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Can we save the West without Christianity? I'm not so sure.

I'm tired of people saying ''It's too late. Europe is finished. There's nothing we can do to save the West.''

The fight is just getting started. There's no room for defeatists who want to look edgy.

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A world of European ethno-solidarity is out there. We just have to claim it.

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This video deals with the inevitability of violence and conflict, but it is not a call to violence. It is a call to wake up and prevent the conflict, if it's not too late.

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''To destroy a people, first you must sever their roots.'' Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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Demography is destiny.

Demography is destiny.

I condemn violent attacks on innocent lives. I condemn antisemitism. Also, I believe that we must be free to speak honestly and fairly, to have discussions in good faith.
We have two options: words or bullets. I prefer words.

I can't stress enough that these are simply my thoughts and musings. If you have a different perspective or better ideas, please share them.

The time for sitting on the fence is long over. Now the question is: What will you do?

I'm a nationalist. I have no hatred to non-European peoples. On the contrary, my adversaries are fellow Europeans, the leaders and NPCs who created this mess, refuse to clean it up, and continue making it worse.

It's possible to respect and admire someone and still disagree. Stakes are high. We need to have honest conversations and bravely look for solutions. If you're not up for this, get out of the way.

My most important video.

I've decided to join Twitter. Here's why: Freedom of speech is a fundamental pillar of Western civilization. We must make it very clear to Silicon valley that censorship and deplatforming is unacceptable. Also #FreeWoes

Bit of a rant but hell, it's my channel and I'll do what I want. Enjoy, and please consider subscribing to my Youtube Channel.

We need as many allies as we can get. We don't have to agree on everything. Let's try to maintain honesty and fairness.

The European Union is the enemy of the European people. Our greatest hope is nationalism. Stand with Hungary.

The European Union is not looking out for your best interests. It is not your friend.

Douglas Murray and Yaron Brook sat down to chatter away about the fate of the West. I think they missed some key points.


The globalist elite and multiculti zealots are, intentionally or not, turning the world into a soul-crushing airport.

This is my first video! I've been wanting to do this for some time now. In this vid, I share a bit of my background and how I moved away from left-wing politics. I know the quality isn't the best, and I am going to work on improving as I develop the channel. Thanks for watching!


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