Episode 133. We take a look at tasksel and what it can do for you. We will use the TUI (Text User Interface) to install LAMP components and also look at the command line options that are available


My Blog:

Episode 132. In this episode, we look at Linux log files and how to view them. We use commands such as head, tail, less and grep to manipulate the logs in different ways.

Reference Article:

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Quick video giving an update of some problems that have been plaguing me lately. I also do an unboxing of the Wyze Sense kit. To round out the video, we go over a few commands that make it easy to get information from a Linux system. These commands (other than dmesg) may not be available by default on other *nix systems.

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#wyze #dmesg #lspci #lsusb #lscpu

Episode 130. We take a look at the newly released Pop!_OS 19.04, which is based on Ubuntu 19.04 #Pop!_OS

An update going into the end of April 2019. We talk about some upcoming videos and a series of software update that have been released in the last week.

Special thanks to Steven Briggs of Briggs Financial for donating towards my purchase of an Elgato Stream Deck. You can find Steven at https:/

Episode 128. In this video we resize the virtual hard disk on the VortexBox 2.5 beta appliance from the original 8 GB to 15 GB.

Episode 127. In this episode, we explore using Clonezilla to create an image of a Windows 10 Virtual Machine in VIrtualBox. In an upcoming video, we will use this image to restore into another Virtual Machine.

Episode 126. Utilizing Linux Mint and macOS, we take a look at environment variables on *nix systems.

Reference article:

Episode 125. The ip command in Linux is rapidly replacing the older ifconfig command. In this video, we go through a few examples based on an article listed below.


Episode 124. In the second installment in this short series, we look at options you have for upgrading to Windows 10, running it in the cloud or as a virtual machine.

The bottom line is that you should do your homework and make the best decision for your specific needs

Window 7 EOL Countdown timer:

Windows 10 Debloater script:

Episode 122. In the first part of a 2 part series, we explore the measure one should take when preparing to move away from Windows 7. We talk about backups, creating boot media, and steps to take after your new OS is installed.

Other useful videos to reference:

Linux Lite 4.4:

MX Linux:

Solus Budgie 4.0:

Manjaro Linux:


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:

Other tools that may be useful:

A brief update video for the Practical IT Channel in April 2019.

Episode 121. In this episode we look at ways to get started with Linux (or BSD). We explore special-purpose distributions, as well as options for using the Raspberry Pi as a learning tool.

Episode 119. Installation and exploration of Linux Lite 4.4. Based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, this light-weight distribution using Xfce is great for older machines that came with Windows 7 and for users giving Linux a try for the first time.

Episode 118. A look at the installation and basic tour of MX Linux, which is based on Debian Stable and the Xfce desktop.

Episode 117. We briefly discuss repurposing a PC and a few places where you can acquire a used PC if you want a dedicated Linux (or BSD) box.

Episode 116. Another new Pi, another unpackaging video. This time, it's a Cana Kit with a Model 3 B+ Pi and all the standard accessories except the MicroSD card which was purchased separately.

Episode 115. In this video, we run through an install of the newly released Solus Budgie 4.0 in VirtualBox 6.0.x. To the base install we add the VirtualBox Guest Additions and install a network printer.

Episode 114. In this video we have a discussion on how people can get started with Linux, and I make suggestions of resources that might be appropriate for the beginner.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the resources and companies listed/described in this video with the exception of The Fledge where I primarily do IT work, and CompRenew Connect where I am involved with maintaining computers at The Fledge

Episode 113. Exploring another TurnKey Linux Appliance. This time around, we are looking at the Mattermost Server. Mattermost is an alternative to services like Slack and Discord.

Episode 112. A quick setup and demo of the TurnKey Linux Bittorrent Server Appliance.

Turnkey Linux:

Episode 111. We look at the install of ReactOS 0.4.11, which should remind people in many ways of Windows Server 2003. We take a look at some of the features, and go over a few problems that I ran into during my exploration.

Episode 110. In this episode I run through an install of Disco Dingo Server, which is currently a pre-beta version of what will become Ubuntu 19.04.

DISCLAIMER: There are some rough edges, and this is not ready for use as your every day OS.

Download the VirtualBox OVA file for this install:

Episode 109. In this episode I run through an install of Disco Dingo Desktop, which is currently a pre-beta version of what will become Ubuntu 19.04.

DISCLAIMER: There are some rough edges, and this is not ready for use as your every day OS.

Episode 107. To start our series on Ansible, we install our control machine, and make sure we can execute basic ad-hoc commands against localhost


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