The Snows of Kilimanjaro is a 1952 American Technicolor film based on the 1936 short story of the same name by Ernest Hemingway. It is directed by Henry King, written by Casey Robinson, and starred Gregory Peck as Harry Street, Susan Hayward as Helen, and Ava Gardner as Cynthia Green (a character invented for the film). The film's ending does not mirror the story's ending.
Considered by Hemingway to be one of his finest stories, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" was first published in Esquire magazine in 1936 and then republished in The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories (1938).
The Snows of Kilimanjaro was a critical and commercial success upon its release and became the second highest-grossing film of 1952, second only to The Greatest Show on Earth. It was nominated for two Oscars at the 25th Academy Awards, for Best Cinematography, Color and Best Art Direction, Color (Lyle R. Wheeler, John DeCuir, Thomas Little, Paul S. Fox).
The film has entered the public domain.

The Stranger is a 1946 American film noir starring Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young, and Orson Welles. Welles's third completed feature film as director and his first film noir is about a war crimes investigator tracking a high-ranking Nazi fugitive to a Connecticut town. It is the first Hollywood film to present documentary footage of the Holocaust. The original story by Victor Trivas was nominated for an Academy Award. The film entered the public domain when its copyright was not renewed.

Richard Gage, AIA
Daniele Ganser, PhD
John W. Whitehead, Attorney
James Corbett
Benny Wills - Poet

a 3 part doc by Massimo Mazzucco Made for debunkers to challenge truthers.

a 3 part doc by Massimo Mazzucco Made for debunkers to challenge truthers.

a 3 part doc by Massimo Mazzucco Made for debunkers to challenge.

Another James Corbett documentary

Actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ed Asner narrates this gripping creatively scripted 15-minute documentary exploring the mysterious destruction of the third skyscraper at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Follow Asner and a dozen technical experts, as they methodically reach the startling, yet obvious, conclusion that the official reports about this least known high-rise building disaster are simply fraudulent. See why WTC 7, the third worst structural failure in modern history, is the smoking gun that undermines the official conspiracy theory and has compelled 1,600 architects and engineers, along with millions of other concerned citizens from around the world, to call for a new independent investigation into the explosive destruction of all three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11.

View the full length documentary here
"The Demolition of Truth-Psychologists Examine 9/11" Directors cut.

Associate Professor, Emeritus, University of Copenhagen

Physics teacher, 911filmmaker

The Stooges are key witnesses at a murder trial. Their friend and colleague, Gail Tempest (Suzanne Kaaren), is a dancer at the Black Bottom cafe where the Stooges are musicians. She is accused of killing Kirk Robin (a play on "Who Killed Cock Robin?").
The Stooges harass the defense attorney (Bud Jamison) in Disorder in the Court
When the Stooges are called to the witness stand, they are nowhere to be found. The defense attorney (Bud Jamison) goes out into the hall only to find the Stooges playing jacks and tic-tac-toe simultaneously on the floor. After considerable mutual frustration, the court finally swears in Curly, who begins to describe the events that took place on the night of the murder. He offers to show the court exactly what happened. The Stooges and Tempest are part of a musical act; Tempest and the Stooges break into their musical routine to prove this, with Larry on violin, Moe on harmonica, and Curly on both spoons and upright bass while Tempest dances.
The act is interrupted when Larry unknowingly mistakes a man's toupée for a tarantula and Moe subsequently takes the guard's gun and starts shooting the toupée, causing pandemonium in the court. Moe and then Curly re-enact the actual murder (with Curly on the receiving end). Moe then looks at the parrot, who was at the murder scene, and sees a note tied to the parrot's foot. He opens the parrot cage, and the parrot flies out after it scratches Moe's finger. The Stooges eventually capture the bird by shooting water at it through a fire hose. Moe then reads the letter out loud and reveals that it is a confession from the real murderer, Buck Wing, which finally proves Tempest's innocence. The note also said that Buck Wing will disappear.

The Stooges and Gail Tempest were going to get their picture taken; however, the fire hose, which Curly tied up earlier, explodes and sprays water everywhere.

Cumulus release CBS Net Dub6 04

listen to how big the particles must be and so far from the event.


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