certainly not out of touch sports ((( stars))) like Kobe Bryant qwho may or may not have died in a chopper crash in weather so bad that even the Police did not fly


i am sure many people have died recently , why is Kobe Bryants alleged death in a non carbon neutral helicopter so much more important than anybody else ?

Prince Andrew is guilty of showing immensely poor judgment in hanging out with epstein , however the issue of having sex with a 17 year old is being massively overplayed but why?

what in the name of heck has this got to do with ice Hockey? and why do we need to know about the private sexual habits of people we have never heard of and do not want to know about?


fact is that McEnroe makes his living in the Zionist world of media and sport . thats why he launched an attack on somebody whose views he supposedly disagrees with . different people have different opinions but Margaret court is under absolutely no obligation to dovetail her views to correspond to the official policies of Tennis Australia , an organisation that insists that players exert themselves in the smog that is Melbourne . this is about the right to have ones own views . Court is not beholden to Mcenroe for her personal opinions , after all she must be more aware than most about how many ' Lesbians' are in the wimmins game .

with some lame pictures

the government constantly undermine , infiltrate and frame legitimate movements to prevent any genuine opposition to their criminal rule

its water off a ducks back . however for the sake of the record I explain my situation yet again

it was predicted by the ((( experts)))

how about www,youtube.isrealdid911
instead they show ww.youtube.i.......


if you agree that Israel is responsible for 9/11 mark this video down
if you agree that Israel is responsible for 9/11 mark this video up
if you agree that Israel is responsible for 9/11 then register a view on this video

we will then add the totals of likes , dislikes and views to see what percentage of people are aware that Israel is evil

it may be a bitter pill for bitchutes real and fake Hitler crew but in reality hitler has been beneficial for Israel

suitable for people between 0 and 200 years old

this issue concerns content providers , please note all my videos are subjected to organised Zionist troll activity such as dislikes

how would you feel if people who had obtained your real identity by criminal deception did this to you over many many years? well how would you feel?

i really wonder about the type of people who can do that type of ((( work))) for a living


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