They just switch puppets and try to convince us that religion and jesus is the way. Wake your ass up to the deception. No man made book can contain the Creator of Everything, so stop trying to limit our Creator. Stay Woke💥👊💯

Truth is not a joke to me, that's why I get my teachings from Mag. MAG BITTER TRUTH. The OFFICIAL one. BAMILY IS FAMILY. When you looking for the truth, start there. We not playing with this truth. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!💥👊💯

When I was sleep, I found comfort in gospel music. I had my favorite artist and I thought these deceptiCons were on my side in this life that we have. These are the most wicked deceivers, tricking us because we love the Creator of Everything and deceiving us with jesus. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!

These decepticons just comfortable switching roles, masking up, and lying to the masses. They are not your friends, they not even real. Wake your ass up!!!

We are experiencing different things in our bodies. Things we have no idea are happening. Open your mind. Wake Up!!!
Angela Forman:
Barnabas Nagy:

I got tired in 32 seconds, counting devil horns. They so proud to show you who they with. Wake Your Ass Up.

Blah blah blah, division, promote other devil puppet, trick the masses, blah, blah, blah....wake up...

In this twisted world we live in, the only choice they give us with our children is give them up, dead or alive. Wake Your Ass Up, wicked wants our children.

Stop looking for a con-artist to help you connect to the Creator of Everything. All religion and it's super heroes are division.

Right💥👊💯. Really, who gives a fuck about deceivers. Wake Up!!!

These obvious pedophiles have no problem doing skit after skit showing how they only want to harm our children. Stop laughing at these monsters while they making a joke out of us and lusting after our children in every hideous way imaginable. They are after our children. WAKE YOUR ASS UP. We all need to be in this truth movement together, generations are depending on us. We have to be there for our children. It's OUR children. Wake Up!!!

This one just dragging hooves on the world stage, reminding it self of what home is like for it. Don't be fooled by these baphomets, they want you to join them in they fiery home. Wake Your Ass Up!!!

Obesity, fastfood, and filth. What else is this one saying? Disgusting imitation of a girl. Stop it😡

The first devil puppet possessed enough to take the role on as the founder of an abomination movement to further destroy mankind, that's ALL I see. Wake Your Ass Up!!!

When we think we have seen it all. They have another level of filth. Transgender women who sleep with transgender men. Why?! So the abomination can still be fulfilled. Wicked world we live in and they haven't finished yet with these deceptiCons. Wake Up!!!

These gospel decepticons got victory over the sleeping sheep. As long as your lord and master is jesus. These deceivers got victory. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!

Wicked has hidden the truth of what we are truly capable of. Wake up to who you are.

It should be all of our concern when these baphomets get on the world stage and trick us into believing they are what they are not. Wake Up!!!

Always enhancing our way of life. Replace mankind with robots, take jobs from working people and get a puppet to say it's the best invention ever. That's how they do it. Wake Up!!!

Yes, he will keep your ass in a coma. Wake Up stop listening to the JESUS CON!!!

Any means necessary to capture the youth with the bullshit. Wake Up!!!

This bastard is free spreading division, devil style. Guess this one shouting out to his god and letting us know the destruction of the masses is ON. Wake Your Ass Up!!!

The goat's kid has grown up. These devils celebrate their life by giving honor to who they serve. We watched them turn this little boy into a full grown baphomet and set him out on our sons. The goat's kids are born and bred to take our children down. Don't fall in love with the enemy. Wake Your Ass Up!!!

They want you to feel unless you getting riches, you are not worth being here, and the god of money is always there showing you a better way. It's unity in devil work and they unified in deceiving us. They can never walk away from their jobs. Choose wisely riches of this world or would you rather miss the wicked shit all together. Wake Up!!!

This is a sick world we live in where men get breast, and date women that cut there's off. Then have children and repeat the cycle. What is wrong with your own body people?! The wicked are leading mankind to destruction and some of us think it's an expression of being brave and free. Flame ON, all of them hooved bastards. WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!


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I don't like anything against the Creator of Everything and Creation. I don't like devil shit😡