hoaxashian ( subjected to impersonation)

Make sure your voice is not heard

Covid19 was created by Zionists

I l love Indian music



mark downs from Zionist accounts allowed to anonymously troll and impersonate with the full knowledge of Bitchute and the 77th brigade

Rick Heskey claims his channel is about to be removed due to ' severe violations' . however he is still able to log on via another phone . could be a technical glitch but my experience of bitchute is they are not honest and have never explained their move from Gravesend to Newbury

i didnt ask for a comment freely channel , it was given to me by bitchute, the official commentfreely page is down yet bitchute allow an impersonation account?

below comment not made by me but by the Israeli troll

a minute ago

i made 15k tweets within 90 days...166 tweets per day. criminal Zionist twitter took my twitter account away from me even though i clearly was addicted to it. help me, i need help i want my twitter account back!

if you wish to target an innocent individual all you need to do is make phishing accounts pretending to be them in order to create disputes , damage credibility and waste time , i have been reporting the issue of impersonation to bitchute , disqus and via uploads for 10 years and NOTHING has been done about it because the state supports the targeting of individuals , please see #impersonation #Disqus #vahey etc



the censorship that exists in the so called free world is astronomical

do you like Worcestershore sauce ?

maybe masks for arc welding would have been even safer

she will almost certainly get fired but I admire her immensely for speaking up , sadly almost all NHS staff prefer to tow the line rather than to admit that Covid19 is a total scam

so what if they are harmful and or unnecessary they are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

fact , Bitchute relocated from cheap as chips Gravesend to Newbury , WHY?
fact Bitchute took down their forums for ' maintenance' but never reinstated them. WHY?
fact, CEO Ray Vahey praised Disqus on multiple occasions despite widespread complaints by users . WHY?
fact Ray Vahey allowed impersonation to take place including the use of his own name and image by trolls . WHY?
fact. Bitchute ignored emails informing them of abuse of the community guidelines . WHY?

fact is that Ray Vahey is a greedy day trader who admits on his Disqus profile to be mainly motivated by money

lets get some actual answers from the Thailand based Gold speculator Ray Vahey

distance from Gravesend to Newbury is almost 100 miles and driving time is nearly 2 hours , the relocation makes no sense however it would be interesting to see if they have an excuse for relocating a short drive from the notorious pro Zionist pro EU, pro LGBTQ and pro BLM 77th Brigade

inevitably his comments mechanism is shit . i even contacted him asking why multiple Ray Vahey accounts were being used on Disqus to target me and he WAS NOT INTERESTED , this can only be explained away if he was in fact supporting the use of his name to attack me



there is no point in vaccinating the whole world against a constantly mutating virus with a 99.98% survival rate , Bill Gates and the WHO must be stopped. PS Ray Vahey uses a Microsoft platform for his comment freely . yet again all roads lead to Zionism

already being exploited by channels partially blocked on Disqus , i feel sorry for those who donated in good faith to Thai based Ray Vahey and his crap development team , its a piss poor effort considering 30 months of development


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please note third parties ( probably Israelis ) are actively impersonating me online , this has been reported to the Police, media, Bitchute, Disqus etc , I am powerless to stop it

nb genuine channel was created July 23rd 2014 and has /disqusallowonlinecrime as url

trolls are targeting me via Disqus ( with the full knowledge and permission of bitchute ) impersonating my channel

because bitchute encourage renaming of channels I wont say what my channel name is but if you look on the details its created july 23rd 2014

any other /hoaxashian accounts are smear /impostor accounts. please note a troll has created a channel on disqus using my channel name and avatar. I am not responsible for comments made by other people impersonating me and seeking to discredit me .
please note the creator of this channel has been targeted for malicious criminal attack from state sponsored agencies that have included threats, impersonation, smears , harassment and gangstalking , please do whatever you can to monitor events and screen grab , note and register any attempts to create impersonation/smear accounts. also fake impersonation accounts have been created on disqus duplicating my channel name and avatar and seeking to smear me . please do not fall for these routine Zionist deceptions

realhoaxashian is also my account which I created hoping to get a reprieve from the trolls , i seldom upload there