EXCERPT: As quantum living has shown us, everything is energy, and that energy is Love--the creative power manifested by Source/Creator/God. Love is the purpose of all action. Destruction, suffering, pain and darkness are simply states of love precipitating a new creation. Human attachments and judgments make up the illusion of pain and destruction when we are unwilling or unable to understand the bigger picture of love at work on a greater more glorious creation.

EXCERPT: This is where we need to read the headline: The Creator Wants You To Be A Creator Too. In fact, when we create something good in the world--even if only imaginary--The Creator is right there with us, urging us on, and amplifying our inspiration. The psy-op got us believing that anything we personally create is morally questionable, because, you know, we're rotten to the core and unworthy of sovereignty. Of course, this is opposite the truth.

EXCERPT: If we just would take a moment every time these existential forebodings rear their ugly heads, to ask for Source/Creator/God, we neutralize the debilitating and deleterious effects of that ideation, allowing for the free flow of pure divine light and infinite being to wash through us.

EXCERPT: I don't need music to dance. I don't need a concert-level sound system to dance. I don't even need any reason to dance, because dancing is reason in and of itself. After all, Life is a dance, really. We dance among our thoughts, we dance around in rhythms with our cars, our friends, our family, our values, schedules, judgments and pets. And all around us things are dancing: air molecules, trees, dust, noise, and smells. Everything is in motion--everything dances.

EXCERPT: The good news is that benevolent universal interests have waded into the master-slave morass and have quietly and gently removed the "unrepairable" controllers, leaving us former slaves to reconnect with our power, reestablish our portal to our Creator, and grant ourselves permission to be who and what we truly are--that infinite being of cosmic love and compassion that heals and restores all things wrecked by the inverted matrix of control.

EXCERPT: We are in the time of the restoration of earth, the restoration of universal harmony, and the restoration of humanity. We are healing the trauma of darkness perpetrated on Earth and Humanity, and re-establishing harmonious connections with the multiverse and its myriad inhabitants.

EXCERPT: What is it within ourselves that disconnects us from our family, our community, our nation, our world--the earth itself? That disconnected thing within us is what allows all manner of behaviors and outcomes betraying our basic natures. This betrayal is where we lose our faith, where we begin to fear life, harbor suspicions of our fellow humans, and maintain that tried and truly cynical "dog-eat-dog" world view.

EXCERPT: Dogs' enthusiasm for their lives is infectious, too, and I think that's why humans love them so much. The dog's simple responses and unbridled focus seems to somehow bring back those ancient human days when we were simple and wild.

EXCERPT: Because we were created by the Creator/Source/God, all choices, goals, rewards and scenarios were built in to that creation. Our very being is our "destiny"--the inevitable unfolding of a beautifully created and designed expression of the Creator/Source/God. But when we choose to "experiment" with going against this "God Brand", we begin seeing our "destiny" as our "fate"--the inescapable mortal result of denying who we were created to be.

EXCERPT: As I mulled that over it occurred to me that there's a disconnect in the physical world between one's preferences and what we see in front of us. Rather than noticing what is not matching our preferences, why don't we notice what is. The strength of this option is based on quantum physics where something changes when it is viewed. The more attention given to something, the more it changes.

EXCERPT: I think those truly connected to Earth automatically speak from the heart, and that is not always what other people not so connected want to hear. That said, I've also been shown that when people connect to Earth as a community, peace reigns, creativity blossoms, physical maladies fade away, and life becomes about experiencing the joy of infinite possibility.

EXCERPT: I believe there is a true intelligence and love emanating from Earth, and we all can literally plug in to that love and intelligence by simply taking off our foot coverings, and making contact.

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EXCERPT: I keep coming back to this: we are all creating what happens to us. The trap in this, however, is that we have been convinced by Life that we have limited or no effect on what we experience. We are afraid of what we might not know. And this is exactly what "experts" rely on to create fear in potential clients, so these new clients will run to them to resolve their "unknown" crises.

EXCERPT: After consciously and specifically feeling gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis, I've concluded that this emotional state must be the most basic, natural state of the human experience. The body relaxes, the breath gets deeper, there is a permeating sensation of relief and fulfillment.

EXCERPT: I propose that we get away from making the distinction of "living" or "dead", because it is a limited view that is biased against transformations of forms. My younger brother "died" recently from cancer, but did he? He is still considered "my brother" regardless of his form. I knew him as an infant, a mature man, cremated remains, and now he is still my brother in the etheric realms--no less real than his physical incarnation.

EXCERPT: Impeccability means being impeccable with your awareness, so that you at every moment are aware of what you are aware of. It's easy to lapse into an illusion of spectator, or victim, and that is the societal norm--or even requirement in some circles.


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