Sunday June 4th 2023

From Saturday May 27th 2023

Monday May 29th 2023

Wednesday May 17th 2023

American Nazi Edomite Satanists continue to stalk and harass me here Rosarito Beach Mexico. Over the past 10 years the frauds in the CIA have spent millions of dollars buying off the Mexicans to be snitch’s while the cartel runs amok causing mayhem.

This is all related to my MK ULTRA/SRA involvement as an child to include these implants.

Tijuana Mexico Monday May 8th 2023

At 4 second mark an UFO with electromagnetic field around it, zips by around 7 o’clock position

Tijuana Mexico Monday May 8th 2023

Thursday May 4th 2023

Tuesday May 2nd 2023
Tijuana Mexico

Friday April 27th 2023

Rattlesnake encounter in the canyon on Tuesday April 25th 2023.

Saturday April 22nd 2023 2:43pm

Rosarito Beach Mexico

Saturday April 22nd 2023

Friday April 21st 2023

Rosarito Beach Mexico

Friday April 21st 2023

Thursday April 20th 2023

Reset Rosarito Beach Mexico


Friday April 14th 2023

Rosarito Beach Mexico

Thursday April 14th 2023

UFO/Alien/Secret Space Program disclosure at the forefront again, that leads to nowhere.

Sunday April 9th 2023


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