Another jam packed edition of Breaking The Matrix Podcast. This 22 mins episode I discuss:

- UFO's/ET's

- Pyramids

- Law of One

- Golden Ratio (aka Fibonacci Sequence)

- and God's Existence

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The Technocratic Tyranny is REAL. They DO NOT WANT an informed public because then the illusion and deception falls apart.

This lady is Fierce and Brave AF. Much Love & Respect to her for speaking TRUTH with so much passion and conviction.

Jam-packed episode of the Breaking The Matrix Podcast.

This week I discuss:
- Hollywood's Transhumanist/AI agenda
- Kardashian Klone?!
- The 13 Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines.

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The YouTube Censorship is REAL. Technocratic Big Tech Fascism is Definitely Upon US.

We are living in a Techno-Fascist world where the Truth will get shutdown because it exposes the Elites' & MSM's corruption, lies and deceit.

I like it when YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other social media network/platform take down content. It means they are THREATENED by it, which is a great sign we're on the right track.

People do NOT trust MSM because it's not Journalism anymore. It's pure BS and the propaganda arm of the Globalist Zionist Establishment.

Hillary Clinton is NOT human

This is a Powerful Speech, we need more BRAVE SOULS like her Speaking Out all over the WORLD!!!

Welcome to BREAKING THE MATRIX PODCAST, where No Controversial Topic is Off Limits!

On this week's episode:
- Trump's Vaccination Agenda? Operation Warp Speed, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates.
- Obamagate: Another Psyops?
- Where do we go from here?

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Is Bill Gates even a human? He doesn't seem so. This man must be arrested at once for Crimes Against Humanity.

A powerful insightful revealing documentary that everyone must watch.


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The 'Matrix' is the wool pulled over your eyes, it is an illusion, a manufactured "reality" intended to deceive you into believing lies and dismissing truths. The only way to break free is to Reclaim Your Mind and Think Critically For Yourself.


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Truth be told, not many people want to know the truth, they avoid it like the plague because it breaks the illusions they choose to believe.