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The event was held at the International Law Institute in Washington, D.C. Rabbi Shapiro is the rabbi of a congregation in Queens, New York. He is best known for his outspoken stance defending the historic Orthodox Jewish position that rejects the concept of Jewish nationalism and therefore opposes Zionism and does not recognize Israel as the Jewish State. He has represented this position on behalf of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community throughout the world to a remarkable variety of audiences, including those in the United States, the state of Israel and the EU in Brussels. Rabbi Shapiro is the author of three books and numerous articles dealing with Jewish philosophy and law. He is currently completing a three volume work on traditional Jewish opposition to Zionism.
The purpose of Zionism was to "normalize" the Jews against the effects of Judaism, essentially to change a nation of scholars and priests with religious aspirations, to a nation of warriors with nationalist aspirations. Judaism was the disease; Zionism was the cure. The Zionist character is the diametrical opposite of, and overcompensation for, the Jewish character.
Jewish are neither nationality, nor a race, ethnicity, tribe, or blood family. Their only common characteristic is their religion. The Zionists however, falsely presented themselves - and still do - as the representatives of the Jewish people. Thus: Zionism was not the national liberation movement of the Jewish people but the national liberation movement of the Zionists; Israel is not the nation state of the Jewish people as it claims to be but rather the state of its own citizens.
Zionist nationalism is unique in that it claims to represent and demands loyalty of people outside of its national borders and citizenship, by virtue of their being born Jewish.
The intellectual origins of Zionism was mostly organic nationalism and Christian Restorationism. Different Zionists also adopted Russian workers' movements, and German Romanticism, an..

This is a better copy than before. Gulliver's Travels is a 1939 American cel-animated Technicolor feature film, directed by Dave Fleischer and produced by Max Fleischer for Fleischer Studios. The film was released on December 22, 1939 by Paramount Pictures, who had the feature produced as an answer to the success of Walt Disney's box-office hit Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The sequences for the film were directed by Seymour Kneitel, Willard Bowsky, Tom Palmer, Grim Natwick, William Henning, Roland Crandall, Thomas Johnson, Robert Leffingwell, Frank Kelling, Winfield Hoskins, and Orestes Calpini. This is Paramount's first feature-length animated film.

Gulliver was the second cel-animated feature film ever released, and the first produced by an American studio other than Walt Disney Productions. The story is based very loosely upon the Lilliputian adventures of Gulliver depicted in Jonathan Swift's 18th century novel Gulliver's Travels.
Max and Dave Fleischer had wanted to produce a feature as early as 1934 (shortly after Disney announced it was to produce a feature film), but Paramount, who distributed Fleischer's Popeye, Betty Boop, Screen Songs, and Color Classics cartoon shorts, vetoed the idea. However, after the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Paramount agreed to allow the Fleischers to make a feature. Paramount offered to build the New York City-based Fleischers a new state-of-the-art animation studio in Miami Beach, Florida, away from the union influence which had polarized the Fleischer Studio after a bitter 1937 labor strike. The Fleischers agreed, and began development on Gulliver's Travels in spring 1938 as construction began on the Miami studio. The Miami Fleischer Studio opened in fall 1938, and the Fleischer staff moved their production headquarters there. A few individuals, including voice actor Mae Questel, opted to remain in New York and did not follow the Fleischers to Miami.

Paramount wanted Gulliver ready for a Christmas 1939 r..

9/11 First Responder Patrick Dillon describes what he witnessed, arriving at Ground Zero about an hour after the first collapse, particularly in search of his friend Captain Fireman Patrick Brown. Brown, who had served with Patrick in the Vietnam War, had radioed from high up in the North Tower that he and his firemen had managed to put out the fires and needed more hoses and instruction what to do with victims. Patrick reports what he learned from a woman he helped save from the pile who had been the body guard of John O'Neill who had only been assigned to WTC the day before and earlier had been an FBI agent about to seize Osama Bin Laden. Patrick describes the torment of his troubled heart from the 9/11 events he witnessed and his participation in the criminal Vietnam War. Interacting with Patrick is Joe Friendly, the videographer and editor. This interview was recorded July 31, 2017.

