As the destroyer pack continues to circle, time runs out for are U boat.

we continue the war for the Gothic sector, witch is now in the clutches of a warp storm, and we start to get requests for help form major Imperial forces in the sector.

After a small bit, we head up over the front lines for the next couple of missions.

We head out for the Prologue for Battle Fleet Gothic Armada 2, in order to take a look at what has changed between the games, and at the fall of Cadia.

A more in depth look at the Republic P47-D28 for IL2 Battle of Bodenplatte.

As we continue the fight for the Gothic Sector, a Massive warp storm rolls in, and the 12th Black Crusade kicks off.

A super quick overview of the new aircraft added in 3.007, plan on doing more in depth stuff on the new planes at a later date.

We head up for the next mission in the Blazing Steppe campaign, this time escorting some IL2's on a attack mission.

As the situation with the generator becomes ever more untenable, the dreadnought departs form Winterhome

as we continue are trek north around England on are way to the Med, we run into a small convoy, and a flotilla of RN destroyers.

We climb into the cockpit of an F/A-18c hornet as part of Task Force Challenger, with the Mission of defending the fleet from a Russian strike.

After fighting longer work days, longer commutes, and Vegas deciding to just not render, we head up to defend are airfield form German bombers.

We continue the war for the Gothic sector, have are first clash with the Eldar, and help the defense of the plant that is holding the Eye of Night

We continue are dive into the Space Hulk, and come across a nest of Gene-stealers to purge, along with warp portals.

As we attempt to make are way back to base, we run across the Effingcontroller of the RN Destroyer captains, and Spot a rare ME-262.

Also sorry about the odd sounding mic, windows decided to play with the auto settings of the computer.

We continue the Investigation to the Fate of the crew and passengers of the Obra Dinn, and find that the gun crews did not have the best of times fighting the beast.

we take out the T-34 with the mission to defend the town of Pravoe form the advancing German forces

We climb abroad the Obra Dinn after it has returned to port with not a soul aboard, with the task of finding out what happened abroad .

please hold for proper discription

we head into the courtyard in order to burn three hives of giant mosquitoes.

We head up for the next mission in the Burning Steppe campaign, once again providing CAP over Stalingrad.

We continue are march through the Space Hulk, plant the first of the Demo charges, and come across a new type of Genestealer.

We continue the war in the pacific as the COMPAC, and begin the assault on wake island.

As the generator continues to creep closer to destruction, people start to leave the city on mass.

We Continue are march through the Space Hulk, and find two more Battle Brothers to help us on are way.


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