Our wise government decided to shut down the economy, leaving thousands of people unemployed. But it only did so to save us from the pandemic.

"China ate your lunch, Joe"
#biden #trump #debate #curbyourenthusiasm

What do you get when you combine #Streetbeefs with #WallStreetBets? A boxing match with instant dividends! To the moon! #YOLO #satansbackyard

Watch Streetbeefs, my favorite YouTube channel for combat sports: https://www.youtube.com/user/yungxcraven

Follow WallStreetBets on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/

This is a Salsa song about that social media friend who polices everyone's politically incorrect opinions and threatens to cancel you over improper thoughts. (In Spanish with English subtitles).
#canceled #banned #politicallyincorrect #pc #salsa

After nine months of quarantine... I HAD A ZOMBIE CHILD on Christmas day with my imaginary friend!!!!!

This is a parody of Samhain's November's Fire. Glenn Danzig would be so proud of us if he ever saw this.

#samhain #babyjesus #zombie #zombiejesus #novembercomingfire #GlennDanzig #quarantine #undeadfred #undeadfredhuntingtarget #hunting

The Quarantine does interpretive dance!! In this video, we present a choreography that is as sensual, energetic and full of good vibes as the year 2020.


Thanks to Javier for the soundtrack and to Julia for letting me stay at her dance studio in Madrid. @studionovussoul

#comedy #parody #satire #fitness #fitnessgirl

We let the vagina show us the way to feminist nirvana and ended up in Spain with Julia (of Venezuelan punk band Apatía No) and Alex, some dude from Germany.

Quarantine Thanksgiving Special!!!! Join us to see how we're celebrating the SAFEST Thanksgiving EVER!

Starring: a chicken in the role of a turkey.

This is a tribute to the #SniperOfGod herself, Dr. Stella Immanuel - the slayer of the #SerpentPenis, the eradicator of #DemonSemen and #AlienDNA, the deliverer of #SpiritualWarfare and healer of #COVID19

Here's a little ditty about fraud - something that never, ever happens in the U.S.

Don't you just love it when the government forces you to wear a mask and take an unproven vaccine to "keep you safe"?

Karen is having a total meltdown over people who refuse to wear masks. She will find you and she will yell at you.

Here's a ska song about how you're all betraying the princess of environmental justice by littering the environment with your masks and gloves. #howdareyou #pickitup #pollution

These social distancing rules are getting crazier by the minute!
Is this a comedy skit or a documentary???? YOU DECIDE!!!


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This is the humble abode of videos making fun of life in the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything is a damn joke to me.