This Episode uses an infographic produced by The National Museum of African American History and Culture explaining whiteness, to explain the origins of ‘whiteness’ (the European group strategy), and why other than Europeans are demonstrably unfit for European civilization and why they rebel against it.

Content Warning:
This Podcast, as is often the case with painful truths about culturally taboo subjects, may be offensive to just about everyone other than the most scientific and intellectually honest of us. But it is necessary in order to resolve the great conflicts of our age. I do my job. My job is the truth regardless of the consequences to the feelings of others.

Content Warning:
This Podcast, as is often the case with painful truths about culturally taboo subjects, may be offensive to just about everyone other than the most scientific and intellectually honest of us. But it is necessary in order to resolve the great conflicts of our age. I do my job. My job is the truth regardless of the consequences to the feelings of others.

A short video using the second amendment to illustrate the difference between existing constitutional law, and our 'hardened' constitution's strictly constructed rule of law.

Rome invented good government. China good bureaucracy. France restored it in National Socialism. Germany practiced it. Now China does. This form of government is the world-historical norm. Ideology separates bad from good. “Hurt” states practice hostile ideology. ‘Ideology makes bad’.

Communism is impossible. Capitalism is impossible. Mixed economy, state capitalism is the historical and necessarily competitive norm. Rule of law or reciprocity with universal standing solves the problem of mixed economy state capitalism, by providing a market for policing it.

That leaves the West facing the big lies: (a) preventing falsehood in discourse and undermining from within (truthful speech) (b) willingness to tolerate redistributive policy (ethnocentrism, homogeneity), and (c) preventing regression to the mean (eugenics).

I don’t lie about it.

We solve those problems. The only way to solve them and maintain the limited benefits of scale is (a) rule of law by strictly constructed rule of law (crosses all boundaries), (b) loose military federation, (c) of diverse states that customize their polities for their needs.

And if we don’t, we’ll have another bloody war that ends up with one brand of ideological left or right Nazi or another.

So how do we solve the problems of the present?

No more lies.
The Truth is Enough.
Rule of Law of Reciprocity,
Truthful Speech, and;
Let 1000 Nations Bloom.

It’s time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, their people, their civilization, and mankind – and to save us from a false religion of lies, false promises, false possibilities, of the hatred of our people, our civilization, the laws of nature and natures God by which we live.

A false religion of lies, false promises and false possibilities by which our enemies are inspired to destroy the treasury of our inheritance and our civilization’s achievements.

We must pay a price for those before us, and those not with us – by demand for correction. Correction by compromise, Correction by Exchange, or Correction by defeat.

And with that correction fortune willing, or by bloody civil war, if fortune is not, we must restore rule of law by natural law. Restore our sovereignty and reciprocity. Restore the self-determination of our people.
So that we may continue our discovery of, adaption to, and application of, the laws of nature and nature’s god —

… not only for us and ours, but for all our people, across all our nations, across our civilization, and by extension mankind.

—”Europeans do not know how to live unless they are engaged in some great enterprise. When this is lacking, they grow petty and feeble and their souls disintegrate.”—José Ortega y Gasset, Spanish Philosopher

Truth is enough.
They have their inviolable laws.
Now we have ours.
Our natural law and absolute intolerance
The physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe.
And we begin our next great enterprise.

The Lesson of Comparative Civilizations
The Only Test of Your Ideas Is Law
The Natural Law of European Peoples
The Canonical Principles in The Natural Law
Creating an Optimum Government Under The Law
So What Is Our Purpose?
The Anti-Western Revolt of The Postwar Period
Their Undermining
The Judgement of The Law Against Them
The Industrialization of Lying
We Are the Only People with Guilt
The Rule of Intolerance
Truth Is a Merciless, Zero-Tolerance, Weapon.
Our Next Great Enterprise

—“And this is a war crime by female means of undermining, instead of a war crime by male means of violence. It is a war crime none the less. And a war crime that we must end, must obtain restitution for, and to punish, and to prevent from ever happening again. Because that is the function of the law: to stop a crime, to obtain restitution, to punish and prevent repetition.”—

By answering these questions, I try to illustrate the relationship between natural law, Christianity and our people. Indirectly, you’ll gain insight into the theology that I’ve been working on, and how it promotes Christianity via negativa. And it provides insight on how to update Christianity so that it is re-masculinized, and sustainable.

