If my videos upload the way I know they do, this video might be like, abyss dark. I'll have to see.


Happy 4th!

I fiddled with a few settings and the game looks WAY better than I remember. I can't tell if it was because of the settings I changed or if it's because I cleaned my computer monitor...... Let me know.

My save file got corrupted and set me back about 2 hours... Not too bad, but I'll have to "re-trace my steps" before I'll record more. Won't take long.

I just saw the audio copyright claim today (6/29/2019) at about 7pm my time CST. I'm going to do what I can to erase the song from the video. Sorry about that!

....So, about Judgment right? At about the chapter 2-3 point it'll start to "gain speed" and I really think that title is cool!

I got my copy of Judgment for ps4 today.... So far, so good. I'm still on the very 1st chapter as of right now.

Crashing issue still in full-effect. Probably something on my end though. Will tweak some settings for the next go.


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Umm. Hai. Leave some comments, people. Fuck knows nobody I talk to regularly is.