HyperNormalisation is a 2016 BBC documentary by British filmmaker Adam Curtis. It argues that governments, financiers, and technological utopians have, since the 1970s, given up on the complex "real world" and built a simpler "fake world" run by corporations and kept stable by politicians. The film was released on 16 October 2016
The word hypernormalisation was coined by Alexei Yurchak, a professor of anthropology who was born in Leningrad and later went to teach in the United States. He introduced the word in his book Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More: The Last Soviet Generation (2006), which describes paradoxes of life in the Soviet Union during the 1970s and 1980s. He says that everyone in the Soviet Union knew the system was failing, but no one could imagine an alternative to the status quo, and politicians and citizens alike were resigned to maintaining the pretense of a functioning society. Over time, this delusion became a self-fulfilling prophecy and the fakeness was accepted by everyone as real, an effect that Yurchak termed hypernormalisation.

Noam Chomsky:
"The general population doesn't know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know".
The Listening Post - Al jazeera

Talk by Ray McGovern, 27-Year Veteran of the CIA and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, on "Russia-gate: Can You Handle the Truth?" recorded August 4, 2018 at the Common Good Cafe, University Temple United Methodist Church, Seattle.

Vladimir Pozner former co-host with Phil Donahue on MSNBC
On September 27, 2018, Yale's Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and the Poynter Fellowship for Journalism hosted Vladimir Pozner, the acclaimed Russian-American journalist and broadcaster. Pozner spoke on the impact of US foreign policy towards Russia after the Soviet Union has been disbanded, and shared his opinions on a range of issues raised by the audience, from the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential elections, to Skripal poisoning, to the state of independent media in Russia and the US.

Kevin Shipp, Bill Binney and John Kiriakou join me to discuss their unique experiences as whistleblowers in CIA and NSA.
Jason Goodman
Streamed live on Nov 1, 2018

Censored Al Jazeera Investigation The Lobby — USA, which features an undercover journalist who won the trust of key pro-Israel operatives and who videoed revealing meetings, demonstrates beyond question the lengths to which the Israelis and their supporters in the United States will go to prevent a change in American thinking about the beleaguered Palestinians. The effort aims to smear Palestinian students in the United States and pro-Palestinian American activists and political candidates who criticize Israeli policy as anti-Semites and enablers of terrorism. The paid pro-Israel operatives, guided by Israeli government officials and embassy staff, have used social media and other channels in an attempt to destroy the career potential of student activists who work to raise Americans’ consciousness about the Palestinians. Establishment news operations, such as the Washington Post, are also implicated. Major targets are activists in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement and Students for Justice in Palestine. The Israel lobby realizes that the anti-Semitism charge no long sticks so tenaciously to people who merely indict Israel for its obvious mistreatment of the Palestinians. So the lobby has resorted to a broader brush: it says that those who support BDS and the Palestinians are anti-American, anti-democracy, and anti-all-blessed-things. BDS and Students for Justice in Palestine, the lobby contends, are hate groups. This of course is patently absurd, but Israel’s side observes no limits it what it is willing to say and perhaps do to destroy the reputations anyone who realizes that the Israeli emperor has clothes. - Sheldon Richman

Media Education Foundation presents a scathing analysis of Israel's decades-long battle for the hearts, minds, and tax dollars of the American people.
A film by Loretta Alper and Jeremy Earp
Narrator : Roger Waters
Executive Producer : Sut Jhally
Associate Producer: George Matta

US and Israel's relationship is investigated in this long delayed undercover video expose. This is part 4 of 4.

US and Israel's relationship is investigated in this long delayed undercover video expose. This is part 3 of 4.

US and Israel's relationship is investigated in this long delayed undercover video expose. This is part 2 of 4.

US and Israel's relationship is investigated in this long delayed undercover video expose. This is part 1 of 4.

A Critique of the NIST WTC Building Failure Reports and the Progressive Collapse Theory, from Roland Angle, representing the Engineer side of AE911Truth. The details discussed close the deal on the corruption of the NIST WTC 1, 2 & 7 reports.

Cenk Uygur Destroys Mainstream Media News And So Called Liberal Democrats At The National Press Club.
Whether you like Cenk or not, this media criticism is amazing and about time.

