Let it happen.

Jumbled thoughts on political convenience, cultural relevancy, and social media corporate regulation

Thoughts on Climate Change propaganda and crazy people on the internet

I got MY copy!

Silly thoughts about the Kavanaugh hearings

Why is "The Man" trying to keep Infinityandzero down?!

Thai cuisine is VERY important to Pyrrho314, and that is why Pyrrho314 INSISTS we have open borders.

Aside from the MSM, I am not seeing much resistance.

Yeah, we see what you are doing...even if you remain blissfully unaware.

How about putting some meat on that empty plate of an argument?

Really important stuff! ; - )

Hahaha! : - D

SJWs do not want a conversation, they want to tell you what to do...which is to support the causes they will not support.

More free speech discussion

Mistakes are inexcusable.

They want to take your power

Consumers have more choice than ever before, so, there is no valid argument for supporting socially and emotionally retarded ingrates.

This is earlier videos edited and placed together as a prototype for a template for future video formats.
I am looking for things I can add to the production and processing.
I will probably be adding texts and animations in future templates.

basic remix of a segment from "Friend at a Distance".

SJWs are addicted to horror

More Twitter insanity

Let's keep an eye out for Jeremy's attacker.

Check out The Quartering's latest vid.


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