China has been embarking on a multi-trillion dollar project to build roads and ports to connect more of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe to it. This has been called the 'Belt and Road Initiative,' Silk Road Project, Silk Road 2.0, and the One Belt, One Road Initiative. While this is expected to benefit Chinese trade (as well as provide infrastructure for the gathering at Armageddon), could this also benefit the rise of Babylon the Great foretold in the Book of Revelation and scriptures in the Old Testament? What about the proposed Polar Silk Road? Will the benefits to Europe last or will the end time 'daughter of Babylon' possibly face invasion from nations involved with the Silk Road project? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues with scriptures from the Bible.

A written article of related interest is available titled "Italy looking to support ‘Silk Road 2.0,’ the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" URL:

From May 6th through the 11th, 2019, the Vatican hosted the '14th Course on Exorcism and Prayer.' For the first time ever, Pope Francis invited non-Catholic clergy to also attend--for the first time ever. So, Roman Catholic priests, as well as Lutheran, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox clergy attended. Were they taught biblical exorcism or something else? What are some signs that prove that? Does any of this have to do with Babylon? Was this a conference promoting original Christian practices or more like something warned against? Did Jesus say that some will say they have cast out demons in His name, but that they were not real Christians? Will people accept signs and lying wonders? A related written article is also available titled "Catholic hosted ecumenical exorcism class for the first time; Will people accept signs and lying wonders?" URL:

Although Church of God leaders and the Catholic "doctor of the church" Jerome taught that Daniel 11:40 points to a future King of the South having a conflict with the King of the North, some modern Roman Catholics as well as some who were once part of the old Global Church of God disagree. Some of the latter insist that Daniel 11:40 was fulfilled in 1896 or 1935. Since Jesus taught that a generation would see various end-time events, is that possible? Is there a prophesied deal in Daniel 11 between the kings of the north and south? Are the peoples prophesied to temporarily support the King of the South at all related to peoples that the Muslim Brotherhood believe need to form a caliphate under a Sunni Imam? Have Western leaders supported the idea of such a confederation? Biblically, does there need to be a coming King of the South to fulfill prophecies in Daniel 11? Could any of this be related to Psalm 83?

A written article of related interest is also available titled " Is the Future King of the South Rising Up?" URL:

The European Union is in the process of establishing the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.This is a major, first-of-its-kind move, with the EU setting up a European-wide prosecutor’s office that will have power to investigate and charge people for financial crimes committed against the EU. It looks like this type of office may end up persecuting those that do not have the mark of the Beast when they "buy or sell" as that will later be considered a financial crime in Europe. What does 666 mean? How has that name be calculated? How can we be certain that this is a prophecy for Europe and not Islam? Is the appointment of this new office of significant prophetic importance? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more by pointing to scriptures, news items, and historical accounts.

A written article of related interest is available titled " EU setting up 666 persecution office?" URL:

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In the Summer of 2019, German Defense Minister Urusla von der Leyen was elected through a secret ballot by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to be the European Union Commission President effective November 1, 2019. She has gone on record in favor of a strong European army independent of the USA as well as for calling for a more integrated Europe. Were these some of the reasons she was selected? Does she believe that Donald Trump and Brexit will help lead to an integrated and armed Europe? Like various other European leaders in the 21st century, Ursula von der Leyen has called for a 'United States of Europe.' Since 1948 the old Radio Church of God warned a 'United States of Europe' would be formed (though probably without that name). Is that going to happen? What does the Bible teach? Will Europe get its own 'great army'? Will Europe reorganize under a dictator? Are Ursula von der Leyen's actions likely to help lead to the rise of the European Beast? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

