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You see Infinity War yet? Let's go over what happened. *SPOILERS* music: LAZERHAWK

Kanye West sent a twitter shout out to Candace Owens and she replied! Tom Arnold, Perez Hilton and Shaun King did not like that one bit.

Correction: Candace Owens has since dropped the internet moniker 'Red Pill Black', and now just goes by Candace Owens

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It's here! The final episode of season 8. Will Rick and Negan fight to the death? Or are we in store for a musical episode? Let's find out.

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I was in serious need of replacing my PC. I looked into pre-builts online and came across Xidax. I know, I know. I can save some money if I build it myself. I just don't have the time. Plus, Xidax has a free lifetime warranty on all parts. So, I read some reviews and ordered a PC. In this video I'll be unboxing and powering it up. Let's watch.
EDIT: In the video I say they are located in Salt Lake City. Their facility is actually located in South Jordan, Utah.
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Order your custom gaming PC from Xidax.
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Just another day in Jacksonville.
Sorry my windows are dirty. I have a pooch.

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Ever-observant Nanny stops a Grinch before it can steal Christmas packages!
This isn't my video. Just my report on it.


So, I just heard about this SIMPSONWAVE craze. Let's see what it's about.

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It's the penultimate episode! (That means 2nd to last) Join me in my first TV review! Don't forget to like a sub!

I love TV shows. Although, not as much as I used to. What's going on?
The CBS show 'The Good Fight' has a story-line coming up that involves... impeaching President Trump. *FACE PALM*
Is anybody else getting sick of this? We can't just enjoy shows anymore, without all the "resisting".

The car lot where I work, in Jacksonville FL was broken into. The thieves stole some keys and crashed a Trailblazer through another car! We were able to track the vehicle with a GPS unit I recently installed. Let's watch.


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Thanks for stopping by. My content covers many things. I like to make commentary videos, tv and film reviews, tech analysis, reaction videos and gaming videos. Crazy stuff sometimes happens around me. So I pull my phone out, film it (in landscape) and narrate it. I hope you enjoy.