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He's as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

Despite all the computations
You could just dance to a rock 'n' roll station
And it was alright.

You married a dude?

You ask yourself
When will my time come
Has it all been said and done
I know I'll leave when it's my time to go
'Til then I'll carry on with what I know

You sayin' something's wrong with my gear?

When criminals in this world appear,
And break the laws that they should fear,
And frighten all who see or hear,
The call goes out both far and near,
For Underdog!Underdog!Underdog!Underdog!

In Philomath they know the low.......down

She has give me blowjob..

Missus, she's married

Video killed the ...

A man of subtle wit


You might have forgot
The journey ends
You tied your knots
You made your friends
You left the scene
Without a trace
One hand on the ground
One hand in space

You are my WIFE!....
Goodbye city life....

hello Daddy!

Memo to myself, do the dumb things I gotta do, touch the puppet head...

But every day, I get up and pray, thank you Jesus cause IM... A Secret Agent Man

They're pink but their money's green

The Kennedy assassinations started it all..

I didn't know there would be this much talking..

I'll get up and I'll bury this telephone in you head...

What did that say?

After all, we are in the entertainment business


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Worshipped by generations of Pink Boys, Yog-Sothoth controls Pink Boy puppets like the random Jesii and wields ACID-TIPPED electrical razor-edged CORKSCREWS and is pure AntiSlack! Oh, Living Slack Master, save us! That which destroys, which EATS our Slack, is the mortal foe of the Xists, the terrifying enemy that stands between you and Habafropzipulops, the Herb of the Gods! Yes, and the Prairie Squid! It is nothing but a IGNORANT snare and a theft of Slack! Burn the Pink LOSERS! You'll WISH you were dead when those CLAWS grab your soul! The Jesus-manifestations are WATCHING! They know slack itself, which IS "Bob," manifested today in a thousand ways protects our sacred ABNORMALITY which promises REVENGE on the cursed Pink LOSERS!