It is reported that the Germans are looking for a new bomber to be able to be used to deliver US B61-12 atomic bombs. Does Germany already have access to American nuclear weapons it can now use? What about Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands? Has there been increased interest in more independent European nuclear capacity since the election of US President Donald Trump? What has Berthold Kohler, Herbert W. Armstrong, Nigel Farage, Jean-Claude Juncker, and Maximilian Terhalle said about Europe's militaristic ambitions? What about Bible prophecy? Could the Great Tribulation begin with a thermonuclear strike? What has Time, NTI, and Global Research reported about European nuclear weapons available to European nations? Is a nuclear attack consistent with prophecies? Might the coming Beast use nuclear weapons against the USA? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more. A written article of related interest is also available titled "European Technology and the Beast of Revelation " URL:

In the 19th century, Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Emperor's New Clothes' was published. The story showed a willingness of people to overlook the obvious truth in order to fit in with the crowd. Are aspects of that story applicable now? Are the experts at Wikipedia and elsewhere who claim that the story of the exodus of the children out of Israel correct that this is a myth or that the creation account in Genesis is a myth? What about the Solbe Temple Inscription and the Ipuwer papyrus? n Nobel prize winners be wrong? Have they intentionally overlook true science? What about the existence of Jesus or the accuracy of the Gospel writers? Can you prove that Jesus existed? What about the views of certain 'experts' about sexual identity and morality? Dr. Thiel addresses each of these points with facts that disagree with the consensus of anti-biblical experts. He explains that like the Emperor who had no clothes, when the majority claimed to see them, many modern experts are just as wrong and hence figuratively should be considered as having no clothes (or truth).

Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) have been in the US food supply for over 20 years. Are they safe? Which ten GMO plants are now widely commercially available? What about laboratory-grown 'meat.? Hydrogenated trans-fatty acid products have been consumed for over 100 years. Are they safe? Certain scientists claim that the data proves the safety of GMOs and lab-meat. But do they have enough data? Are the proponents of GMOs and lab-meat driven by data or greed? How long is long enough to test these 'foods'? Can overly processed foods lead to type 2 diabetes or dementia? Are there allergy, gene-transfer, and outcrossing risks with GMOs? What risks does the World Health Organization say that GMOs pose? Do studies involving animals show real dangers with GMOs? On June 11, 2019, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order reducing government oversight over GMO plants and animals. Was this wise or dangerous? Is the food supply at any risk? What did Jesus teach? What does the Bible teach that God's people should eat?

A 2019 report shows that Americans are becoming sedentary. Since it is a physical thing, should Christians be concerned about exercise? Could not exercising possibly be a sin? What did the 'Plain Truth' magazine report about exercise? What is the US CDC reporting about exercise? Can exercise help prevent diabetes, heart disease, and obesity? Can exercise help sleep, endurance, and aging? Are there scriptures about exercise and health? What about laziness? What are some of the risks and benefits of exercise? Dr. Thiel addresses these and more.

A written article of related interest is available titled "" URL:

The Apostle Paul wrote that the return of Jesus should be a comfort to Christians. But when, according to the words of Jesus and the Apostle Paul will Jesus return? What is the relationship of Matthew 24:14 to the Great Tribulation? Is only a witness needed for Jesus to return? Or do the full number of Gentiles need to come in first? What will be the role of Gentiles converted in this age after Jesus returns to establish the Kingdom of God? What have Church of God leaders written about Romans 11? What does the Bible teach must happen before Jesus returns? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

A written article of related interest is available titled "What About Romans 11:25 and the Full Number of the Gentiles?" URL:

Two books mentioned are available free online "The Gospel of the Kingdom of God " URL: and "Universal OFFER of Salvation, Apokatastasis: Can God save the lost in an age to come? Hundreds of scriptures reveal God’s plan of salvation" URL:

On July 12, 2019, a USA flag was taken down by demonstrators and a Mexican flag was raised in Colorado. Absolut Vodka had an advertisement displaying that places like California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado should be part of Mexico again. Some have called for a 'reconquista'--a returning to Mexico lands that it ceded to the USA in 1848. Last century the German government had a plan to work with Mexico to give it back lands that it lost if Mexico would assist it against the USA in World War I. Could something like that happen in the 21st century? Does Bible prophecy show that a Germanic Beast leader will invade the USA and divide its lands for gain? Could Mexico benefit from this? Have statements and actions by US President Donald Trump gotten any leaders in Mexico to contemplate more than a trade war, but a real war? What about trade with the European Union? Will Mexico gain territories that the USA now controls? Dr. Thiel addresses these questions and more.

