I never saw this coming.

Different stainless media + different caliber brass = different issues.

How I store my extra Lyman turret plate.

►Sveroboy Slug Jig (ala Thor's Axe)
►BPI Original Brush Wad (BW12) modification option

I revamped the mold guide.

The Lee mold guide kinda sucks, but I don't have crap aluminum to make a fancy shelf style guide... but I do have scrap wood, so I made a po' man's version.

Here's the method I now use to sort jackets and cores for swaging.

Time for a late Christmas gift.

I found a way around the depriming issues for the most part, but it may not work with all dies.

I bought a new brass catcher, and it looks like Caldwell finally has some competition.
►I was going to give the GF to my sister for her AR9, but decided to keep it (I'll have to buy her another one).
►The Velcroon the GF is still pretty aggressive.
►GF Brass Catcher:
►The GF adapter isn't currently listed (I paid $11 for it, while the Caldwell is currently $15).

I grabbed a couple SW pistol powders for the upcoming AR9 build.

►SW Burn Rate Chart:

I upped my SS media to 10 lbs.

Some DIY projects to get ready for reloading for 9mm.

I've run into some real issues when priming and depriming on this press.

Lyman Brass-Smith All-American 8 Turret (now that's a mouthful).

People warned me about the priming system, and they weren't wrong (a RCBS universal hand primer is next on my shopping list)..

Where do I even begin?!

►Shooters World load data has been updated:

Ballistic Tools gauges, a 3 way trim head issue, and some random brass stuff.

I upgraded to a 3-way trimmer and wish I'd just gotten one from the start.
►4:38 I meant when using a Lyman hand chamfer/debur tool.

A powder change makes for a surprising change in performance from a formerly underachieving bullet, and a little water jug action from another bullet.

A couple tools (and maybe a couple of springs) and a few minutes work make for a big improvement.

►Upgrade springs:

I shot some of the weird experimental bullets with mixed results.
►OnTarget and Chrono data included.
►All bullets used were swaged.

It's not all good, and it's also not all bad, but some of it is downright ugly.

I definitely blame the pizza for this idea!

►I lost some of this weekend's range data, so I have to redo at least some of the testing.
►I need input on working up load data where there is none.

I did some reasonably good shooting this weekend.
►OnTarget and Chrono data included.
►All bullets used were swaged.
►Shooters World Data:
►Lovex Data:
►Shooters World Burn Rate Chart(canister):
►Shooters World Burn Rate Chart(bulk):


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