Sandy Hook Dad, David Wheeler Plays Grieving Father and FBI Sniper.
Hollywood actor DAVID WHEELER played 2 roles in the Sandy Hook HOAX.
Wheeler role #1 was FAKE FBI Sniper.
Wheeler role #2 was Grieving Father of (murdered) Benjamin


It’s not what you think!

I dont have the title of the video...but from what I gather..it is the GREAT DECEPTION of how the world works LEGALLY.

This will be familiar if you have researched your Straw Man and what your birth certificate really means. We are born into CORPORATE SLAVERY..and most people dont know this. You should research this before watching this video. He's giving you major clues on what is really happening. Remove the "ALL POWER OF ATTORNEY"

Blow your Mind!!

Separate from ANTIFA...were these military operatives?

With hundreds of Trump rallies over 5 years...while no violence occurring at any of them...I want everyone to think about the fact that this is the guy they say led a coup attempt — for Donald Trump — on Capitol Hill...someone who NEVER SHOWED UP TO ANY TRUMP RALLY before. This guys shows up as a Trump supporter claiming to be a shaman. NEWS FLASH..this guy was at BLM and ANTIFA riots all last summer and there are photos of him all over Twitter. News is calling him a Q shaman..meanwhile he has never existed at any Trump rally before...Never showed up to any Q thing....AND conservatives and Q people have no Shamanism in their political agenda. This guy just magically shows up on Jan 6 and gets inside while there is plenty of video of certain DC police letting them in? Did you also notice the tattoo on his chest? Guest what that is folks.! Yup...Triangle inside a Triangle.

BLM journalist, Jonn Sullivan, breaking a window...but its ok because no one caught him on camera

PBS is doing major damage control...But we know they hire these people for a reason. To spread lies and hate and fear.
Mission accomplished..you have half the country believing falsities about the ONE PRESIDENT who tried to fix shit and stop wars.

Good Job PBS.

Lt General Thomas McInerney lays it all out

They want him out before Jan 20. Why?
This is why they are catching everyone in the storming of the Capitol video within 48 hours!!!
Well folks..this maybe the smooth transition we are looking for.

And here we go again. LIVE PROOF on TV that NOTHING is really happening

Notice what she says makes no sense.We've seen this before with programmed people. They are setup as controlled opposition agents and infiltrators. They are expendable for the purpose of agendas used to change policy.

Using the guise of patriotism and Trump supported...she says NOTHING that purported any MAGA, patriot or Trump supporting. Being from the Air Force..she should've known better just like all the legitimate patriots not to enter the capitol. As far as Im concerned she was an agent by DS or ANTIFA that was sent in to give patriot legitimacy to the fake staged coup. The media uses this.

This is the video where a NON OFFICER shoots her thru a door. There was no reason for the shot.
This was when they had Congress in Recess. Ashli has a rant in her car that makes no sense the way down to DC. It makes no sense what she is saying.
When Congress comes back after hearing firing a few shots suddenly a lot of certifications happen. What was said to these politicians during that time that made them change their mind? Were they told to change their certifications or else? Were they threatened while the DS setup ANTIFA to surge the Capitol with the DC Police help? THINK.

Antifa wearing Knee Pads and coordinated a push into the building while CNN reported (Coordinated) at same time.

The moment we realized that this is a staged psyop.

THE DC POLICE HELPED ANTIFA INSIDE THE CAPITAL and then stood around helping them their coup!
Wake up people. You are being played.

Here is the proof that CORRUPT DC police lead ANTIFA into the building...NO TRUMP SUPPORTERS were inside.

RV was the messenger to program for coming events.
This was Dew or Missile!!!

Good luck to you out there with getting the real thing. Guarantee these elites did NOT GET IT!

Why does this vaccine need all kinds of PR stunts, celebrities and politicians saying they got the shot AND never actually show you getting a syringe filled with without a fake prop film needle retracting?

What does it mean, legally, when a candidate doesn’t concede.
Lets find out... shall we?

Talking about states and what they are doing with their budgets - Think WaterMarks!

1994 Crime and Punishment Bill paved the way for mass incarceration FOR PROFIT!
James Woods posted this and Twitter shadow banned it. Fortunately, I grabbed it first!

Censored after Q posted on OCT 20 2020


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