Let us praise people for their efforts and accomplishments, rather than brand them for their disabilities

Two topics unrelated: Prince Harry leaving the Royal Family, and MeToo sabotaging the Harvey Weinstein trial.

Respect your supporters

a re-edit of "Crimes of Carelessness", a fire prevention PSA (public commons)

A re-edit of an old smoking public commons PSA.

Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you...

Thoughts on capitalism, socialism, feminism, antinalism, and societal systems

Sometimes it is what it is and not what you want that is to be.


What is the Order of Nine Angles?

Is YouTube on the precipice of absolute failure?

We cannot allow Eric Shartwell...uh, Swallowwell...uh, Eric Swalwell to implement his NUCLEAR OPTION!

Start joining these alternative networks and get in while the gravy is hot.
There are places you can have free speech.

The title says it all, but to summarize the point of the video: The terms "Fagging" and "Moral Fagging" have nothing to do with sexuality.

"Suddenly" Free Speech is not so Free!

Poor poor Pyrrho!

"Collusion's not a crime." ~Pyrrho314

Some YouTube recommendations are thought provoking, and my latest recommendation takes us into the topic of entymology and sexual dimorphism.
; - )

A mirror of Hythloday71's argument against "Anti-Social Justice Tea Room Drama Queens" (of which I am included).

The original response vid was pulled by Google, but I may make another in the future.

I am not so sure the prosecution is making it's case, but this defendant is a real piece of work.

Should we hold an 85 year old man responsible for every controversial rant he makes, when he is hired to attract viewers who love controversy?

Oh, the horror...the horror...


A few thoughts on the passing of Hythloday71

Be stronger than love.

Yes, people with PTSD are more likely to lie than people without that affliction.
No, it is not appropriate to defame juveniles for wearing red hats.

No, not all "isms" are based on ethics.


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