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Have you been hit by the Social Security Administration scam call yet? I've been hit like 15 times. So, this is how I handle them. . . What character should I be next time??


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Coming soon! YouTube refugee, checking in. I de-monitized my channel LONG ago -- not that I had much up in the first place. I tried to tiptoe around their policies but unfortunately, real life isn't all about rainbows and puppies. When I finally succumbed to the idea that YouTube was never going to let me freely state what was on my mind, I gave up. Until now.

Apocrypha means to reveal a hidden truth. Did you know that you're being lied to on a regular basis? It is our intention to become the voice of reason in a sea of desperate measures. When they publish a story, we intend to unpack it layer by layer -- on everything from spirituality to breaking news to food conglomerate manipulation to impending civilization collapse. You can see the trajectory or you wouldn't be reading this right now. We all know that something will happen at some point -- the trick is to be prepared (with info as much as you are with survival skills and stocked up goods).

This channel intends to discuss reality. There are no safe spaces in reality. Sometimes, shit happens. When it does, it's best to be PREPARED for that possibility. In order to prepare for these possibilities, one has to factor in all the variables. That sometimes means discussing intimidating, scary or downright terrifying subjects -- like war, active shooters, home invasion, house fires, tornadoes, economic collapse and civil unrest (among a million more). As already stated, NONE of that is allowed on YouTube. I'm told it's allowed here -- we shall see. For the record, I do not have a filter and while I will try to be as gentle as possible in my delivery, I am fresh out of sugar to coat it with. We don't have time for that -- and neither do you.

ETA on transfer and upload: September 30th, the fun begins.