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Discussing the border wall controversy, what it's really about, how we're losing the plot. Economic connections, addressing root causes versus symptoms and knowing the difference.

Is Qanon a LARP to be ignored or is there something worthwhile to it? I give my personal take on why I'm still reading, decoding and asking questions.

I talk about general circumstances in my early life experience that led me to study hypnosis and behavior. Cults, Ritual, Belief, Qanon, Skeptics.
Sorry for not looking into the camera for so much of this. There was a lot of sunlight reflecting into my eyes and I was trying to avoid the reflection. I'll try to improve eye contact next time.

Note - Use of Strong Language -

Identifying Propaganda - Red Flags, What Should Raise Questions, etc

More on getting to the core of our countries issue with shadow government.

Mention of Rosanne's youtube talk show discussing racism:

Introductory vlog on my thoughts about the current political and social events and the environment we are in at this time in human history. An attempt to make a contribution to positive transformation of thought and direction.


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Conspire with me to create positive change in the world.
Conspiracy theories, positive transformation, communication, human behavior, mind hacking
The PS stands for post-scarcity, as I'm an advocate for a post-scarcity economy by design. Find out more about what this might look like and why I think it's important to learn about as an option for society.