I don’t know if including the questions here is valuable. They are just vehicles for explaining the ideas, so – enjoy.

There is a lot of food for thought in here.



The Parable of the Dog, The Cake, And You.
Man up, shut up, show up, win.

With Three Examples.
Who’s responsible?
Man up, shut up, show up, win.

How the world works.
The Power Economy.
Symptoms: Posturing, Conspiracy, Uncertainty, Rage
Power Distance, Agency, Power, Meaning,
What’s wrong with the world
How we will fix it.
Who’s responsible?
Man up, shut up, show up, win.


European and Jewish Elites and Their Opposing Strategies

This is one of The Big Ideas that will explain history.

The Ashkenazi use of the Abrahamic method of GSRRM.
The Purpose of Gossip.
The Difference between Jewish and European Thought
The European goal of reharmonizing strategy, military, legal traditions with philosophical and theological attempts to undermine it.
The Ashkenazi Strategy
The Ashkenazi Attack on Sense Making
The Failure of Ashkenazi to Reform
How groups double down on their strategy and grammar: sense making within their strategy.
Universal Sense Making is Possible (Via Negativa: By Law)
The 20th Century Ashkenazi Revolt Against Darwin and Europe
Only Nations Can Self Domesticate.

The Academy
Weinstein as Example
The Next Mathematics


The West’s Strategy and the Ashkenazi Counter-Enlightenment

Reforming the Academy is a consequence of reforming our sense making and reforming sense making by reforming our law.
P-Law’s function in reforming our law.
A Promise of Consequence


1 – “Why did I start The Choice”
2 – “What drawbacks are there to deep, causality, honest even if taboo causality, and solutions?”
… … likability
… … the cost of novelties
… … the cost of problem solving
… … the likelihood of offense
3 – “What is “The Context”?
… … The European Experiment
… … Our Great Divergence
… … The Competing Group Strategies
… … … Middle East
… … … Continental
… … … East Asian
… … … Western Civilization
… … The West’s Group Strategy
… … The Postwar Destruction of European Civilization
… … Our Present Condition
… … Our Incentive not to compromise
… … How We Differ
… … The Failure of the European Experiment
4 – “What is “The Choice”?
… … Solution or Civil and Revolutionary War
5 – “What Do I Hope To Explain To You?”
… … How to come to mutually satisfactory agreements.
6 – “And so what is the purpose of The Choice?”
… … A Second Founding Fathers discussion.
7 – “Closing”


1. SUPPRESSION OF FALSEHOOD AND ITS CONSEQUENCES - My work has a nearly single minded objective, and that ending lying in public speech. So, I'm not complaining about just christianity, but the falsehoods by which the abrahamic religions are constructed, the means of conveying those falsehoods, the consequences of teaching christians how to lie using the abrahamic method, and the consequences of christians lying using the abrahamic method, that makes the entire polity vulnerable to marxist, feminine, postmodern pseudoscience, sophism and denial, just as christianity judaism and islam were spread by supernaturalism, sophism, and denial of reality. As such my objective is the opposite of Augustine and Aquinas, which is to integrate greek reason into christianity on supernatural terms, and instead integrate christianity into western science and reason on scientific terms.

2. A POLITICAL RELIGION - Christianity, when expressed in secular scientific terms, is in fact an optimum SOCIAL and adequate PERSONAL religion even if it is not an optimum POLITICAL religion -which is why it failed to achieve what islam and judaism did, and why it has declined rapidly in the modern era. My goal is to license political religion so that we cannot be undermined again.

