Part 1 Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Destroy the family and you destroy a community.
Destroy a community and you destroy a Nation.

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President Donald J Trump will Declassify ObamaGate

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The Bank for International Settlements gets almost as much press coverage as the Bilderberg meetings, yet it sits above both the IMF and The World Bank in the hierarchy of Global Governance. Its been shrouded in almost as much secrecy as the Bilderberg Protocols and operates above the law of any country.


Sheldon Adelson dead at 87.

He was said to be the heir to the Mafia Kingpin, Meyer Lansky who was connected to Jack Rubenstein and was instrumental in the JFK Assassination.

A New Era of Fraud, Lies and Totalitarianism.
Welcome to the Swamp and the One Party State.
One Party World Order.


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Brutal testimony - watch to the end

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4 clips recently buried or censored by social media tech giants including YouTube that show us that Attorney, Lin Wood has something serious to tell us especially in regards to the Justice John Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein Connection.


An in-depth interview with former investment analyst, Catherine Austin Fitts.

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A powerful message to the Vide-President, Mike Pence from Neon Revolt

There's a pattern we can all see now and it ain't looking too good. His words, mannerisms and body language point in a direction that doesn't seem to sync with the deplorables.
Is he a just another Woodrow Wilson or a Julius Caesar?

Will this VP of the United States be remembered as the one who helped the True President who helped deliver us from the dominant fraudulent Evil? -
Or, is he just part of the problem ready to stab us in the back? Is this is the Dead End facing us? The Rubicon? The Point of No Return?

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Time will tell if Pence is loyal to the American People or his loyalty resides with the DeepState Globalist Elites. All indicators so far point to the latter:




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Tiffany Dover, the nurse who took the vaccine and passed out shortly after being injected is missing.
In the rehearsed sequel (to her un-rehearsed first video) - she, or perhaps even her lookalike tries to go to extreme lengths to convince us that she often faints and passes out anyway which raises more questions like why would they select a nurse with a medical issue to begin with?

Snce her last appearance, she is nowhere to be found - a bit like Brandy Vaughan, Ghislane Maxwell or the Skripals etc... .
Tiffany Dover hasn't posted anything on her social media since.

Too many Coincidences, irregularities, inconsistencies and the usual anomalies we see time and again...

Tiffany Dover did not kill herself!...

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Ron Swanson and Shaun Attwood discuss Ian Watkins of The Lost Prophets who's now in jail. But how big is this sick problem?

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Here is another buried YouTube video of the late Brandy Vaughan where she warns us of the vaccine dangers five years before her passing.


Here is a recently scrubbed article from Forbes on the WHO.


Join the dots....

SGT Report

Dave Cullen's excellent video...


Buried by YouTube...

The Great Reset...

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1984 Classic By George Orwell
This book was compulsory reading in high schools and now may as well be in the non-fiction section.

This video has already been buried by YouTube even though its already been widely reported by many other outlets including The Metro - and the pathetic spin they've decided to give us is that 'she's prone to fainting' which begs the obvious question why give her the vaccine in the first place only to parade her on the national TV media networks falling over?

Surely any sensible pre-medical check would have alerted alarm bells ringing before administration of the covid vaccine???


Explosive Election Stats w/ Peter Navarro

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RIP Brandy Vaughan

Watch Merck whisleblower Brandy Vaughan describe in her own words in detail how she received veiled threats in her own home just before she was found dead. The timing and events are beyond suspicious.


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The Heritage Foundation https://youtu.be/mK0fcsU8P50

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Soros is aiding and abetting illegal activities and outright corruption

New York: A black patriot speaks out defending the police and against BLM hypocrisy

This video of Rudy Giuliani and Russell Ramsland was buried deep by YouTube's algorithm, but it's vital to get this out.

Don't be surprised if Dominion and YouTube share the same algorithm?!?


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