Sometimes they take sound away, in which you could mark public sound & music from public domain by use of apps. What I do. Get sound or music back.

Eternal Lives Matter
Avoid HELL One Must REPENT & Live thankful to ABBA our Father.

The Recent VAX and all other VAXES from birth are damagingANDkilling ourCHILDREN and THEY all have just gotten WICKEDER please STOP ALL VAXES.
ex. Newborn VITAMIN K has aluminum in it and the nurses won't know if you ask.

There are many who don't know they are HITMEN4pharma andOTHERagenciezzz. Workerzzz wake and walkOUT fromIT.

What do you think it is. It's coming in a downward direction to bottom left of my camera. Looks like a beam of light fom above panning my roof. No screen but lines look like frequencie bouncing off camera have to zoom in to see that part.

I noticed having 5G on in home made me sick. I unplugged router of my wifi.
Got better instantly, effected my respiration, brain fog & nervous system also
made me lethargic also feeling my circulation change. Unplug WIFI or remove
5G from provider account will save your family per thisATTACK in homes.
If they crank up these 5G towers I'm afraid of what it could do on mass scale.


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