2. RESTORING A STATE RELIGION TO EXLUDE OTHERS - I'm trying to discover a way to make christianity a state religion by converting it to secular terms - this is possible because christianity and only christianity among the abrahamic religions is compatible with natural law. Christians despise the fact that the lessons of christianity in scientific terms, are optimum strategies for social cooperation at least at interpersonal scale. Because the magic and 'woo woo' is lost by doing so restoring dependence upon reason, instead of allowing us to fall into pacifist intuition where we can abandon reason. (which is why religions work to sedate humans.) So over the long term I work to produce a christian law that is inviolate, like sharia, so to speak, from the natural law, and the christian extension of the natural law, by the exhaustion of forgiveness before retaliation or prosecution.

3. RESTORING THE BALANCE OF POWERS - If I can convert Christianity to secular terms I can restore the church as the political agency responsible for the individual and family, limiting the government to the material, and restore competition between family-church and commerce-government, and military-state. It is this division and competition i'm seeking to restore. (I don't tell you these things because they taint the audience by letting them know my purposes. I only explain afterward, so that my attacks on any given subject make sense in retrospect. In other words, I'm a scientist. I run tests. The public willing to engage in intellectually honest discourse serves as my testing laboratory.)

4. MULTIPLE CLASSES MULTIPLE RELIGIONS, SAME MESSAGE - All religions are class religions. Westerners practice a personal religion of Jesus (lower), a social religion of christianity (middle), an secular religion of philosophy (upper middle), a political religion of the law and the sciences that extend the law (upper). The Chinese have confucianism, the Dao, and buddhism, nationalism and familialism. Every culture other than judaism and islam have class religions. And we have and need our class religions.

5. MULTIPLE GENDERS: ADD MASCULINITY TO RELIGION - There are those of us for whom the philosophy of secular christianity - it's cooperation - is merely valuable, but for whom our ancestors, culture, nation, civilization are more precious than the false promise of an evil semitic god. And so if we categorize heathenry as the thanks to nature not denial of it, and paganism as thanks to heroes of our history, and the archetypes that are non-submissive to nature and heroic in achievement rather than heroic in tolerance. So I am continuing my process of investigation into whether it is possible to unite these scientific, natural, and christian, traditions in a constitution, that prohibits competition by which to undermine them. And whether they can be practiced together or separately. So again, I see myself trying to unite western civilization against further destruction. And I am doing so by the same means as did those great men who came before me, in every great time of change.

In this Video I use Propertarian class analysis to illustrate how the various New Right movements correspond to a broad spectrum of classes, each differing only by its argumentative structure.

What you will learn from this video (1 hour):
1) Propertarian Class Structure applies to all human phenomenon.
2) How to look at all the new right movements as a broad spectrum of society working together.
3) That the new right differs from the old in that it's scientific, critical, and pessimistic, rather than rational, utopian and optimistic.

Old Right vs New Right
Old wishful vs new right resigned.
Gender structures and time pref.
Specialization in coercion by each
Creates specialists in each method of coercion.
Every ten points of IQ requires a different argument form
Describe each of the argument forms.
Map argument forms to classes
Map classes to new-right movements as class structures.

Monopoly govt invented to hold power but enfranchise ( hopefully )
Moved class compromise to majority rule.
Moved compromise from the family to the govt.
Forced argument out of honesty in market for commons maker for family, and created fertile ground for conducting information warfare outside of govt. and inside of family.
Govt became winner take all rather than paternal method of education
Era of exchanges



Sure. Or, I'll try hard. ;)

1) The "NAP" that only limits physical aggression leaves open "trickery and deceit' as well as 'free riding parasitism' and 'conspiracy'. And by leaving open these forms of aggression, the NAP cannot produce property rights, an anarchic polity, or a condition of liberty.