It is 1960 and the third exploratory spaceship from Earth is landing on Mars. The crew are shocked to discover a Rockwellian small town, eerily similar to those they left on Earth. The strangely familiar people in the town believe it is 1926. Crew members soon discover old friends and deceased relatives in the town.

Happy Halloween! From "ESCAPE!" Classic Radio Series . William Conrad (Gunsmoke's Matt Dillon) plays Leiningen, the owner of a plantation in the Brazilian rainforest, who is warned by the district commissioner that a swarm of ferocious and organised soldier ants is approaching and that he must flee. Unlike his neighbours, Leiningen is not about to give up years of hard work and planning to "an act of God" as he believes in the superiority of the human brain. He convinces his workers to stay and fight with him

Knowmorenews Sep 11th 2018

This is the presentation on the destruction of the World Trade Center, presented by Richard Gage AIA, that convinced me to join in 2008.

Actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ed Asner narrates this gripping creatively scripted 15-minute documentary exploring the mysterious destruction of the third skyscraper at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Follow Asner and a dozen technical experts, as they methodically reach the startling, yet obvious, conclusion that the official reports about this least known high-rise building disaster are simply fraudulent. See why WTC 7, the third worst structural failure in modern history, is the smoking gun that undermines the official conspiracy theory and has compelled 1,600 architects and engineers, along with millions of other concerned citizens from around the world, to call for a new independent investigation into the explosive destruction of all three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11.

Youtube World Premiere 9-1-18 - the COMPLETE (40 minutes longer than PBS version) award winning documentary featuring Ed Asner, Psychologists like Fran Shure, M.A., L.P.C. and Marti Hopper, PhD.
, Scientific and Military Experts like Bob Bowman, and 9/11 Truth Godfather, David Ray Griffin. I created this with no money or sponsorship. It was just me for 2 years, BUT I had the awesome co-operation of many great patriotic experts and citizens. I made this to help the unsuspecting, unaware U.S. citizens deal with what will surely become the scandal of the century - Charles Ewing Smith, Executive Producer/Editor of "9/11 Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out" With Richard Gage.

"The Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11" takes the discussion of questioning the official story of 9/11 to a whole new level. The documentary takes on an uncomfortable subject and brings it into the light, exploring how individuals and communities can heal and move forward ."
Shari Bernson
Director of Development / Executive Producer
Colorado Public Television
"If something that violates physics and science disproves it then IT DID NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY. So much SCIENTIFIC information shows 9/11 could NOT have happened as we were told. That should end the discussion and get the new investigation started. This documentary shows why this is not happening."

Feb. 22, 1998
Gene "Chip" Tatum was a Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller, Defense Intelligence Asset, and US Army special operations pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada, Tatum was also involved in the Nixon Administrations relations with China, NASA's Apollo Program, the Iran Contra Affair, and several other classified intelligence operations dating through through 1992 . Tatum was a member of the ultra-secret, international G7 run Pegasus "Hit Team" working directly for the sitting President.
From sensitive and highly secret - and hitherto largely unknown - Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to "black ops" activities in Grenada and Oliver North's Iran-Contra "Enterprise," and on to membership in an international "hit team," Gene "Chip" Tatum has seen it all, done it all and is now telling it all.
Tatum knows where the skeletons are buried. Above all he is aware that his testimony implicates serving and former US Presidents, plus a whole list of high government officials, and others, in a welter of nefarious activities - including assassination, blackmail, coercion, gun-running, money-laundering and Cocaine trafficking.
Tatum, a lanky Floridian, turned whistle-blower following his arrest on a treason charge in 1995. The charge was both astonishing and patently ludicrous and resulted in a flurry of press interest with an article appearing in the Tampa Tribune on 4 May 1996. Incredibly, the charge was later dropped to be replaced by a fraud charge - a drastic step-down. Found guilty after his government appointed attorney refused to call any defense witnesses ,he was sentenced to serve a 15 month sentence.
Theodore L. Gunderson (November 7, 1928 – July 31, 2011) was an American Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI. According to his son, he worked the case of Marilyn Monroe and the John F. Ke..


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