all the proof proving we are the real biblical Hebrew Israelite's facts*


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preaching the real truth about who the real biblical Hebrew Israelite's of the bible are i preach truth and do not care what you think or
if you're offended by it this is the truth dont like it dont watch it simple as that the bible say's the bibical hebrews were ruddy red ruddy means to be able to blush in the face and reddish skin which is what white people have only white people can blush king david was red esau was red adam was red the messiah came from the line of king David so this proves the messiah was a white man cause he came from the bloodline of king david which was white so wake up to who you really are white people
i am from the united kingdom which is the tribe of Ephraim which is Joseph my real name is a irish name my bloodline goes back all the way to the cotton fields and Victorian times i have been preaching this truth for almost 3 years