In this wide ranging, candid conversation, Corrina and I go into a lot of different areas of our experience as trans individuals, too many to list here.
We do have much more to cover so this will be the first of a series where we'll go into more challenging and contentious areas.
Hopefully you will find this conversation as interesting as I did.

Listed below is a little of what we discussed.
Free speech
Mimicking femininity
MtF misogyny
Is there such a thing as a separate gender identity, distinct from biology
Trans identity as a coping strategy
Hormone wash theory
Escaping masculinity
Acquiring power, strength without violence
Being bullied as small boy
Transition as a solution to fear and discomfort of being male
The horror of puberty
Feeling controlled by testosterone
The incongruity of keeping your genitals post transition
Not having an opportunity to grow into being male
Sadness post transition
Feeling incomplete, feeling false
Owning what we are as transsexuals. Finding liberation and stability
The instability of delusion
Does FFS make you happier
Passing as a defence
Deviating from nature, feeling conflicted, contriving appearance
Indifference toward transition
Is it still necessary to continue to " do " femininity. Does it still mean anything, does it have a purpose
Middle age transitioners, leaping out of the closet... Caitlyn Jenner
Being with yourself
Sissy hypno porn
Sexual dimorphism
Surgical self harm
" woman face'
Is there a metaphysical aspect to the trans identity. And more.......

In this video I continue to talk about detransition, self acceptance and acknowledging masculinity.
By this I don't mean simply uttering the words " I am male" . I mean a deep acceptance of the masculine qualities I suppressed and ignored for so long.

Wholeness and stability cannot emerge without complete self acceptance.

In this and the next couple of videos I will be talking about detransition.
Is this even possible. What does it mean to me.

I also talk about the following.
Resting in the truth of what I am.
The effortlessness of simply being.
The unavoidable reality of facing myself

In this video I continue to explore what detransition means to me and if it is possible or necessary.
I also talk about the following.
Healing trauma
Letting go of self delusion
Inner fragmentation
Self acceptance

In this video I share my thoughts on the sadness I see in older trans people.
I also talk about the following.
My own sense of feeling that I inhabit a space between loss and longing.
Being male but not a man.
Within performance, losing a connection to truth.
Inhabiting a space between masculine and feminine.
The solace of holding on to unresolved longing.
The imbalance with the compromise of transition.
Being free and uncontrived.

In this video I share my thoughts on the following,
Detransition, removing my implants.
The shift from ego to selfhood
Feelings of being confined by physical transformation
Perhaps male transitioners mistake the feeling of larping as women, for the freedom of self.
Is surgical transformation a trap, a mistake

In this video I share some more personal history.

In this video I share some personal history

In this video I talk about transition and connecting with truth and reality.

living in a false reality
Managing feelings of desire
Moving past the trap of investing in illusion
Stability and truth
Collusion of denial

In this video I share some words of support, talk about vulnerability and give thanks for the wise women.

In this video I answer a couple of questions around whether I am male or female in my dreams and whether I have felt any regret about surgery.

In this video I share some thoughts on the consequences of surgery. Also I talk about how important it is to ask deep question about why we feel a need to transition.

In this video I share some thoughts on the male fascination with femininity, the cruelty of transition and finding the gift within the pain.

In this video I answer some personal questions and share my views on the changes in treatment since i transitioned, dysphoria, surgery, therapy, regret, sex, and some bigger questions.

For those interested as to why I hold the view that culture is engineered and manipulated to serve agendas that we are not privy to, here are a couple of links to credible well researched websites that were a starting point for me.
Incredibly detailed and well researched information, backed up with historical records and audio visual media .
Begin with the roamcasts. This very wise man has a different perspective, one that I agree with. That the agendas are the surface to a deeper conflict, one that is spiritual in nature.
Interesting interview on transhumanism and the link with transgenderism

In this video I share a question I've been asking myself. Is the idea of transition and trans identity causing a crisis in those young people affected by " gender dysphoria ".

In this video I share some thoughts on transition, what you gain and what you lose.

In this video I share some thoughts on how our need to be seen is really our need for intimacy and how that deep need can manifest in trans identity.

Another doorway opens onto deeper understanding. I'm discovering that knowing, is a many layered process, as is feeling. With each layer comes greater freedom and self acceptance.

In this video I talk about toxic narratives, feeling, and seeking the healing presence of femininity.
Also I share some thoughts on how in my view many trans people seem to be acquiring characteristics as way of transcending feelings of not being enough as they are.
Below is a great video by Psychologist, Sasha Ayad where she explains this idea in clear and uncomplicated language .

In this video I share my thoughts on attachment to the story of our life. Does this define us or restrict us.

In this video I share some thoughts on ageing, healing and moving past the exploration of desire and form that is transition and toward a less ego centric sense of identity .

In this video I share some thoughts on allowing the past to be where it is, and allowing the present moment to fill with possibilities.
Sitting in nature is so healing. There, it is easy to step outside myself and place feelings in a healthier context.

In this video I share my thoughts on how living in nature changed my view of transition.
Also I expand on some ideas that I shared in yesterdays video.

This video is a continuation of what I spoke about in the last two. Navigating the contradiction and conflict of feelings and finding a way of Being transsexual, without being contrived.


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My name is Maya, after transitioning a long time ago and spending ten years revelling in that experience, I have spent the last ten years on a revealing journey back to the truth of what and who I am.
Now, in my middle years, growing past the confines of transition and surgery, I find a deepening, more honest connection with life.
Here on this channel I do my best to share what insights I have gained on that journey out of illusion and back to reality.