Elon Musk is a schmuck just another actor trying to kill you. Wake up folks and stop taking the bait.
New York Nadia 4.5.2022

Great info. If you want to learn how to work out this is a good interview too learn how to workout. Listen how the Tampa Bay Buc workouted in their championship run.
Jay Vincent 6.30.2021
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Aryan courage was in this man for sure.
Audie Murphy American Legend
Sign the Audie Murphy Presidetial Medal of Freedm Petition at Just click the medal icon.

Audie appears on the claasic TV series "What's My Line" 3 July, 1955 in advance of the release of "To Hell and Back"

Proverbs 24:16
“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.”

Daily stoic

Stop being a experimental guinea pig folk's
9 News Australia 7.19.2022
A new personalized treatment is seeing a number of cancer patients beat the disease with just one tablet a day thanks to a precise tool being used at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.

Modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. If your a left wing liberal living in California this is a must too watch. It might wake you up but then again it might not.
Valuetainment 8.1.2022
In today's video, Patrick Bet-David delivers a message to Californians.

This white woman has it figured out that it is all a political circus act. Wake up folks repent and turn back too God that is your only way out not voting.

New York Nadia 8.12.2022

Another good and informative video on how to open a pineapple without a knife.
Andrea Jean Cleaning 6.24.2022
You will love this no-knife pineapple hack! Please share with a friend :-)

These deceived people who took the shots are dying off now. The small town SE Qld, 1000 people – 48 funerals this year – all died within days and weeks from the jab

This is pure genius. And it shows the Aryan woman's mind at work for good.
Andrea Jean Cleaning 7.24.2022
My guess is you have been using this everyday kitchen item wrong your whole life. I know that I was! Be sure to share this life hack with your friends and family so that they never open a can wrong again :-) Plus... it's super satisfying too! It's funny how we keep doing the most common things wrong all our lives! Let's fix that today.

Now the question is why didnt the schmucks close up the border wall 2 years ago ?
KGUN9 8.12.2022
Using shipping containers to close 1000 foot gap near Yuma

This man is out of France. And the French have been know to be brutal.

A must watch. This young Aryan woman exposes feminism for what it is.

Now this white man is one strong man that you have never even heard of and mind of a steel trap that nothing bothered him. You gotta see this and learn something. A strong will mind is what is needed.

Josh Bryant

The Icon of Fitness. A Good message
Matthew 6:34
“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

Have people been this gullible this long ?

Hidden in plain sight folks.

dillonchase2.0 8.11.2022 Tiktok

World record squat in 1985 of 1014

Josef Eriksson

Fred Hatfield was a great powerlifter and a great trainer as well and was a great mind in the field of physical training for athletes and all walks of life.
Skeebo Knight
Co-Founder and President of The International Sports Sciences Association, an organization specializing in certifying personal fitness trainers worldwide, and of SportStrength Co., manufacturers of highest quality gym and fitness equipment, Dr. Hatfield has written over 60 books (including several best-sellers) and hundreds of articles in the general areas of sports training, fitness, bodybuilding and performance nutrition. Dr. Hatfield (a.k.a. Dr. Squat), won the world championships three times in the sport of powerlifting, and at age 45 performed a competitive squat with 1014 pound at a body weight of 255 pounds (more weight than anyone in history had ever lifted in competition). He is a training consultant to professional sports teams, sports governing bodies, and world-class and professional athletes.

Fred Hatfield was a great a powerlifter and trainer listen and learn.
Power Athlete 9.26.2021
Taken from Talk To Me Johnnie - On The Long Road with Dr. Fred Hatfield //

It seems that Europe has the same problems as the USA. Here are some useless idiots sitting in the middle of the road in Rome protesting the Italians had the right idea though on this situation.
Sky News Australia 6.19.2022
Furious motorists were forced to physically move multiple Extinction Rebellion activists from a busy highway in Rome after they sat in protest causing a major build up of traffic.

This was a good segment and it is true too life for sure
CF40 5.4.2013
Episode #46 "Watching Too Much Television"

Dont have to tell you what race is mostly in this and they never listen to orders and they wonder why they get shot but its racial oppression though

Detroit Urban Survival Training


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