The Brogues ‎- But Now I Find, a Single from 1965. The B-Side is, "Someday."

The Brogues are:
Rick Campbell: Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Rodrigues: Guitar, Vocals
Bill Whittington: Bass, Vocals
Greg Elmore: Drums
Gary Duncan (Gary Grubb, Gary Cole): Guitar, Vocals

From: Merced, California

Iota - Sing for You, Single from 1970. The B-Side is, "R.I.P."

The Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box, Single from 1968. The B-Side is, "Good Wizard Meets Naughty Wizard."

This 45 appeared on the Parlophone label in May 1968 and was recorded by two members of the recently defunct band Tomorrow. Drummer John ‘Twink’ Alder and bassist John ‘Junior’ Wood were joined on the single by Clem Cattini on drums and Nicky Hopkins on piano. The 45 was arranged and produced by Mark Wirtz (the mastermind behind the uncompleted A Teenage Opera project, which only yielded a couple of singles at the time), who had worked with Tomorrow on their self-titled album released in February 1968, an essential artifact in any collection of UK psychedelia.

‘10,000 Words In a Cardboard Box’ is a perfect slice of psychedelic pop, with prominent orchestration that adds to the impact of the song. It doesn’t always have to be about fuzz guitars!
Via Cosmic Mind at Play:

The Flow - Get Up & Smile from the 1972 LP, "The Flow." Very few copies of the original remain, but it was re-issued in 1992.

The Flow were a trio from New York.

T.I.M.E. - Tripping Into Sunshine, from their 1968 self-titled LP. This was also released as the B-Side of the Single, "What Would Life Be Without It."

T.I.M.E. was a Los Angeles-based group originally called The Hardtimes, who renamed themselves T.I.M.E., which stands for Trust in Men Everywhere. Bassist Klaus Kassbaum, aka Nick St. Nicholas, later joined Steppenwolf.

Poe - Tune In, from the 1971 LP, "Up Through the Spiral."

Also known as, The Playboys of Edinburg, Poe was a five-piece band from McAllen, Texas. I can't get away from Texas.. it's in my blood.

1960s group from Baytown, Texas. The name of the band was inspired by the 6-foot iguana owned by a band member Alan Melinger.
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Blossom Toes - Look at Me I'm You, from the 1967 LP, "We Are Ever So Clean."

English Psychedelic Pop band active between 1967 and 1969. Initially known as The Ingoes.
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Homer - Dandilion Wine (sometimes credited as "Dandelion Wine"), Single from 1969. The B-Side is "I Never Cared for You."

Rock / psychedelic rock band from San Antonio, Texas, USA, late 1960s to early 1970s.
Via Discogs:

One Mile Ahead ‎- There Ain't No Use in Crying, Single from 1968. The B-Side is, "Contribution."

Formed in Albuquerque, NM, United States

Albert A. Simballa (vocals, bass)
Steve Bartlett (lead guitar)
Rob Fullmer (drums)
Larry Baker (rhythm guitar)

The Deep - Trip No. 76, from the 1966 LP, "Psychedelic Moods."
New York

Spontaneous Corruption - Freaky Girl, Single from 1968. The B-Side is, "Looking Glass of Time."

Spontaneous Corruption were a psychedelic rock trio from Cleveland, Ohio (1967-69) that included Danny Sheridan (bass), Kenny Hamlin (guitar), and Greg Giancola (drums). The band recorded a couple songs at Cleveland Recording and got it on Philips records through producer Roger Karshner. "Freaky Girl" was a band original and sounds like a bluesy snarl take off on Hendrix's "Purple Haze". The flip side "Looking Glass of Time" includes some outrageous non-sequiteurs like "Mr. Jones' kidney stones on the ground....a crack is running through my seam....". A local paper actually reviewed the record and gave a scathing put down! Danny Sheridan decided he wanted to try something different, so he formed Eli Radish. Greg Giancola later played with Deadly Earnest (while "hillbilly-ing" his name to G.G. Gregg) before starting a talent agency. Kenny Hamlin joined the Paper Train and later became an record executive in the Elektra-Asylum organization. Via Discogs:

The Village S.T.O.P. ‎- Vibration, B-Side of the 1969 Single, "North Country."
(Discogs has the A and B-Sides switched in their Tracklist.)

