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The American Nazi CIA British European Satanists have blood on all their hands. They did something they can’t turn back from and can’t kill off all their victims. This only stops at the return of Christ. The tribulation will slow them down, but they having been preparing for that great and awesome Day of the Lord. Don’t take the mark and lose your salvation, which is eternal life with the creator of all things.

I may be losing my internet access due my problems with these American Nazi Edomite Freemason CIA Creep Pedophile Satanic Scum, who want me on the street and continue to cover up their crimes against me.

Good Luck my friends and even the social media frauds.


The nameless, faceless,useless dopey comment perp strikes again.


Don’t watch! Truth may be Hazardous to your health.

Saturday March 16th 2024

Rosarito Beach Mexico


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58 year old Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor, put through trauma base mind control/MK ULTRA. Born in Washington DC 1966.

Looking for other victims/survivors with implants.