The Who - Behind Blue Eye, from the 1971 LP, "Who's Next."

The Third Bardo - Lose Your Mind. Recorded in 1967, but not released until 1993 on the EP, "Lose Your Mind."

For Clearlight - Acid Vault

Requested by Project_Failure - Thank you!

Fire - The Magic Shoemaker [Full Album] (1970)

Side 1
00:00 Children of Imagination
00:18 Tell You a Story
07:00 Magic Shoes
10:42 Reason for Everything
18:19 Only a Dream

Side 2
24:00 Flies Like a Bird
29:08 Like to Help You if I Can
33:00 I Can See the Sky
38:31 Shoemaker
43:50 Happy Man am I
44:48 Children of Imagination

Donovan - Roots of Oak , from the 1970 album, "Open Road."

The Five Americans ‎- Reality [7" Single] (1966)

A-Side: Reality
B-Side: Sympathy

Can - Paperhouse, from the 1971 LP, Tago Mago.

Damo Suzuki - vocals
Holger Czukay - bass, engineering, editing
Michael Karoli - guitar, violin
Jaki Liebezeit - drums, double bass, piano
Irmin Schmidt - organ, electric piano, synthesizer; vocals on "Aumgn"

Grateful Dead - "Distorto" (instrumental studio outtake; February 28, 1975), from the 2004 Remastered and Expanded release of "Blues for Allah," included in the Beyond Description (1973–1989) box set.

The JP's - The War, B-side of the 1968 Single, "Save Me."

From Discogs: "German beat/psych band from Hannover (aka Justice of Peace). They released the single "Save Me / The War" (Studioton 671091) in 1969 before evolving into Jane."

(Unreleased) Acetate, Boise, Idaho 1968 (from the web, unverified)
Can be found on "Nuggets From the Golden State: The Hush Records Story"

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Stone Free, B-side of the 1966 UK Single, "Hey Joe."

The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today, from the 1979 LP, "Machine Gun Etiquette."

Attack - School Daze, Fuzzwart Records, 1969.
A-Side: School Daze, B-Side: Dream

Fuzzy Duck - Afternoon Out, from their 1971 self-titled album.

Some fuzz for Acid Vault

Magic - I'll Just Play, from the 1969 album, "Enclosed."

Bohemian Vendetta - The House of the Rising Sun, from their 1968 self-titled album.

For Acid Vault

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) - Ramble Tamble, from the 1970 album, "Cosmo's Factory."

This song takes a deliciously psychedelic turn around the 1:50 mark.

Älgarnas Trädgård - Två Timmar Över Två Blå Berg Med En Gök På Vardera Sidan, Om Timmarna ... Alltså (01. Two hours over two blue mountains with a cuckoo on each side, of the hours....that is), from the 1972 album, "Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden."

Carmen Maki with Blues Creation - Understand (アンダースタンド), from the 1971 album, "Carmen Maki Blues Creation."

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) - Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, from the 1970 album, "Are You Ready?"

This is the good PG&E - the one in California can go to hell.

Kahvas Jute - Free, from the 1971 album, "Wide Open."

Take the time to watch a boat out on the ocean
See how small it looks upon the swirling sea
That's how small my worries are when you're beside me

You are here
I am free

Shadows fall and we are left here in the darkness
But when sunlight fades there is no fear for me
And the feeling when it comes is everlasting

You are here
I am free

In your arms from sleep I'm waking
Lookin' at you one more time
Sky gets light and dawn is breaking
Love in the morning flows like wine

In the afterglow tomorrow is forever
In the smoky mist of dreams you've come to me
And the prison bars fall down when I think of you

You are here
I am free

You are here
I said I'm free, yeah

You are here
Yes, I'm free

You are here
Yes, I'm free

Arc - Let Your Love Run Through, from the 1971 album, "...At This."

Roxy Music - Mother of Pearl, from the 1973 album, "Stranded."

Heldon - Northernland Lady, from the 1974 album, "Electronique Guerilla."

Velvett Fogg - Once Among the Trees, from their 1969 self-titled album.

For Acid Vault

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Ecstasy, from the 1967 album, "The Great Conspiracy."


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