Canadian band from Stoney Creek (now Hamilton), Ontario formed in 1967. Lineup was Paul Marcoux (lead guitar), Steve Urech (rhythm guitar), Nick Urech (bass), Jim Hall (drums), and ex-British Modbeat Fraser Loveman (lead vocals). Via Discogs:

German rock trio, formed in Stuttgart in 1968.

A Dom
B Devil's Grandma

The Apryl Fool - Tomorrow's Child, from the 1969 LP, "Apryl Fool."

Short-lived (although influential) Japanese psychedelic rock group, formed in Feb 1969 from members of The Floral together with Haruomi Hosono, dissolved later that same year when Hosono went on to form Happy End.
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Cykle - Do My Thing, from the 1969 LP, "Cykle."

During the spring of 1968, songwriter and drummer Jimmy Sossamon heard a local group, the Glory Cykle, that impressed him so much that he approached them about becoming their manager, which they agreed to. The band -- guitarists Ralph Stevens and Jeff Hardin, bassist Grady Pope, organist Rick Wilson, and drummer/vocalist Ken Allen -- practiced at the studio Sossamon had built in his parent's garage, and by the end of the year, Sossamon had assumed the drumming duties to free up Allen as lead vocalist. They also shortened the band name to Cykle, and in early 1969, began recording an album consisting entirely of Sossamon originals. The resultant eponymous LP was pressed in small quantities later that year.
Via Discogs:

Blue Öyster Cult - She's as Beautiful as a Foot, from the 1972 LP, "Blue Öyster Cult."

The Holy Mackerel - Wildflowers, from the 1968 LP, "The Holy Mackerel."
Los Angeles, California

Blonde On Blonde - All Day, All Night, Single from 1968. The B-Side is, "Country Life."

Blonde On Blonde (taking their name from Bob Dylan's 1966 album) were formed in Newport, South Wales in 1967 by drummer Les Hicks, bass guitar / keyboard player Richard Hopkins and guitar / sitar and lute player Gareth Johnson. The vocalist / guitarist Ralph Denyer was found via Melody Maker magazine, and Simon Lawrence joined the band playing 12-string guitar.
Via Progarchives:

Bag - Tripdream / Nothing Will Remain, Single from 1971.

00:00 - Tripdream (A-Side)
03:03 - Nothing Will Remain (B-Side)

Bag was a band from Amsterdam. In it were Leo Schelvis, who had played in Graaf X And Klimax and Moon Spinner, Michel Krijnen, Richard Kho and Arthur Mesritz. The band only existed for three months and produced one single on Flame. "BAG" is derived from the term "bagism", a form of art created by Yoko Ono before she met John Lennon.

Richard Koh: Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Arthur Mesritz: Drums
Leo Schelvis: Guitar
Michel Krijnen: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Via Discogs:

Seompi - Almost in the Whole, Single from 1971. B-Side is, "Slide Slide."

Rock band based in Austin, Texas (USA).

S.E.O.M.P.I. stands for: "Self Expression On Musically Potential Instruments".

Their sound moves from acid to hard, via progressive and psychedelic influences. Via Discogs:

Knights Bridge - Make Me Some Love, B-Side of the 1967 Single, "C. J. Smith."
Odessa, Texas

Syd Barrett - Opel (Take 9), recorded 11 April 1969, released in 1988 on the compilation album, "Opel."
Produced by Malcolm Jones.

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother [Full Album] (1970)

Side One:
00:00 Atom Heart Mother
-Father's Shout
-Breast Milky
-Mother Fore
-Funky Dung
-Mind your Throats Please

Side Two:
23:42 If
28:12 Summer '68
33:42 Fat Old Sun
39:06 Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
-Rise and Shine
-Sunny Side Up
-Morning Glory

Morgen - She's the Nitetime, from the 1969 LP, "Morgen."
Long Island, NY

I just found this version on a compilation. I like the way it sounds a lot better than the "clean" album version I have, even with the pops.


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