"You will own nothing and be happy".

More empty shelves and strained supply chain.

I don't think this Bozo has enough decals to tell us he's a freemason.

Zombies are on their way to the store to buy all the toilet paper.

Shortages continue. Empty shelves and no stock.

Went out for batteries and this is what I saw.

Generic Silver rounds!

My recent visit to Wally World looked very terrifying with no eggs, bananas and soups in sight. Even backroom stock was non existent!

This is what I accumulated for the month.

Picked up 2022 Year of the Tiger rounds

The squatter in the White House is a loser and an embarrassment to our once great country.

These Psychos want full control over you! They dropped a big duce on the Constitution and want to put you in jail if they FEEL LIKE IT!

Just a look at my orange tree and the fruit of my labor.

Keep buying TV's and Video Games while I get the real stuff. People are just dumb animals that have a herd mentality. Sheeple will be your biggest threat in a collapse with limited food and water.

These politicians are not fit for managing a graveyard in the middle of the night but they are running our country? WTF? What an embarrassment!!!!

These twisted psychos will stop at nothing to force rape us with their poison.

If you're into silver and silver stacking this video is a must see. The process in which silver is made. This is REAL money!

I decided to check out the 99 cent store and it looks as bad as the rest of the retailers.
Soon to be $99 dollar store!

Stores using pictures of food in place of food. They are trying to cover up the gaps on the shelves. "Nothing to see here...Move along!"


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