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msnbc host recommends drone striking american citizens that spead election fraud/stop the steal ideas and Qanon. Didnt we fight the nazis because they made a villain of a certain people. they rounded them up put them in prison and executed them.... hmmmm wow 2021 logic

My new song coming out February 19 on all platforms. Put in playlists and download on platforms to stream. Here's a link to the official audio for it on youtube. thank you follow the channel and watch my videos also

Subscribe or follow and watch the whole video please. Biden is now in office key notes from his speech ect.
Unite the country but follow with the capitol incident and now 75 million people willl be deemed domestic terrorist due to disagreeing with the way the election went and the directions the country is going. Biden is now getting so much praise for nothing its sickening to watch

There is no unity happening. We really need to look into how we can get there. The politicians the media is not spreading that message. They are making lists to ostracize trump supporters. People will not be oppressed and they are not good at combat which is coming



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