Tired of the risers flying off? Here's an easy fix.

Minimize feeding issues with tall, small diameter brass.

This also allows me to run 300 BO without adjusting from .223.

I bought this collator off Etsy so you don't have to.

I finally got around to uploading a video about why I swage, some of the costs involved, and how much the finished bullets cost (after paying the off equipment).

A few recent tweaks that make it work better for me.\
►Funnel diagram:

There's always something trying to throw us off.
Here's the solution to one of them.

This is a problem I didn't realize was happening until recently.

The same obviously applies to lead cores.
►After uploading I discovered that "T" (Armscor) goes up to 10.9 gn.

Update to "Awesome Lanolin Lube Removal (and General Brass Cleaning)".
I found one process where Woolite doesn't work as well as Dawn.

The foam insert sucks, so here's a free way to greatly improve it.

Some different tests at 10 yards.
►Now with genuine imitation slo-mo!

Easily keep track of where you left off.

I found something that works FAR better than Dawn.

I'm using 1 Tablespoon Woolite and 1/4 teaspoon citric acid in the big FART.
So just a direct replacement for Dawn.

An easy way to save some time and headaches.

A variety of swaged bullets (some experimental) in the lead platter at 50 yards.

A variety of swaged bullets (some experimental) in ballistic gel at 50 yards.
►The very long dissection video is here (unlisted):

A somewhat detailed look at the different swaged .223 bullets I'll be testing.

Testing the 26 gram Shot-mini at 10 yards

Trying something a bit different this time,
Since water jug and gel tests tell two different tales about the the Shot-mini, I decided to combine them.

This one's just a single shot with a look at the gel, so it's short and sweet.

It may feel like I'm milking this, but I thought I'd try some different powder charges.
►Slug gel dissection (unlisted video, too long to add to this one):

ASM Shot-mini and Twister (Tri & Penta) at 25 yards.
Swaged 62 gn .223 at 50 yards.
►Since it was Independence Day weekend, I wish they were red white and blue.
►The gel dissection for the masochists among you (unlisted video):

I got myself some ballistic gel for Father's Day.
I'm off to a rocky start, but things should get better...hopefully.

I tried AA 2230 since it's supposed to be similar to SW AR-Plus.
►24.8 gn AA 2230 shot about as well as 25.0 gn with less pressure signs.

I got them down to 1200 f/s, and though they didn't group great.
►Gel shows that 1200 f/s is too slow. 1250-1300 f/s is where it's at.
►415 gn (total) @ 1200 f/s = 1327 ft-lbs
►Pure lead would probably mushroom more consistently.
►I might try slowing them further. Who knows, I might find a stable velocity where they expand.


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