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Fear (2 of 2) - from His Holy Church - is the nineteenth in the PreparingU "MY FAVORITE MUST 'WATCH' SERIES" playlist. It's adapted from a Oct. '12 'Keys of the Kingdom' internet radio broadcast recording - archived at:

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00:00​ Fear (2 of 2) - from His Holy Church; Intro [Music]
00:04 Fear/absence of faith
00:42 Living by faith and knowing
01:00 Pride's progression
01:24 Daily revelation and growing faith
02:52 The structure to creation
03:10 Service - paid by faith, hope, charity
06:03 Arms raised to God (with tools in hand and sleeves rolled up)
11:53 Before the saints, or...
16:27 Bearing witness
19:26 The Gospel, the only hope, and waiting on the Lord
22:11 Seek ye first the CoRE of God
30:22 Systems of fornication and idolatry, or of the communion of body and blood of Christ
33:18 Cup of Lord vs cup of devils
37:04 Where we've gone, and getting back
37:29 Don't have to do all today, but need to start. Today.
42:36 Getting ready
45:08 Forming network taking care of needs of one another
47:34 Being the kingdom of God
48:28 Agreeing with Christ
49:35 Loving (The Way of) Christ
50:08 Be a light

Music: "Transient" by Liborio Conti - obtained copyright/royalty free here:


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PreparingU Podcasts—including Keys of the Kingdom with (Brother) Gregory Williams, minister of His Holy Church (HHC)—offer a unique perspective on ancient texts, hidden histories, natural law and their very practical application to today's government.