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Next News Network: ALERT: Omar UNMASKED! BUSTED At Antifa RIOTS Trying To Hide Their TREASON With Masks

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Why Is This Mexican Spraying The Border Fence? (10-10-2019)

When President Donald J. Trump promised to build the wall, many Americans didn’t realize the terrible shape our border security infrastructure was in. Politicians from both parties had ignored our southern border for years, failing to give our law enforcement officers the tools they needed to do their jobs safely and effectively.

The old barriers along our southern border were built to defend against vehicle crossings—and not much else. Over the years, many miles had fallen into disrepair.

Under this President, comprehensive technology—including a real barrier that stops all forms of smuggling—will keep America’s borders safe, strong, and secure!

Posted on 10-10-2019 By Trump

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The White House also posted it

Congressional campaign announcement video for Whittney Williams (R) in Michigan's 11th Congressional District. Learn more at

Former Illegal Immigrant Running For Congress, Supports Building The Wall

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Carpe Donktum mentions "it will be something that will continue to be up even if one of them is banned from social media or removed from social media", but ironically, the website doesn't host any content, because all the content on MEMEWORLD is just links to their content which they posted on their social media accounts, and they are strictly using only FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube! That is Big Tech, so they aren't running from it, but rather running to it, and so if they do get banned or removed from social media, then their content on MEMEWORLD will vanish also. I just made this video to point out the hypocrisy and hope this changes.

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November 2nd 2011, Occupy Oakland citywide General Strike is infiltrated by anarchists who vandalize Whole Foods and other businesses. The rest of the 99% intervene to stop the violence and chaos ensues.

At the beginning of this video, Zach Vorhies is wearing the yellow helmet. This is the first time Antifa attacked in the USA and he was wearing a helmet and padding for protection from the police, but it ended up being used as protection from Antifa.

August 22nd 2019, Zach Vorhies is interviewed on InfoWars 'The War Room'.

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Haley Adams talks about Antifa & mentions being sexually assaulted & that the mayor Ted Wheeler has secret police that are Antifa that beat up innocent citizens. Alyssa Vinsonhaler & Joey Gibson also talk about Antifa.

Antifa is "Anti First Amendment"

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If you can do video edits with animations and voice overs, see what you can do with this. Some ideas, make him look like Antifa, the beginning resembles socialism of a college kid, and then have him cry Nazi all the time with the woman explaining how Antifa calls everyone a Nazi so no one listens anymore. Or make your own video using the same story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" changed to "The Socialist Anarchist Commie Fascist Antifa Who Cried Nazi".

When you have a video uploaded, send the link to me on my website, and I'll link it here for others to see it. My website is on the About page of this channel.

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From June 4th 2017. Large mob of stupid brain-dead crazies brainwashed by CNN (aka Antifa) follows and gang stalks Joey Gibson and Kyle Chapman (aka Stickman) while heckling them, calling them names, and trying to incite violence. Then as soon as the first person in the crowd steps out of line, the sheriffs show up and put the crowd in check real quick. It seems that the city of Portland has so many stupid people, it must make up the entire viewing audience of CNN. The citizens there are the dumbest people I have ever seen. Please, give these people internet and teach them critical thought so they can question things and do their own fact checking. Portland is looking more and more like a science fiction movie, where space aliens have sucked out people's brains, or a horror movie where a virus fills them with hate and rage for no reason at all.

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From June 4th 2017 in Portland Oregon at Schrunk Plaza. The police have the protestors divided and an Antifa kid is on the wrong side, but the police won't let him into the crowd as long as his face stays covered. The police are also searching people to make sure they don't have weapons or anything that can be used as weapons. The kid refuses to remove his mask and it is unclear as to if the police had a chance to search him yet, when he tries to go into the crowd. Those with yellow tape on them, are volunteers, helping the police.

From July 17th, 2019. The speaker of the classroom that orders the arrests, is the controversial blogger and activist Jenn Smith, who is a transgender identified male that believes transgender activism constitutes a threat to freedom. Their speech is titled, The Orwellian Implications Of Transgender Politics.

Have you seen this one yet? Antifa is illegally protesting existence by stopping vehicles at a busy intersection during morning rush hour. They were not directing traffic, and they refused to say why they were doing it. I think it's because they are Communists that hate Capitalism and so they just didn't want anyone going to work.

@ 1:24 The black guy wearing the redish pants, with the mega phone, he's the Antifa organizer for this protest. His name is Micah Isaiah Rhodes.

Portland, Oregon, is located in the Northwestern United States. Portland is considered the cultural mecca for the most refined vision of Democratic Socialism. Known as a Marxist hub for modern cultural and political violence, all tourists are eligible for complimentary helmets as they travel to and from various points of interest.

In addition to teaching your kids new words, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler welcomes each visiting family. Together, he and his leadership team are committed to maximum excitement during your stay. Welcome to Portland – You’ll fight like hell to enjoy it, or else:

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