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Behind the scenes, during our second recording session at Scalp Studios, Co. Clare, Éiriu ☘️🇮🇪☘️

Dedicated to John in Co Cork
who made the original request!

Thanks to Brendan for the mighty work,
and Sean on the Moon & Sun TOUR
who made it happen.


SOVEREIGNTY #FutureIreland

Summer Solstice CONVERGENCE6
Theme: Thriving into the Future with Love and Courage

Sunday 20 June 2021
A magical day of sacred celebration

Conscious day-long marriage ceremony
of the heart and with the land.

Bring and share food * Alcohol-free
Summer Solstice * Hill of Tara

Info on the event and the organisers (whom are not affiliated), see

Peneleapaí TG channel (get in touch via comments)

Video created by: "Joe" (level 14)
Discord DM GrimzoCrimsey#9505

Original footage by: Sequoia

Info on Convergence6 with Sovereignty Ireland at
[email protected]

Some time around 22 January
22 Fosadh Beag

I thought we could set individual uploads to private / unlisted visibility too, so I uploaded this for me bairn to check out; oer the Nollaig they took to sanding and varnishing the floors didn't they (Angels!!)
Biofa hard oil .. Good shtuf.
Anyway, I wanted to show the remaining cacaphony as well as the carpentrious developments since then..

Couldn't send the video by TELEGRAM app, so thought I'd do an "unlisted" vid on here (since I'm trying NOT to support yt!) ...

But sigh..

54 views later ..

Fairplé to ye is all I can say 😇

Shall fill in this part later.

Basically I'm afraid I'm just no good at speaking ... Half thinking inside, half talking outside.

You're a plain genius if you get what I'm tryna say.

Just happy out at the news from Dolores, via James. Me first time catchin the Corbett report too.

Innocently inspired and energised after a 2+ hour walk before Breakfast on Sunday, I was buzzing after a new community of Telarinxs evolved into the next level.

But they went from a very comfortable and familiar configuration - being named Anam Cara - to a wholly foreign and unfamiliar terrain.
Our Maestress had unveiled her chosen name for the new Mandala community:


Hmm. This is no longer Kansas, Toto...

Anyway I used the InShot app for editing
Thanks to its ease of use that process stretched open to 2+ days ..

Just want to not the soundtrack credits here tho:
Radiowave by Fullstack

Relaxing Ballad by Alexander Nakarada domain

Shakuhachi by GrillaBeats

Alive by Ikson

The Green Mountain (reel), performed by Michelle Mulcahy, Louise Mulcahy
TG4 2003 Gradam Ceoil

The cool Japanese things that came into my life and I gush over are these:

• Happy Money (2019 Ken Honda, author)
• Spark Joy (2016 Marie Kondo, author)
which is my favourite sequel from same author
• The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2011)
• Anam Cara (John O'Donohue 1997)

• Departures (2008 dir. Yōjirō Takita)
• An [Sweet Bean] (2016 dir. Naomi Kawase)
• Miso Hungry (2015 dir. Tim Delmastro)

If you want to connect and know anything more about Sacred Economy and the Solidarity Gift Economy, drop an email to the address (or sub to the TELEGRAM channel listed before that) near the end of the 8:08 minutes of this gloriously rambling vlog.

8 Jauary 2021

Do we leave or migrate our groups from WhatsApp ... ?
Or do we hold fast and weather what ever is going to happen, without changing course or direction?

You know, my video time ran out, but I would like to say that

Infact it does not matter much right now, if you wish to move, or change, or remain right where you are.

The fact is, the tides of change are washing over and pummelling on us wherever we stand. If we are attached to maintaining some sort of equilibrium, then moving from a known corrupt platform to a more neutral one may help. Then again, everything COULD go utterly trapezoid, and no-one have an iota of orientation that adds up to sanity.

I feel the most important factor is to be infact, authentically OPEN to whatever will come. If that upheaval is lesser, so we are spared. If tis overwhelming, the fact we have turned the possibilities over and around in our open discussions mean that we won't be hit as if totally unawares. We may even have a rough agreement on what course of action to take if it all goes belly-up.

But as I said in the vlog,
since I am taking the example of the Telar de los Sueños sacred economy movement, I can easily state that
this is a countercultural movement which has survived and indeed thrived since before social media, since before widespread public internet access, and it shall progress on, into our future with whatever degree of resilience we afford it in our concrete actions borne of living thought and feeling. Dead thinking brings superfluous deeds.

So I hope if nothing else,
to encourage you ~
consider voluntarily moving out of our zone of comfort, and into a conscious learning & growth zone .. thus perpetuating the rEvolution that is solidiarity gift economy for yet another half-century to come.... into the post-COVID era and well beyond.