A written article of related interest is available titled Anti-ICE protesters pull down American flag, raise Mexico flag’" URL:

Ted Malloch wrote that globalists in the European Union are basically trying to build a new 'Tower of Babel' reminiscent of the one in Genesis 11. Rabbi Anshei Sholom said that globalism is doomed to fail and that humanity will not return to the 'Tower of Babel.' Are they tre they correct/ Does the Bible show that a Babylonian system will exert totalitarian control in the future? Has the European Union used symbols related to the Tower of Babel and Mystery Babylon the Great? Do any Roman or Eastern Orthodox Catholic prophecies look forward to a coming new Babylon? Will the EU reorganize? Will the globalists fight against Jesus when He returns? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and quotes several apocalyptic scriptures. A written article of related interest is available titled "Ted Malloch: GLOBALISM is the New Tower of Babel" URL:

The legislature of the State of California has put forward Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 which essentially endorses the LGBTQ agenda. Basically it claims that certain secular experts believe that their ideas on these matters is best for all and that no one should make efforts to disagree. Beyond that, it instructs pastors, churches, religious workers, and others with "great moral authority" to endorse their objectives. But what does the Bible teach about sexual and other practices that the LGBTQ crowd endorses. Should Christians and others condemn or condone the LGBTQ agenda? Does the Bible teach Christians should accept or condemn aspects of the LGBTQ agenda? Why were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed? Dr. Thiel addresses these matters and more through citing numerous scriptures on aspects of biblical morality. A written article of related interest is available titled "The State of California claims it knows things that the Bible says it cannot with ACR-99 " URL:

At the Basel Convention, 187 nations, other than the USA agreed to a UN backed deal on plastic pollution. The USA was also called 'a rogue nation' for backing out of the Paris Climate Accords, Will Europeans turn against the USA? In late May 2019, the journal Scientific Reports estimated that there were 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the oceans--more pieces than stars in the Milky Way. The United Nations has made estimates that as many as one million plant and animal species are in danger of going extinct, mainly due to human caused issues. Is there a solution? Does the world know what it is? What about the role of sin? Since Jesus will return, how should Christians handle environmental issues such as trash and litter? How will this all get resolved? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more. A written article of related interest is available titled "The Bible, Christians, and the Environment" URL:

In May 2019, a debate among pro-European Union leaders revealed that change to reduce the European Council and hence reduce the influence of individual nation states was promoted as a way to save the EU from dying. A week or so before, Euro skeptics met at a conference where the leaders there pushed for more national autonomy from the EU as a way to save Europe. On May 3, 2019, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz pushed for replacing or at least changing the Lisbon Treaty. In the Spring of 2019, Pope Francis said the nation state cannot solve what is needed, whereas the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences pushed for the EU to become a supranational state. Are these leaders pushing Europe towards the Apocalypse? What does the Bible teach? How does what the Euro-philes and Euro-skeptics tie in with Revelation 17:12-13? Was disunity, but also a Beast unity prophesied? Dr. Thiel addresses these matters and more. A written article is also available titled "Campaigners have issues with EU and want reorganization" URL:

A news article had the following: "Armageddon: Will it come on Trump's watch?" It then answered that question, but without referring to the Bible. What is Armageddon? What does the Bible teach about it? If US President Donald Trump serves two consecutive terms, can the prophesied gathering at Armageddon take place while he is in office? When is the earliest year that Armageddon can occur? What are some of the events that have to happen prior to the start of Armageddon? Whether or not he can be around for Armageddon, what are some of the ways that US President Donald Trump is apocalyptic? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and does explain the earliest time when Armageddon can occur. A written article of related interest is available titled "Armageddon: Will it come on Trump’s watch? Is 2019 going to be the year of the Armageddon?" URL:.

