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Nicki Minaj went on a rant about vaccines and people ain't havin it.

I shit talk Noah Smith for almost a half hour

I talk about recent goings on pertaining to Covid, why the "Back the Blue" crowd are deluded, and why gays are annoying.

I started off talking about Hasan Piker's mansion and it turned into a rant about how empty socialist activism is, enjoy!

I try to make sense of the situation in Kabul

I talk about a recent tweet on the 2020 census, the reactions to it, and how best to deal with the ongoing situation.

Vaush and Cenk Uygur want to unite with right wingers to fight corporate oligarchy, only problem is they won't compromise on poopdick. David French is scared of Orban. 78 year old Star Wars shop owner faces off against troons and wins.

North Korean woman gets robbed by three future scientists, the GOP loves Reagan and failing their constituency, Vox journo is scared of Anti American sentiment unless it's over racism or gay shit like that

I talk about LAPD dismantling a homeless encampment on Venice beach, Matt Yglesias's hatred of Hungary, and BAP getting banned from Twitter

I delve into the latest drama surrounding the internet's favorite autist

I talk about the ADL and the death grip they have on major social media platforms

In this episode I look over a few articles and some tweets pertaining to Dr. Fauci

I take a look at some recent news concerning Covid and all the whacky new mandates the Biden admin is pushing.

A Brazilian livestreamer is under arrest for allegedly raping two children, taking a look at him I can't say I'm surprised.

I look at excerpts from an AmRen article in which an attorney deals with diverse clientele

AmRen article:

Is Tucker Carlson being harassed by CIA assets after exposing the NSA for unmasking him? It's more likely than you think

I talk about people being upset over the Kevin Smith produced He-Man series on Netflix and why nerds can't funnel their righteous indignation into something positive.

In this episode I talk about Shawn McCaffery, a right wing podcaster who's life got flipped turned upside down.

Lindsey Graham and James Lankford will go to WAR! Not for their voter base of course but to defend the reputations of Israel and fast food franchises.

I analyze a video of a veteran delivery man folding a saluting a flag and the reaction to it by pronouns on Twitter

Tariq Nasheed went down to the LA black history museum and instead of finding flying pyramid schematics or Yakub's blueprint for white people he instead found that contemporary western historians consider his people a bunch of bisexual twerking ghetto queens putting on a 400 year long minstrel show.

I discuss the bizarre phenomenon in which white Christians replaced God with black people

In this episode I discuss bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman's plan to sell you a cheap Chinese spy-phone and porn star Brandi Love being invited to, and subsequently banned from a TP USA conference

Today I discuss the happenings on South Africa and how I think it's a gimpse into the future white America faces if demographic changes aren't halted.

Robert Sepehr video I mentioned:

GRAPHIC Fascist riot police use non lethal shotgun point blank on innocent Antifa protestor!


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