A "static universe" does not exist.

Just a clarification for the haters. ; - )

Do your values shape your conclusions?

It's all about the validation, comrade

It might be you.

How much is real?

Todd Browning's Dracula (1931) starring Bela Lugosi.
Public Domain video

Words have multiple meanings

Calm down and examine the data

Apparently people can copyright Public Domain videos after they have been in the Public Domain for over a decade.

Same old song and dance...

RIP , Hobo with a Shotgun

At what point do the true believers realize they have been had?
Yeah, Pyrrho314, you are THAT guy.

What can I say?

The current zeitgeist

An excerpt from the new Truther Talk video that I found interesting.
Truther Talk makes two very strong points here, and I wonder how many people will get the message.

Trump's Racist Tweets:

Confused talk show host struggles to make sense.

Public Domain Ad. Not eligible for copyright.

Thoughts on a few obscure topics, and my opinion of Carey Christie's interrogation technique.

Things are looking bad for Monica Rial (Bulma).

Small thoughts on big topics

Public Domain Horror Movie. Not eligible for copyright.

Public Domain Drive-In Theatre Video Ad. Not eligible for copyright.

Public Domain Horror Movie. Not Eligible for copyright.

A Public Domain Instructional Video. Not eligible for copyright.


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