Nike Spokesman Colin Kaepernick’s Independence Day Message: “We Reject Your Celebration of White Supremacy” (Video)

Protesters demonstrating against President Donald Trump's arrival in the Black Hills for the Mount Rushmore

A deranged Black Lives Matter activist on Tik Tok threatened to stab “the next person who says ‘All Lives Matter,’” in a rant emblematic of the psychotic fringe left.

Wife and husband have been arrested with felonious assault after pulling gun on a mother and daughter that were just looking for a confrontation. This is a 4 year felony for what is obviously self defense. The left has made it clear that self defense is now a punishable crime. The US Constitution has been revoked. Prepare yourselves, folks. This is going to get much worse.

Missouri USA : With no help from St. Louis police, couple is protecting their home with pointed guns at BLM radical protesters.

A parade in Trump's honor provoked clashes between seniors at Florida's 'The Villages'.

Seattle Home of Black Life Matter & Antifa !

NASCAR Panics After Someone Caught Intentionally Promoting “Fake Noose” Story – Provide Photo of “Noose”, But Picture Makes Their Story Worse…

Obama's Vice President Joe Biden said when elected president in November he would make it required all people in the country to wear masks due to Covid-19..

United States of America as we have known it, no longer exists. It is being destroyed from within and without. While we have been "tip-toeing through the tulips," trying not to offend anyone, the Radical Left has been working at warp-speed to not only offend conservative, traditional, patriotic, Christian, and yes, even gun-toting Americans, but to conquer and enslave us as well. We either capitulate, or stand-up and speak truth with boldness. But first, we need to discern the truth.

America has a serious problem. Where once we were a nation of people who naturally turned to both Bible and biblical principles as sources of sound advice for moral, societal and political direction, we are now living by our own far-left rules. And look where it’s taking us. Without virtue, liberty and freedom cannot stand.

A plane toting a banner with the Confederate flag and reading 'Defund NASCAR' flew over the track at Talladega in protest of its ban from all races

I have heard several people in different context make reference to the end times and the tribulation. I want to examine the question; is this the beginning of the Tribulation? The answer to that question is no, but it may be before you finish reading this post. I know that was a bit cryptic but it has to do with the imminence of the rapture of the Church.

. While it's nice to know that most American terrorist are too idiotic to follow through with their hair brain political vandalism, it's kind of depressing to realize how stupid a lot of people really are.

Hollywood Is Pedo Capital Of America !

Radio host Howard Stern has become the latest celebrity to come under fire after video clip emerged of him in blackface and repeatedly using the N-word, despite the fact that he had previously denied doing so.

If Hitler hadn't invaded Russia, Stalin would have invaded Germany The Soviet Union intended to invade Europe as soon as the Western powers get exhausted in a war against each other. The first German reconnaissance units which breached the Soviet-German border reported that all battlefield obstacles were removed, barbed wires cut, mines removed and the path is clear. Why did the Soviets open their own border? The only possible explanation is because they wanted to cross it.

Colonel James Bo Gritz the real Rambo, commanded detachment "B-36," U.S. Army Special Forces. With 62 decorations for valor, Gritz was the most decorated Green Beret of the Vietnam War. In the 1980s Gritz undertook a series of private trips into Southeast Asia, purportedly to locate United States prisoners of war which as part of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue some believed were still being held by Laos and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Could this be top secret alien technology being transported by government agents? Men in black were caught on camera transporting a large saucer-shape object on State Route 77 Arizona.

BRS Special Forces fFying Unit. Protecting the railway system in all lower 48 states.

Railroading in the Mini Ice Age of 2020 / 2034

Washington D.C. Lightning Strikes with Sound.

The Hershberger Farm and Bakery is a unique look in to how an Amish farm can become a business to encourage tourism in Amish country. They have a petting zoo that allows children to get close and personal with the animals. Enjoy feeding the giant Belgian horse name Buck and his family.

Do you ever think about, creepy sounds coming from the woods at night? Here are several animals and weird things that were caught on a trail camera.

Rare video footage of Roswell aliens showing "grey" type beings who have been survivors Roswell New Mexico 1947 crash over 60 years ago.


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Hello everyone. Once again history repeats many people today believe we’re living in unprecedented times, but we aren’t. The far left is rioting, looting, and burning like it’s in 1960's all over again. The politicians is appeasing to the rioters and going soft with these far left criminals. Remember, your life is a journey with undefined time to an unknown destination. Enjoy your journey !