We head up for the next mission in the Burning Steppe campaign, once again providing CAP over Stalingrad.

We continue are march through the Space Hulk, plant the first of the Demo charges, and come across a new type of Genestealer.

We continue the war in the pacific as the COMPAC, and begin the assault on wake island.

As the generator continues to creep closer to destruction, people start to leave the city on mass.

We Continue are march through the Space Hulk, and find two more Battle Brothers to help us on are way.

We dive once more into a Space Hulk, this time as part of the Blood Angels Chapter, with the task of stopping the hulk.

As we continue to make are way back to Pearl Harbor, we encounter a Japanese convoy.

we head out for the first mission of the new career, and tangle with 3 neiuport 17.

We up the defense of Gryada form the advancing German panzer force.

As we continue are fight ageist the cold, we finally get a handle on are food problem, though not quite fast enough for are people.

We continue the war in the pacific, striking towards Wake island, and the Makan Atoll.

We turn back the clock in the frostpunkvrise in the Free story DLC and begin are attempts to save the City of Winterhome, where someone has tried to increase the amount of heat around by setting fire to half the city.

We make are first moves in the war effort against Japan as COMPAC, well the IJN makes moves on the Alaskain islands.

We head up for are next couple of attempts for the Mission There, Beyond the River, and we make sure that one 109 is in absolutely no shape to fly in.

We fight in the more freeform Battle of the Atlantic on the side of the british in Atlantic Fleet

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The war for the Sector continues, and we have are first encounter with the Ork WAAGGGHHH.

We reach Hiroshima harbor, and start shenanigans in there with some large ships.

We head out for a spot of balloon hunting and find one balloon bent on self destruction.

We begin are campaign in Battlefleet Gothic, and begin the war for the sector.

We head out in are attempt to clear the city of Stalingrad of the German invaders, and find the child fountain along the way.

After flicking the wrong toggle and angering Pat Wilson's we start off are next career in the normal career mode in rise of flight.

We head up for the next two missions in the Burning Steppe campaign, and we display a perfect example of why you do not shoulder shot past a friendly

We continue are patrol, and find one of the biggest ships that we can target besides a battleship.

We head out in the Tiger, with the mission to capture the town of Seversk form the Russian troops that are defending it.

We continue are adventures into the dungeons, and manage to trigger All Saints Day.


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