Stop letting devils run ya. Wake ya ass up!

Wicked gives us time and our holidays. Of course when you look at it you see how demonic the birthday ritual is. Candles, chanting, and in darkness. With an open mind you can see the details in what the god of this world does. We have been manipulated in every way to participate in wicked's way of life, fortunately we do WAKE UP!!!

We can't trust devils. They have ALWAYS deceived. Wake Up!

No need for the mask people. Wake Up!

The RACE WAR is upon us. It seems that we can't look at anything on any social media platform without it referring us back to our blackness. All I see is a slew of devil puppets set out to destroy humans of a specific race and mindset. Change your mindset, set your mind to the truth. WAKE UP!

These mf's cut throat out here in devildom. The RACE WAR is ON, bout babies lynched in the womb, GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WICKED BASTARDS. These monsters could care less about ANY of OUR children, they not divided in their disgust for us, they are UNITED in DIVIDING US so they can prey on our children. WAKE YOUR ASS UP😡

The speeches should read we are lying hooved bastards, we want you dead. Stop letting hooved pets in wigs inspire you. Wake Up!

Baby devils start off deceiving and programming our babies. Did they, or do they pull on your heartstrings? Devils are devils, big, small, all races. They UNITED in DIVIDING US. They start by DIVIDING OUR CHILDREN FROM US...

Now we supposed to be offended by breakfast, when we should have been offended by the poison in the box and the fact that we have to buy anything on earth. When folks gonna get tired and hyped up about the things that really count. Wake Ya Ass Up!!!

They never miss with a new one to captivate our youths. They groom them from babies to come after ours, wake up on that.

These beast will continute to con you into thinking they are making a better brighter future for us. When they are only trying to unleash abomination on earth. Vote for this beast or that one, the end result will be the same...filth unleashed on the land. Devils not our friends, that's all you need to know. Are ya running to vote? WAKE UP!!!

WAKE UP! Bam/Fam waiting on ya. We love ya. You should ALREADY know.

WALMART is all the smart people got to see and we already know it's something against the people, not by the people, or for the people. A devil owned establishment, essential in dividing the damn people. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!

We just got to get off all this shit that got us locked on our pigmentation and focus on what's inside. Stop letting devils win.

Stop listening to fuckery with your emotion. BLACK DEVILS have killed enough BLACK HUMANS. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!

They never forget to mock us with religion and the king deception jesus. Now I see babies in not one mask, but two mask on at the same time, let the babies breathe. WHY BABIES CAN'T BREATHE?! "BABIES LIVES MATTER" Folks ready to die for this jesus, and they got to mask up cause jesus can't even give them a spine to stand up to a fake killing virus, it's time to wake up and figure out what is really real. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!

Don't stay dumb and blind to TRUTH.

Every filth you can imagine is allowed on lubetube, but tell the people the truth and snatch down. Try to find the truth and all type of filth recommendations. Need to change the name to sodomite tube Susan. Stop abusing power and let the people have the same freedoms you allow your dragdevil, hooved clanking, howling partners in crime. We can never get a reprieve from the filth they bring and they have NEVER been removed from youtube, or a video snatched. Devildom World, all the way down to the tube.

They found this old devil to come to the black ones on earth and push this bullshit. The majority is dumb and the majority running us straight to hell on earth and they minions here to egg us on to our destruction. I don't want any of us locked up, beat down, or killed. These devils, that's all they want for us. Don't listen to these race baiters and betrayers of humanity. Wake Up.

Devils going hard, they after the blood. Wake your ass up!!!


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I don't like anything against the Creator of Everything and Creation. I don't like devil shit😡