Reality Denied- George Floyd & Rayshard Brooks MATRIXES are the satanic Wewelsburg Workings of the Satanic Elite to create CHAOS and force the masses into an alternative reality (America's ILLUSIONARY Racial Equity CONSCIOUSNESS) absolutely and completely controlled by the absolutary ILLUSIONARY diabolical ARYAN interplanetary satanic (Mount Olympic) dark circles.

The Rayshard Brooks Affair is a manufactured alternative reality produced by the Matrix- an elite planetary power structure where synchronicity is paramount for covert control and manipulation of planetary populations.

The Norcross PD records that Natalie Hanna White meet at midnight with memory boxes. They recorded that she says that she is a shadow film casting producer that delves into other dimensions, past lives and realties (CIA Stargate)- a consultant for Lifetime Network's Married at First Sight- CIA/FBI Personality Assessment Systems Applications. Rayshard Brooks was a sacrifice (another mass population snuff film of a black man) all caught on film.

Natalie Hanna White told the Norcross Police Department that she worked in the film industry, a casting producer that always work behind the camera never in front of it. She asked police, if they thought that she was crazy.

Who is Natalie White that setup Rayshard Brooks for a MK ULTRA-OFTEN blood sacrifice as a global SARS CoV-2 diversion?

This video is about the George Floyd Global Protests, and SARS CoV-2 counter-intelligence operations. Undercover Counter- Intelligence Jesuit Priest Urooj Rahman is a NY attorney arrested during protests in the city.

This video is about the masonic/satanic sacrifices of Rayshard Brooks & George Floyd; and special operation terrorist werewolf guerrillas to create CHAOS in America as a diversion while SARS CoV-2 cull people of America.

The Malaria Parasite and SARS CoV-2 have signature electromagnetic frequencies expressed through the secret language of water- star material. It is apparent that Dr. Montagnier has developed the technology to identify, measure and compare the electromagnetic frequencies of viruses, and has come to a scientific conclusion that the parasite in Malaria and SARS CoV-2 is the same.

In this video, we look briefly at the Sorenson Study that concludes that SARS CoV-2 was made in the lab- supporting Dr. Montagnier's claim that SARS is man made.

SARS CoV-2 is SURGING. There are no such diseases that move by black zip codes! COVID19 has killed over 20,000 U.S. black citizens in five months. Yet, Black Lives Matter- the funeral was hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil about SARS CoV-2

U.S. Federal Court in Birmingham, Alabama is dedicated to a Robert E. Lee KKK Klavern member- Hugo Black of Birmingham. This Klavern was responsible for bombing the church on 16th St. killing 4 (four) black children in Birmingham attending Sunday school.

This video is about George Floyd and SARS CoV-2. It turns out that he had the Sickle Cell Trait, a protection against the Malaria Bacteria. Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier says that a molecular scientist deliberately inserted the Malaria Parasite inside the virus genome of SARS CoV-2.

George Floyd was a covert Masonic SARS CoV-2 spreader and human vector.

This video is about Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Masonic covert pandemic mass murdering people globally by the hundreds of thousands. The late George Floyd was a masonic Coronavirus human vector.

This video is about the Masonic Sacrifice of George Floyd by Dark Circle clandestine white nationalist Satanic Agent Provocateurs, Strategy of Tension terrorists to plunder this nation into racial unrest and chaos.

This video is about a modern day Cain and Abel, the homicide/ murder of George Floyd.

The video is about Progressive Insurance's Negro Motaur No Human Involved Creature, CoVid19- Zip Code Bat Virus, and a tale of genocide.

This video is about Covid-19, black people, and the spread of a biological weapons by zip codes.

This Video is about CoVid19 and Western European Secret Society Myth and Pathology of Titan Kronos who overthrew his father Uranus, the Creator God.

This Video is about CoVid19, Children and Medical Complications of Malaria. Elements of the Malaria Germ were secretly inserted into CoVid19.

This is a brief video about Dr. Rick Bright and his lonely quest to expose the crime and corruption of the Donald J. Drumpf presidential administration and Big Pharma in the Global Coronavirus Pandemic.

This Video is about the ILLUSION and Philosophy behind the Nazi Sardonic Code, and the secret program of euthanasia.

This video is about a black woman named Henrietta Lacks that was a victim of the secret U.S. Radiation Government Experiments, part of the clandestine Plutonium Files. Her cervical cancer cells were infused with enough plutonium to give them a life of its own. They became immortal like
Frankenstein. It became the first human cell line (HeLa) to live beyond the life of its host. Her cell line was used to mix HIV1, MALARIA with SARS, Bat Viruses then made to jump species cloning a "man made" lab CoVid 19 in Wuhan, China. Dr. Luc Montagnier exposed it.

this is about CoVid19 and Big Mama

This Video is about SS Kurt Blome and his Secret Houses- Walter Reed Medical Center, U.S. Army Fort Detrick, and the British Biological Warfare Lab- Porton Downs. Why are the U.S. Army, Fort Detrick & MI6 still concealing Dr. Blome, ULTRA TOP SECRET- he taught them how to nuclearized biological and genetic WMD. It would explain why the corvid19 is contagious beyond all our imagination.


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