DreamWeavers Movement - solidarity gift economy community
Telarinxs - Folks who are involved /part of the DreamWeaver movement (aka "movimiento Telar de Los Sueños") .. like meself

Image: pexels-riccardo-bresciani
Moon (a very awesome place, courtesy of Lukas Notes ... Moon Omens dot com

Disclaimer: this is a very general basic indication of the principle behind how the solidarity gifting economy movement operates.
It moves along using units of sacred geometry, cosmology, and numerology.

The Solidarity Gift Economy system as we know it today in the west is known to us as a grassroots movement originating in non-western cultures and societies.
If you wish to know more, please contact.

The intent of the Practise was never divorced from its full expression in soul, spirit, and earthly material physical need. These statements may be difficult to grasp as intended because not all the information is able to be shared publically on such a platform.

However it is available for any person who desires to know for honourable reasons.

Hence the movement as many traditional practises re-adopted in the west have a tendency to, has by the nature of such a graft, morphed into something perhaps far removed from its original intention. Having grown from urgent and humble beginnings, there can be no other truth than that participation in this community has the potential of an exponential amount of material gain; however there is no such thing as a guarantee.
Thatsaid, the movement benefits most those whom are mature in soul, and whom are genuinely prepared for a metamorphosis with their relationship to weatlh, wellbeing, and true abundance.
It is absolutely true when countless of DreamWeavers state that well before their Water phase and final.completion, if it all fell apart prematurely, they would in all earnestness have gained more than their initial Gift amount. You will see yourself, should you feel the call to enter. Do you feel the spark of maybe ? Do you feel the sacred resounding YES at this time in this place?

To say a little more about the mechanism however:

Moving usually in a lunar rhythm, one seeks to make their journey thru the 4 basic elements (fire, air/wind, earth, water) before Completion in the water element and becoming a Guardian (in the element of Ether).

Oer the course of its rEvolution, the movement has revealed also smaller Mandalas of Abundance (namely, the Fractals), whose focus was to bring a smaller Gift in (yielding a vastly lesser final return Gift), for purpose to manifest the basic amount in order to join a larger Loom (as described next).

The basic Gift one brings whether all at once, or depending on the agreements with your particular Loom of Abundance / Ahundance Mandala, in prearranged installments, is usually $/€/£ 1440. This is the task of one initiating one's journey. This is known as the Fire element. The task here is to concretise one's intentions and vision: write letters of Gifting to their Water (the person in the hub of their Loom, whom is in Water position; receiving the 1st layer.of their Return Gift), as well as share their Dreams with the other members in their Loom.

For many, this is the bulk.of what they concern themselves with. Believe it or not, the biggest step has been in the Spark.stage; when the spark of inspiration has ignited some intimate knowing deep within.
There is never any pressure to accept an invitation.

Know that invitations are only offered when there are Weavers in the Air/Wind element, and in that case, only TWO invitations are available.
When the two invitations are taken, those 2 new members then enter as new Weavers in the Fire element.

One can plainly see the similarities with the biological process of cell division (mitosis/meiosis). This is but one of the many ways the movement reflects the sacred geometric patterns of Nature, and which will occur repeatedly and organically as one progresses thru a journey of completing a Mandala of Abundance.

As I mentioned, in addition to the Looms of Abundance, there are smaller Fractal Mandalas.
These invite one to enter with amounts ranging from $/€/£ 10, to 33 to 180 to 222 to 444 ... and I'm confident many others which I don't know about (yet!).
Likewise, on the other end of the Gift amount, there are also Gifts ranging besides the 1440, also 1111 to 2222 ...

Every Loom may differ slightly from another, but there are many tools which are employed in their satisfactory progress; tools which if you left the movement today, would still enhance one's life in every way.

One may especially know and appreciate this when living with and working with others in conscious community.

I may return to add some more here. Welcome to reach out and contact me.

Go raibh míle maith agat for your attention and interest.

Credit: Please inform me if you know who created this video. It has been shared and reshared many times over within the movement but I never had a name associated with its creation.

Connecting the dots when it comes to manifesting conscious community ...

My involvement with the sacred economy movement of solidarity gifting communities has progressed and evolved, even as the state of COVID has raged over the months behind us.

I've shared regularly (or at least periodically/sporadically) my pitstops along the way.

yet another epiphany.

Pardonnez le pun!

I feel a bit of a numbskull taking 7+ mins to get it all out tho....

Nollaig na mBan shona duit
Feliz Dia de los Reyes
pure la giornata della Befana !

For those who need to be reminded

Never presume and don't take anything for granted at any time.

Just a spontaneous hallo and sharing today, 1pm on 1.1.2021

Aloha agus Beannacht


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Sharing some personal reflection and observation

Reflecting on what it means to be part of a paradigm changing movment, like the gift economy commmunity of Telar de los Sueños (DreamWeaving), but this applies to be honest to any choice one makes that goes aganst the grain.

I don't know if this video makes sense but I felt somehting need to be shared today.

Friday 9 Oct 2020


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