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Caged Under Obama

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Watch the Skies

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Was told I couldn't parody the black president

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California Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee passed AB2943. "So called conversion therapy is as effective,as it's psychologically damaging." Assemblymember Evan Low-California Assembly Bill to ban conversion therapy. Passed in California Assembly w/bipartisan vote of 50-14.

(Youtube Original) Shows listed as YO,received so many views on Youtube platform they were monetized;and became highest paid shows where the money went to Google/Youtube. Original Post Date-July 2012

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More than 15 years been covering all real news never allowed on MSM,so people can independently decide for selves what is plan of action in their lifetimes as "Planet X's fall towards earth" or politicians vote against disarming Hamas,and stop funding terror in our world.

If the issue is deemed not important by MSM,I see a red flag right away and want people to connect the dots and speak for themselves after having data,resources,information available to them.

Regularly vetted on CNN,viewed in CBS Affiliate Newsrooms in 2008 when covering Obama Administration and the fall of American Empire due to his concern more for Muslim faith and Arabs feelings coming unvetted to any country globally.

FEMA Camps coverage on Youtube got millions of views when I broke the story,if nothing to hide.Why be paranoid with security presence in our nation?

And connected Chevron donating equipment to FEMA Camps years before GWB invaded Iraq preemptively,and wrote book in 2004 still selling as Int'l Bestseller worldwide called "Executive Conspiracy?"

Expert on Iraq War.


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