This guy wants to dictate who and what we should watch on the internet, but he wants you to know that he is NOT Mr. Pro-Censorship.

Have you been seduced by Stefan Molynieux dark magic?

Why should we block and ban people?

An old upload for Pyrrho's sitcom.

Assume Nothing.

Medivac Helicopter sighting.

Well, it was nice while it lasted...for a little while.

Words mean things.

Keep your activism in your pants, thank you.


Why should Carlos get a free pass?

Public commons remix. Not eligible for copyright.

What, you mad, bruh?

Public Domain Nacho commercial.

remix of public domain movie.
Not eligible for copyright.

AoC is an idiot.

Public Commons remix. Not eligible for copyright.

Rules for me, but not for thee...

I am not sure that I remember what was on this one, so I loaded it up to check it out.

Remix of Snack Mom

Remix combining two nostalgic clips.

Subject 18 discusses his dilemma

I think Gary should use something like this to start his videos.


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