2) It is irrational for other than career criminals to prefer membership in a polity with the high transaction costs and high opportunity costs, and high risk due to trickery and conspiracy over one in which trickery, deceit, and conspiracy are permitted. And this is why no such economic polity exists.

3) But a definition of aggression that includes physical, trickery and deceit, free riding parasitism, and conspiracy can produce property rights, an anarchic polity, and a condition of liberty. Because it is rational to prefer an anarchic polity free of these forms of parasitism over one that has much higher costs.

4) So Rothbardian Non Aggression against 'physical property' can't create a condition of liberty, while classical liberal Non Aggression against 'demonstrated property' can create a condition of liberty.

5) What is demonstrated property? Anything you have homesteaded or obtained through productive, fully informed, voluntary exchange, and without imposing costs upon the demonstrated property of others.

6) What do people demonstrate as their property? Life, Kin, Mate, Friends, Allies, physical property, territory, built capital, norms, and institutions.

7) What Exceptions are there? Communities produce opportunities by virtue of population density and cooperation in a division of labor while using property rights, and expect members to homestead those opportunities. We call this process of homesteading opportunities 'competition'. This creating of common opportunities and homesteading them is what produces the virtuous cycle that makes cities (markets) so productive.

8) So how do we create liberty? We create liberty by reciprocal insurance of one another's demonstrated property from transgression by others, thereby creating the first commons: property rights, or what we loosely call 'cooperation'.

9) This argument kills the idea of individualism per se and instead states that all rights are possessed by individuals but rights can only be created by an organized polity willing to construct them by reciprocal insurance of one another's demonstrated property from the imposition of costs.

The rest of the talk is largely a criticism of why the NAP failed, and why Rothbard came up with it for cultural reasons. And how the reason he didn't complete the NAP or write it operationally was to circumvent the logical conclusion that with greater articulation his attempt to avoid payment for the commons would have been exposed.

The Eight Criteria for Repossesing Ancestral Lands

Ron visits Curt in Kiev, where they meet at London Coffee House. And Ron decides how to record an impromptu interview. (Including Curt's "hat-head", and the remnants of a cold.)

Curt describes his work on Propertarianism and Aristocratic Egalitarianism.

MacDonald, Sunic, Duchesne, Doolittle roundtab.e


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In 2012 we formed the institute as a think tank for funding, producing, and holding the assets of the project.

In the fall of 2018 we decided that the education to make use of Natural Law wasn’t taught any longer, so we changed the mission of the Institute from research to formal education.

So the purpose of the institute is to teach the natural law and dependent subjects to those who would build a better world on one hand, and prevent another dark age on the other.

“Propertarianism consists of the completion of the Scientific Method; its application to the totality of human knowledge; a universally commensurable language of all thought; its embodiment in the common law of tort; and as a consequence the eradication of superstition, pseudoscience, sophism, fraud, and deceit from the commercial, financial, economic, political, and informational commons.”

A Moral License (Prevention of Genocide)
A Beneficial Solution (Devolution,Decentralization)
A Set of Demands (A New Constitution)
A Plan of Transition ( Organized Incremental Restructuring )
A Strategy for Altering the Status Quo (Infrastructure Fragility)
An Intellectual Vanguard (Skilled in Natural Law)
An Informed Populace (promoting the benefits not the science)
An Organized Body Of Men ( < 1%, and we have at least 6% already. )
A Deterministic Victory. (Federal durability is less than 90 days)
A System of Perpetuation (the Judicial Cult of the Natural Law)

The Natural Law of Reciprocity of Sovereign Peoples

The Talmud to deceive
The Bible to enslave
The Koran to conquer
The Usuries to weaken
The Manifesto to steal
The General-Theory to impoverish
The Critique to exterminate

The Truth to make us free.
The Law to keep us free

No More Lies:
Revolt, Separate, Prosper, Speciate
Let A Thousand Nations Bloom