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On March 28, 2019, Science reported a study about how Chytrid fungi had been devastating amphibian species around the world. Dr. Wendy Palen claimed, "Chytrid fungus is the most destructive pathogen ever described by science." What does it do to the skins of frogs and salamanders? It appears to have caused 90 species to go extinct. Could a reduction in amphibians possibly lead to increases in the populations of certain insects? Could such insects carry pathogens that could harm humans? Jesus spoke of famines and pestilences as part of the beginning of sorrows--could what is happening to various species be setting up the conditions for that as well as the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse? Will things stay as they were or is change coming? What can you do about it? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more in this video.

A written article of related interest is available titled "Amphibian ‘apocalypse’ caused by most destructive pathogen ever & ‘The Worst Disease Ever Recorded' " URL:

LGBTQI,,, Did God make humans male and female? Teen Vogue magazine produced a video about what it called 'gender misconceptions." People in it claim, "This idea that the body is either male or female is totally wrong." But what about chromosomes, brain matters, genes, muscle, genitalia, and other differences? Do the 6500 genetic differences go away with surgery or hormonal therapy? What have researchers at New York University Langone and the Weizmann Institute of Science found? Do we learn anything from what is going on in 'female sports'? Does the Bible encourage cross dressing? Is biological gender identity true? Is claiming otherwise a lie? Should you accept biological scientific facts and the word of God or what the transgender crowd is pushing? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and reminds people that Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free" (John 8:32).

A written article of related interest is available titled "Teen Vogue Video Says: 'This Idea That the Body Is Either Male of Female is Totally Wrong'" URL:

Gold is so valuable it is called a precious metal. What nation has the most of it? Is there an area of nations with more? Will gold last longer than the USA dollar? Are there properties about the Beast and/or the Antichrist in the Bible that show that the European Babylonian Beast power will amass gold during the time of the Great Tribulation? Are there Eastern Orthodox prophecies that look forward to this? Are there biblical and Roman Catholic prophecies that warn against this? Are European central banks already accumulating gold? Did Swiss America state that some central banks are leaning towards a gold standard? Might the coming King of the North accumulate gold to use to help shore up his currency after the demise of the US dollar? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

A written article of related interest is available titled "The Plain Truth about European Gold" URL:

On February 4, 2019, at the ' Global Conference on Human Fraternity,' Pope Francis and leading Sunni Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb signed a document that some suspect may lead towards a "one world religion." The World Council of Churches (WCC) General Secretary, Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, who also attended, pushed for religious leaders and institutions to push towards a particular cooperative agenda to help bring world peace. Will there will be real peace or just a temporary one? Will destruction come to the USA and nations in the Middle East and North Africa? What will be some characteristics of this "one world religion'? Will all have the same religious practices? Might it have commonalities with ancient Roman Empire? The Grand Mosque in the UAE was renamed "Mary, Mother of Jesus." "Will Catholic, Islamic, and even Hindu reverence for Marian figures play a role? Is that part of the plan? Should real Christians support the interfaith and ecumenical agendas or remain separate from them? What does the Bible teach? What did Jesus teach? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

According to certain Jewish traditions, the ten plagues on Egypt are to be repeated before the Messiah comes. Some have wondered if ''Zombie Deer Disease,' officially knows as 'Chronic Wasting Disease' (which is spreading according to the US CDC) is confirmation of that Jewish view. In this video Dr. Thiel goes over each of the ten plagues that struck the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus and ties them in with prophecies in the Gospels and the Book of Revelation. These 'plagues' in the New Testament are to happen before Jesus returns. Are all ten to be repeated or are there at least some similarities between what happened to the Egyptians and what will happen in the Beginning of Sorrows, the Great Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord? Are we going to see waters turned to blood, 'frogs,' flying swarms, disease pestilences, hail, food shortages, darkness, and massive death? Will some be even worse in the end times than what afflicted Egypt? Are any Christians promised protection from the coming 'hour of trial'? Who and why? Dr. Thiel addresses these questions and more through scriptures in the Old and New Testaments.

