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Internet stalker prowls the neighborhood...and gives it fleas.

Internet stalker posts fiction

You don't need...things....

Anthony Fauci puts the FUN back in Gain of FUNction

Another variety compilation of older videos

Your Lord and Savior lends his voice talents to flesh out the sexy voice of the beautiful Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos fame.
Original "Your Lord and Savior" video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX2H5HvtgPk&t=287s

With all of the public emphasis on perceived systemic racism, I felt obligated to make a video dedicated to the stunning and brave protestors in these unprecedented times.

Yet another compilation video....

Another variety compilation piece featuring SJW hi-jinx and unsolicited commentary...

The third variety collection including SJW nonsense and more...

YouTube answered my appeal...kind of

This is another compilation experiment. There are no new clips in the collection.

A test compilation as a model for future videos.
There is no new material in the compilation.

There exists no evidence to suggest that government lockdowns had any positive effect against the virus.

Methodology vs Ideology, a typical SJW tactic is to avoid answering a question honestly by intentionally answering questions regarding methodology with ideological responses.

Question: "Are you in favor of communist tactics?"
SJW Answer: "No, I am in favor of saving lives."

Here the SJW answer avoids the question regarding methodology by giving a response concerning ideology.

The question is clearly asking whether the SJW is in favor of tactics (methodology), NOT, reasons (ideology).

Kristi Winters repeatedly used the same tactic when addressing Sargon of Akkad's questions regarding feminism.

Kristi had intentionally "corrected" Sargon, saying several times that "Feminism is an ideology, not a methodology", only to reverse the sentence ("Feminism is a methodology, not an ideology"), invalidating her point.

Sorry, I have seen this too many times before to be fooled by such dishonest tactics, and SJWs are not bright enough to pull it off.

Ray climbing up from Hell

Do not tell us what we have to accept.

You do not get to tell me what I have to accept.

Supposedly Homophobic Trump:

It is an incredibly happy place, it really is!

This is an old file of some of my climbing roses.

Your Lord and Savior trying to escape Hell

Some one crapped out on Okay Cupid

Ray as the Spirit of Vengeance


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