We head out on are third patrol of the career, and come across a very lucky betty, along with some friendly battleships.

We head into the World of Monster Hunter, and take on are first few hunts

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We join Jasta 3 flying the DII lt and take to the air for the first mission of the new career.

We head into the Dungeon once again, and when we return a blacksmith has made the Forge ready to make weapons and armor for are adventures.

We head out over the frontlines for are next couple of missions, and the sky is filled with Albatrosses.

After slipping away form the convoys escorts, we continue are hunt off of the Japanese home Islands.

We head out on the First missions of the Blazing Steppe campaign, and are tasked with doing a Damage assessment after a strike by a flight of IL-2's

We take the Tiger tank out on a mission to capture a railroad station to allow a supply train to pass. this is one of the two full missions that come with Tank Crew at this time.

We head out for are second patrol, and come across a convoy.

We head out with the DR.1 and the Spad 13 to take are first look at Flying Circus.

We take the KV-1S out for a Spin, and go over some of the controls for operating the tanks in Tank Crew.

We take Tank Crew out for its first run around the block, in the Tiger tank.

Today we take a look at Deep Rock Galactic, a game about not being blown to bits well mining on an alien world as a Dwarf

After Winning a Night surface action ageist 4 Mutsuki class destroyers, we head back to Pearl Harbor, and get one last attack in on the way.

We head out over the front lines for are next mission, and run into an old squadron mate form an earlier career.

We dive into the Clone Wars in this mod for Empire at War

We head out for the next mission, this time getting jumped over the drop point for are cargo.

We encounter a Japanese Convoy, and get into a running fight with the escorts and some ships in the Convoy.

We head up for are next mission over the front lines, and it turns out to be a bad day to be an ace.

We dive into the Clone Wars in this mod for Empire at War

We take to the air as part of KGV 50, flying the JU 52, and get bounced my Mig 3's

We find a Sailing Junk, and pay the port of Gobo a Vist.

We dive into the Clone Wars in this mod for Empire at War

as we head out form midway on are way to the Japanese home islands, the IJN again takes cracks at us.

We head up for the First mission as part of No 19 Squadron, flying the Spad 7


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