Happy Friday the 13th!

Tonight on the Video Nasty Project, we bring you possibly the most controversial, most infamous movie on the list: Meir Zarchi's I Spit On Your Grave from 1978. There's so much to unpack and discuss that Jeff, Ashley and Tony ran well over our usual episode length - but it's a discussion well worth having.

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On tonight's Video Ferox, we take a look at a modern independent
horror movie: Ruin Me. It's the story of a handful of horror fans who sign up for a backwoods slasher adventure camp - only to have the adventure go off the rails. . . . or does it?

Tonight on Video Ferox, I take a brief look at Scorchy, a 1976 cop movie set in Seattle, starring the always gorgeous Connie Stevens.

It's by American International Pictures, so you know it's quality!

On tonight's edition of the Video Nasty Project, we step outside the normal horror movie genre and watch the most controversial, racist blaxsploitation on the Prosicuted list: 1974's Fight For Your Life, where a racist convict and his two fellow prisoners escape from jail and find refuge in the house of a black minister.

As you can imagine, hijinks ensue.

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Today on the Video Nasty Project, we take a look at the Cannibal movie that kicked off the whole sub-genre of Green Hell flicks, 1980's Cannibal Holocaust from director Ruggero Deodato, in which a a professor stumbles across lost film shot by a missing documentary crew in the Amazon rainforest!

Eat up!

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Again, we present the finest in Exploitation trailers! The Executioner Part II, the deliciously perverse Lady Frankenstein and the Shaw Brothers classic My Young Auntie!

Welcome Friends to Trailer Tuesday! Enjoy the trailers to The Barbarian Queen, A Bullet for the General, Weekend With The Babysitter, and the all time Shaw Brothers classic Kung Fu flick: The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

The first of my Vinegar Syndrome subscription packages showed up, containing Penitentiary, Lucifer’s Women/Doctor Dracula, Fugitive Girls and both of the Five Years Five Movies discs - horror and porn. Oh and I had a shout factory disc show up too: Cannon's Rappin' with Mario Van Peebles!


In 1980, Siskel and Ebert did a special episode of Sneak Previews where they played the Mary Whitehouse roll and railed against horror movies, the rise of Slasher movies and how the genre is misogynistic and disgusting.

Each and every one of their points was dead fucking wrong.

And so, 30 years after the fact, long after both critics are dead, I did a rebuttal video refuting all of their viewpoints. Enjoy!

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Having some time to think on the Youtube Policy Changes, I don't think a lot will change for me.

What a clusterfuck. Thanks, Youtube!

As I dropped an unhealthy amount of cash on the Vinegar Syndrome yearly subscription, I thought I would document 12 months of mystery movie surprises!

Taking a break from horror and slasher flicks, we decide to see the Blacksploitation flick Proud Mary starring Taraji P. Henson and directed by Babak Najafi.

Welcome to Launch Day for the Video Nasty Project!

Stand by, the Video Nasty Project is one day away!

Almost time for the Video Nasty Project!

Only three days until the start of the Video Nasty Project!

Stay tuned! The Video Nasty Project launches in just four days!

Just five days to go before the launch of the Video Nasty Project!

Another student film I did 20 years ago, based on a comic I drew back in high school. Basically the Freak Brothers, but with less weed and fewer characters. And not nearly as funny or counter culture.

While I never actually got my channel off the ground over there, I know what it feels like to have something you worked hard on get shut down - so here's to the guys over there


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The Video Nasties were 72 films that were banned in the UK back in the 80's, movies that were considered too extreme for the youth of the nation. Our goal? Watch 72 movies with the most lurid sex, graphic violence and perverse splatter and review them all for you! NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY!