i am going to take a punt and say this so called crash along with hero pilot has been staged and that Putin far from being a white knight is just another bullshit artist like the rest of them
a321 is a33

the reason they keep introducing all these invented crime stories and trivia stories ( chucking parcels through windows, notes on vehicles etc ) is in order to pave the way for a completely artificial reality where everything we are presented with is faked , essentially we will be like participants in a game of virtual reality , its almost like the Truman show , in fact they always tell us via movies etc what they plan to do in real life

ok here are some things to look for when you see ((( news)))

1. agenda , heroes and villains, police doing their job , loved by all
2. facebook profiles
3.Polar bear outfits
4, magic numbers 3.11 33 13
5. petrol station flowers
6, fake news agency SWNS
7. just married, mum recently died of cancer, lost child to illness ,
8. charity fundraiser was about to do sponsored walk, bungee jump, mountain climb for ( charity)
9. about to go on honeymoon, trip of a lifetime,
10, dodgy looking close up pics of crime scene
11. rubber gloves ( kinky)
12 useless piece of equipment, ie oxygen
13, police tape ( as seen in movies)
14, forensic tents so police can play cards while pretending to investigate
15 loose shoes ( not seen on this occasion )
16, water bottles
17, seemingly random but in fact mocking bus adverts such as ( outright terror bold and brilliant)
18 , messages of sympathy from useless muppets priti patel, johnson, corbyn and the chief rabbi
19, something must be done ( increase police pay , more cctv , more aid to Israel, more police helicopters etc)

Comment system requirements
1. No links to Google, facebook, Disqus, Bitchute or other pro Zionist platforms
2. Private messaging allowed
3. Full admin privileges for channel creators to block troll channels
4, no political bias
5. ability to prevent the posting of gifs, cartoons etc that hog screen space and add nothing to the conversation
6. channels can be followed by invitation only , no ability to stalk
7. no ability to impersonate , no creation of duplicate channel names , multiple data on hover screen to identify channel such as creation date
8, only full times and dates no one month one week yesterday etc
9. moderation only to be carried out by channel creator not by third parties or Israelis in offices

i carry on repeating the fact that bitchute is a Zionist honeypot created as a fake platform for YouTube refugees and the selection of Zionist owned Disqus ( David H Steinberg) was to provided assistance to Israeli agents who are allowed to allow impersonation and trolling to flourish. i also want to expose Ray vahey the Thailand based nominal CEO of bitchute of deliberately allowing Israeli trolls to game bitchute by creating fake accounts and impersonating me , Vaheys Zionism is clear , he even recommended the Zionist tommy Robinson as an EU politician . That is mega stupid

my guess is that the stupid story about the parcel thrown through a window ( didnt happen) was arranged with this ludicrous follow up , imagine that the BBC have so little to do that they can interview a woman about it and then get a hundred people to practice throwing empty boxes at a window, even somebody wearing a postmans shirt was involved , sick of this endless full spectrum lying

so much nicer than the Zionist approved stars and stripes, by the way this video clearly shows some black people know whats going on and indeed in my opinion overall black people are less likely to get duped than white people which would suggest that whites are not as clever as bitchutes band of Zionist Trump idiots would like to imagine

hammy stories of her police being killed a week before their honeymoon and endless stories mocking your gullibility and they keep getting away with it

message to Israeli trolls : Israel is garbage

US embassy personnel have been filmed meeting with the 'leaders' this is exactly the same as the Ukranian coup . US agents are acting globally to create trouble

jailed for 12 months for allgedly disrupting travel to the EU in a protest over a lack of UK democracy , meanwhile the same media praise the violent Hong Kong rioters who are concerned about ((( democracy)))
why cant our own media support people who wish to do something about the lack of democracy in the UK

by the way the guy did not even stop the train, he was just standing on the roof , they wanted to stop trains to create an opportunity to blame a brexit supporter for disruption

this time the channel is pretending to be ' new to commenting' and watches CNN MSNBC and ' Don Lemon' ffs , accuses me of impersonating myself , this is how the Israeli trolls react to my videos , the troll also refused to agree that Israel was involved in 9/11 , it was a long time ago apparently

genuine Israel =9/11 ( renamed ) was created on July 23rd 2014

Israelis who saw this video created the following troll account


hey Zionists dont bother making some impersonation comments using your troll channels, Israelis SUPPORT him ( immediate mark down from anonymous Israeli troll)
imagine choosing that as your avatar ,. I mean just how fucking moronic must you be ?

you can also buy a yacht and sail to the US for a conference

cause for concern, basically Jews are allowed to lie and deceive

a fine movie regardless of its contoversial storyline

and things have got even worse since then

unfortunately his predictions are correct .

Brother Nathanaels YouTube channel was terminayed by youtube in June 2019

the gentile name of Paul lol 03.17


the notification says the Channel does not exist when it should say that the channel was removed by YouTube because of Zionist censorship the fact that Youtube deleted his channel is an HONOUR

do you think the reputation of international Jewry has changed for the better in the last 9 years?

there is a global conspiracy to attack men in general and white heterosexual men in particular and this conspiracy is created by the people who own the banks and meda . ie the Zionist Jews

by the way I had about 4000 videos banned by YouTube , anybody care? I thought not

Red handed ... literally oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive

This video is very odd , thats her 'mother' anyway it may explain why she came 21st in 2009 with 'her' song which got 33 points ( roll eyes)

the sort of office I would choose if I planned to do a runner, its also possible that this is a virtual office and that no actual bitchute staff work there , Ray Vahey for example is busy enjoying all the fleshly delights that Thailand is justly famous for

bitchutes partner companies include ((( Disqus))) and ((( Cloudfare)))

facilities at the bitchute HQ include access to toilets , a telephone ,.internet access , a nearby bus stop ,a hotline to the Israeli embassy , London only an hour a way by helicopter , local synagogue , a costcutters ( UK budget supermarket) a desk, a chair and a filing cabinet with a key ( deposit required) a KFC ( halal chicken only)

no wonder people prefer working at Google

rather than use Skype the little globalist minx has decided to enjoy an all expenses paid trip on a racing yacht along with her Manager j. Epstein and a BBC employee Mr J. Savile , to show commitment to climate change they will shit directly into the ocean , thus saving valuable koala bear habitat , to prevent the use of finite and polluting fossil fuels Greta will use free renewable wind power and in the event there is no wind will be given oars and finish the journey to the climate change conference on a Unicycle escorted by a phalanx of LGBTQ+ unicorns
by the way a detail I liked is the use of a 'blue ' bucket , its a nice touch to use a blue bucket when dumping brown and yellow waste overboard although surely an eco friendly green bucket would have been preferable , maybe a bio degradable bucket made of algae

mark downs always courtesy of Zionist trolls who find 10 year (((Greta))) very attractive in an Epsteinish sort of way, she may well have been recruited at Epstein island for an undercover mission

her suggestions for climate change initiatives are
1) eat grass
2) poo only once a week and urinate once a day
3) buy a copy of her best selling book ' How I made millions by pretending to care about the environment'
4) live in a wigwam or yurt
5) scrap the car and buy a solar powered skateboard
6) have a yearly mud bath like elephants instead of a shower ( that wastes precious energy and water)
7) do not take flights instead travel by racing yachts or kayaks
8) demand governments raises taxes on fuel so as to pay for textbooks endorsing LGBTQ climate change
9) school strikes globally to be extended from Friday only to Monday to Friday inclusive indefinitely as a lot of energy is wasted in getting to school and children would only have to go home anyway so why bother going someplace when you already know you must go back and increase the carbon footprint
10) special Israeli smartmeters to be installed on everybodys noses to stop people exhaling dangerous carbon dioxide

ps surely she could have shown her commitment to climate change by staying at home and finishing her homework

rather than stop Israeli trolls from impersonating channels on the bitchute platform , Ray Vahey and his Zionist team have simply removed the words 'impersonation ' and 'impersonate' from their community guidelines rules . Nice one ((( Ray)))

the Zionist trolls are always on hand to mark everything down , dont let the Israeli Epstein fuckers win


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this is the channel I use to post comments , any other channel is impersonating me

https://disqus.com/by/StopZionistCensorship/ ( listed as channel created 23rd July 2014) if in doubt check

Channel created 20th February 2018 9 beware bitchutes policy of not dating anything

any other /hoaxashian accounts are smear /impostor accounts. please note a troll has created a channel on disqus using my channel name and avatar. I am not responsible for comments made by other people impersonating me and seeking to discredit me .
please note the creator of this channel has been targeted for malicious criminal attack from state sponsored agencies that have included threats, impersonation, smears , harassment and gangstalking , please do whatever you can to monitor events and screen grab , note and register any attempts to create impersonation/smear accounts. also fake impersonation accounts have been created on disqus duplicating my channel name and avatar and seeking to smear me . please do not fall for these routine Zionist deceptions

realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there