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Working out some kinks with fluid dynamics... this is one of the preliminary tests.

First attempt at animating some bay doors on a building I'm working on for a game.

Just an initial base prototype component model really. Extreme hard ops on #2 coming soon.

I used to listen to this ScreamTracker 3 file when I was in college all the time. I couldn't find it online but I had luckily saved a backup copy of the .s3m file. Here is Tiggers Don't Climb Trees by Kiwidog (Chris Hargrove)... enjoy and please comment if you used to listen to this back in the days of mod file encoding:

From the file metadata:
* Various-ClubEuropa-11
* Moby-EverythingIsWrong-10
* Various-140BPM+Seven-10
- Reso Sweep (-)
- Laser HP5 (-)
- Piano (Blanka)
- Drum Loop I (-)
- Deep rumble (-)
- Drum Loop II (-)
* = Original Sample
Tiggers Don't Climb Trees
(Hundred Acre Mix)
Complete 3/5/96 2:36min.
(c)1996 Chris Hargrove aka
This is my version of a
co-op song started long
ago by myself & Primal
Scream/Tf called "Tiggers
Don't Climb Trees". Since
it was never completed by
the fact that we started
disagreeing where the song
should go after a few
orders, it was abandoned
& left on our HDs to rot.
For some strange reason,
though, I felt a sense of
incompleteness in leaving
this song alone, so......
I worked with it my way
(hence the Hundred Acre
Mix name :) A couple parts
of the song are the same
as the original, but a lot
has been added or changed
(the original is tiny).
This is only my sixth
completed song, and that's
if you include the stupid
tunes (happypig and dr.
winslow) and my Resolution
2-hour compo tunes, plus
one other small tune that
I'd like to forget. :)
If you don't count those,
then this is my first real
release. As such, be
lenient with me in your
flames - I'm actually just
a coder so I don't track
very often let alone well.
Greetings to Tf&Hornet +
Hope you enjoy the tune...
It's not great, I know,
but I'm trying to learn.
For the most part, though,
I'm sticking to coding. :)
email me at:
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Samples marked with a *
are not ripped (sampled by
me from CDs that I own).
They're labelled by
if you want to know where
the samp comes from.

Dual bass tracks for an instrumental tune based on an album concept by the online recording project I had set up several years back called Emerald Visions. What do you think? Does it have some good potential?


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