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This is an interesting look at 2 boys fresh from high school going into the army, hope you enjoy, like, comment and subscribe.
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We talk about what we think will happen in the beginning of Season-9 of MLP.
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Larry and Dave hide from the police and the gang leader is also on there trail.

Larry and Dave escape getting captured by the gang member and the Sheriff, Hope you enjoy it, like, comment and subscribe.

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Larry and Dave are out to sell what they have found, but they have to watch out for the Sheriff and gang members.

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News about what I'll be doing on the web.

Larry & Dave are still on the loose, but now they have a new problem, the local gang is looking for them.

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Larry & Dave are on the road, what will they find on the road, watch and find out.

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I created a new animation called "Larry & Dave", I do the voice of Larry and Dave, if you like Cheech & Chong you might like this animation.

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I'm back once again with another Timber Time today's show I talk about new animation and more copy right strikes from youtube.

Here is Ep-3 of Friendly Rivals I do the voices of Steve and Bob, hope you enjoy.

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Bob and Steve start there friendly rivalry, let me know what you think of my voice overs for Bob and Steve, like comment and subscribe.

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Here is a new animation called "Friendly Rivals", it's about 2 friends who renew there rivalry, I do the voices of Bob and Steve, I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

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On today's show I show you some photo's from our Thunder in the city, classic car show, also I talk about what happened to me at work this week.

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Here is an animated stand up comedy I did, warning contains foul language.

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I talk about why I have not been on line in awhile, a recent video someone made that went virial, a copy right I got on YouTube and why I think it was stupid, what I'll be doing more of on the net + more.

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In this episode I talk to Queen Skylark about the Animated show "Mananimal Planet"

Dave & Fred are in court, will Fred get convicted? watch and find out.

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The Team is hot on the trail of Lady She Devil, will they get to her before Mr. Bones men do, tell me what you think, like, comment and subscribe.

The Team is on the hunt for Lady She Devil, will they find her?

Here is the 3rd Episode of Super Hero Team, hope you are all enjoying my animations, comment, like and subscribe.

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Looks like Fred got into a little trouble and Dave had to bail him out, let me know what you think, like, comment and subscribe.

just a little animated talk show, I talk to myself (LOL) I also sing in this one, let me know what you think, like and subscribe.


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Mostly I'll be doing animation that I create on Plotagon.com I also do some of the voices for my animations, I may upload some live shows as well.