I read the introductory section of Paganism Explained and interject my thoughts and opinions.

Some thoughts on Christians pulling the "you're an antichrist!" card.

I discuss the powers gained through being YOUR OWN leader.

The title says it all!

Today I read to you a piece from Vegard Solheim's (Odelsarven) book "Our Traditions".
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His BitChute channel is here:

Today I discuss some deeper concepts of "Le Race War", our Holy War... WARNING! I DO NOT advocate for anything illegal, and I do not advocate for harming people... That being said and out of the way, this video is fairly long, the combination of hike and speech made for a less than precise delivery of my message. Please excuse any of the occasional repeating of points and occasional pauses I may make.

Today I Touch Back On The Subject of Neurological Pathways and How Addiction Re-Routes Them Away From Important Issues. In Part 2 I Will Discuss How To Reboot In Better Detail.

The Diet To Get You Shredded and Respected.

More Personal Insight on What is, in My Personal Experience, One of Our Biggest Problems.

I Read a Chapter From Vergard Solheim's "Our Traditions", Explaining a Deeper Meaning of Mayday.
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You Can Find Vegard's Channel Here:

Today I discuss the actions of getting the ball rolling regarding positive reinforcement of desirable habit traits, re-wiring your reward circuitry, setting and reaching goals, and harnessing the power of your biochemistry to make you accomplish goals.

I made this. All images and footage taken by me.

I discuss the negative side effects of the blackpill and why you should avoid the blackpill at all costs.

I made a telegram.
1) Go to Telegram and search for "Project_Algiz".
2) Send me a message letting me know you want to join.
3) I will add you to the private group.

Ragnar Redbeard discusses the absurdity of Christianity and how the structure and moral system of Christianity is incompatible with reality.
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Today I Discuss and Address The Number One Cause Of Our Infertility, The One Thing That's Been Under Our Nose, The Elephant In The Room That Nobody In Our Community Cares To Address.
"Plato's Allegory Of The Cave" -

Video was taken from unlockthepower's channel on YT. Everyone should subscribe!
Examples of the Christ Insanity Cult at play.

I examine the notion that one MUST believe in a certain Abrahamic narrative or else suffer eternity in a state of torture.

Some Thoughts on The Control of Our Opposition and Perhaps Possible Solutions.

I Was Digging Around in My Closet For Something and Ran Across This Old Gem From My Childhood.

Oy Vey Gevalt!

DIY Germanic/Saxon Lyre. I build these as a hobby and thought it would be wise to share the information with you guys. This is how you build a nice one on the "cheap" . Provided you have some basic tools, you could probably throw one together for about $40 or $50 US dollars.
If you have any questions please ask in the comments section. I would be more than honored to help!
The video on etching/charcoal:

Part 3 of a 10 part series in which I take apart the lie that Hebrews were White, by “Truthvids”. They Can Kvetch... But They Can't SHUT IT DOWN!
Odelsarven's YT Channel:

I Announce My Second Channel, What It Is And My Goal And Objective Regarding It's Purpose.
European Folk Faith Learning Hub -

I Address Defeatists, Cowards, and Morale Saboteurs.
Green Dragon Forge's Channel:


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Project Algiz focuses on enriching our lives and those of our families by studying our culture, history and beliefs in order to reconnect to the roots of our ancestral tree. I study and discuss concepts and philosophy of issues of our day, small and easily implemented “bite-sized” solutions to issues we face, folkish arts and crafts, music, poetry, fiction, self-sustenance (rural and urban), and any other tools we can use to strengthen ourselves, folk, family and traditions.
We sprout from an old ancestral tree from which we must remain rooted!!!