In this episode of 'No Script News' I go over Blizzard not standing for freedom and human rights and how Epic shows everyone what it means to be American.

In this episode of 'Games We See' I analyze 'Cal's Mission' Trailer. Right from the start this is a much better trailer than the one that was show at E3 2019.

In this episode of 'Watch Me Play' I'll be showcasing Gears 5 multiplayer. This is my first time playing arcade multiplayer.

In this episode of 'Games We Play' I go over a few sightings of Zombies seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 near the town of Armadillo and DLC Rockstar should release.

In this episode of 'Watch Me Play' Im playing the beginning of Borderlands 3. I'll give my initial reactions with the game. So far its okay but I'm still very early in the game.

In this episode of Games We Play I go over drugs and side effects in the world of cyberpunk. These may or may not be in the game but are part of the original source material. I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

cyberpunk sourcebook

What do you get when you cross Metroid and Pussycats? Enter Gato Roboto.

In this episode of 'Games We Play' I go over BB's and the tragic side of fatherhood | Games We Play

In this episode of 'Games We Play' I go over all the details of google stadia thus far. No lies, just facts.

In this episode of 'We Make Games' I go over games created under Randy Pitchford.


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