A written article of related interest is available titled "BIN: “Is Outbreak of ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ a Pre-Messiah Replay of Fifth Plague?” COGwriter: Will Any of the Ten Plagues of Exodus be Repeated?" URL:

Various politicians have announced their intentions to run for the office of the President of the United States in 2020. 'Politico' ran an article about the 'sorry state' of various candidates. Some candidates have felt the need to apologize for previous statements in support of biblical marriage and the need to endorse items of the LGBTQ agenda. Many also support abortion and other anti-biblical actions. Are these 'American values'? Should the English language be changed to eliminate male/female and singular pronouns? Does the Bible warn about female leaders? Does the Bible warn about leaders that lead people to err? What about condoning sexual immortality? Do the presidential contenders fit prophecies warned about in 2 Timothy 3:1-5? These are some of the subjects that Dr. Thiel addresses.

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Some have claimed that according to Acts 4:12, unless you use the name 'Yashua' you cannot be saved. Is that true? What names are in Acts 4:10-12? What are the names of God in the Old Testament? What are the names of God in the New Testament? Is the name Jesus a linguistic derivative of the pagan god Zeus? Does the New Testament record God's Son using sacred names? Does the New Testament use the precise Hebrew 'sacred names' of Yahweh/Yahveh or Yashua? If the name Jesus is not actually in the New Testament, what is the actual name used? What about the terms 'Lord' and 'Christ'? Is it proper to use the term 'Lord'? Who did the Messiah pray to? Who did the Messiah say to pray to? Did early Christian teach 'sacred names'? What is the truth on these matters? Dr. Thiel answers these questions and more.

A detailed written article of related interest is available titled "The Bible, Church History, and Sacred Names" URL:

February 23, 2019 was declared a 'day of mourning' by some concerned about infanticide and other ramifications of the State of New York's "Reproductive Health Act." The American College of Pediatricians reported they were grieved by efforts by several states to allow infanticide. Statements from disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, as well as proposed laws in Illinois, Rhode Island, and Vermont have gotten more to be concerned about infanticide in the United States of America. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse proposed S. 311 the 'Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act failed in a voice vote--and 17 "public health organizations' denounced S. 311 as "a dangerous government intrustion." Is the destruction of humans wrong. Does human life begin at conception? Is there a light flash at conception? Has there been infanticide throughout human history? What does God say about the shedding of "innocent blood'? What about Judaism and Molech?

A written article of related interest is available titled " US leaders endorsing infanticide" URL:

A longer written article of related interest is also available titled " Abortion, the Bible, and a Woman's Right to Choose" URL:

What is Chrislam? What are the two forms of it? Did the Vatican unveil the Chrislam Cross? How does it look? Are Christianity and Islam theologically compatible? What does the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' say? What about the Bible and the Quran? Did Pope Francis and Sunni Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb sign an important interfaith document on February 4, 2019? Do biblical and Islamic prophecies point to a deal between the Europeans and Arabs that will be broken? Do Catholic and Islamic writings support the view that Mary and/or apparitions of 'Mary' may lead to temporary cooperation between the Arabs and Europeans? Will such cooperation bring lasting peace or war? Have any of the Eastern Orthodox warned of the danger in using 'Mary' to push the interfaith and ecumenical movements? Is there a 'Mary, Mother of Jesus mosque? Should you wish to be part of the Chrislam movement? What does the Bible teach? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

A written article of related interest is also available titled "‘Chrislam’ is emerging. Could it be ‘Marian’?" URL:


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