Reboot Nation, and YBR always ask if there is a formula for how to best recover. Noah reads through the guide he wrote over 3 years ago on recovering from porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction, commenting on what he learned since then.

Free PDF version of his book, including the complete guide to recovery:

If you want to connect with Noah for guidance and coaching, he offers paid ways to get his personal help here:

Like his work? You can find him on Patreon:

Gary Wilson, February 12, 2015

"This is the most considered, thorough and accurate account of internet porn addiction that exists at the time of writing." Professor Anthony Jack, from the foreword.

Noah B.E. Church, Feb 21, 2017

Noah Church speaks at the 2016 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation. Only in the last couple of decades have children grown up with near-unlimited access to pornography. What effects can this have on their developing brains and sexuality?

See Gabe Deem's segment on the Reboot Nation channel:

Thanks to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for hosting this event:

If you want to connect with me (Noah) for guidance and coaching, l offer paid ways to get my personal help here:

Free PDF version of my book--including a complete guide to recovery:

Support him on Patreon!:

TEDxGlasgow, May 16, 2012

NOTE FROM TED: This talk contains several assertions that are not supported by academically respected studies in medicine and psychology. While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful, please do not look to this talk for medical advice.

In response to Philip Zimbardo's "The Demise of Guys?" TED talk, Gary Wilson asks whether our brains evolved to handle the hyperstimulation of today's Internet enticements. He also discusses the disturbing symptoms showing up in some heavy Internet users, the surprising reversal of those symptoms, and the science behind these 21st century phenomena.

More About Gary Wilson

Gary is host of The site arose in response to a growing demand for solid scientific information by heavy Internet erotica users experiencing perplexing, unexpected effects: escalation to more extreme material, concentration difficulties, sexual performance problems, radical changes in sexual tastes, social anxiety, irritability, inability to stop, and obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

As a physiology teacher with a particular interest in the latest neuroscience discoveries, Gary was aware that their symptoms might be the result of addiction-related brain changes. Applying the website's concepts of brain plasticity, many former users have braved withdrawal, reversed their symptoms and restored normal sexual responsiveness.

The site has been linked to from hundreds of threads in forums from over thirty countries, with posts numbering in the thousands. Gary blogs for "Psychology Today" and "The Good Men Project" on the extreme plasticity of adolescent brains, the evolutionary context for today's flood of novel cyber "mates," and the neurochemical reasons why superstimulating Internet delivery has unexpected effects on the brain.

Many thanks to Pat Somers of Slow Moving Pictures for the skillful editing of this video.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Doctor Scott Health, Jan 24, 2016

Your Brain on Porn is the research by Gary Wilson that shows the effects of porn addiction... which is pretty darn scary.


Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson -

Scientists in the field of neuroscience and brain imaging are showing in study after study that high speed internet porn can change the brain just like drug addiction. This wreaks havoc on the reward/pleasure system in the brain resulting in devastating effects.

Dopamine acts as the neurotransmitter that initiates the drive and motivation to seek a reward such as sex. When overstimulated by hardcore drugs such as heroine or methamphetamine, the dopamine system is overloaded. The same occurs with chronic pornography viewing. Being exposed to multiple, highly attractive, virtual partners and a dizzying variety of novelty, your brain dumps so much dopamine into your system that it signals a molecule called deltafosb to be released. Deltafosb begins rewiring the brain to endlessly crave more and more of this digital video erotica.

Addiction Related Brain Changes
1. Sensitization
2. Desensitization
3. Hypofrontality
4. Dysfunctional stress circuits

Internet video porn consumption has also been linked to the following:
- Erectile dysfunction (ED)
- Premature ejaculation (PE) (lasting too short)
- Delayed ejaculation (lasting too long)
- Decreased libido or sex drive
- Loss of intimacy with sexual partners (because you're inside your head with images of porn to maintain erection or reach climax)
- Loss of interest and pleasure in things you once found interesting and pleasurable
- Social anxiety/lack of confidence
- Depression
- Unrealistic sex expectations
- Unrealistic sexual partner (body image) expectations

Gary Wilson Tedx Talk | The Great Porn Experiment

Your Brain on Porn - Evolution has not prepared your brain for today's Internet porn

Psychology Today | Your Brain on Porn - It's NOT Addictive

Cambridge University Study | Internet porn addiction mirrors drug addiction (2014)

Psychology Today | Does Porn Contribute to ED? | Erection Problems? This Habit May Be Why

The Guardian | The Unsexy Truth About Dopamine

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