Take me with a grain of salt, for those who are interested in these subjects. [email protected]
Conspiracy Theories, Psyops, and Mocking Birds: https://youtu.be/_tZZ4wYxsSU

Conscious communities are already trying to block 5G towers and this will continue. Just a quick update since my last video on it. And I'll talk more about Shungite in the future.
5G Mushrooms & the Body Electric: https://youtu.be/UIhwJW-d9X8

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Just doing a chat with some followup on the Amazon Beast and ytPTSD.
"Robots in the Red Zone, Human Friendly Revolution": https://youtu.be/JvaPrVXO6e4
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Surely there must be a silver lining in this cloud?!!!
Just an overview of my current thoughts on the 5G rollout. I think there will be unintended consequences and epigenetic damage.

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Diagnosis Diamond. Just some of my thoughts on this unraveling mind control conspiracy.


**Wandering bishops

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Psyops within psyops. Tweet tweet. BOOM BOOM. A chat pondering why conspiracy psyops are effective, and some different ways to approach conspiracies in general.

I explain my frustration in this (temporary) video. My issue is with the subscription feed. (keep on trollin, er, I mean truckin lol)

Here is his video, I don't agree with everything he says, but the gist is there:

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Just a quickie about links to research and resources that I have compiled in recent times. I will add to these links below as I find more:

Electromagnetic Fields and Health
Paul Heroux PhD US Supreme Court:
Health Risks of 5G Technology: Dr. Devra Davis:
Shungite, C60, Buckyballs, Ormus, and Superconnectivity:
The Real Dangers of Electronic Devices and EMFs - Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Dr. Marshall on the biofield, etc
World Health Organization Scientist "Cell Phone/Wi-Fi Radiation is A Carcinogen":
Mobile Phone Radiation Dangers: Dr Devra Davis Fox Interview

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Did you need me to put a positive SPIN on this?...
Robots in the Red Zone, $human friendly revolution$: https://youtu.be/JvaPrVXO6e4

Just farting off, I should be doing chores instead.

Just a passionate little rant for those who are interested. I did my best to get the facts straight...
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Great overview by Dr. Devra, no BS just straight up facts and perspective from a pro!
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Just thinking out loud & expressing my current observations & opinions.
Here's my other video that goes into this: "Eye of AI, Transhuman Brain Fart": https://youtu.be/kb5Vny7qDi8

This is some of my recent outdoor pics and footage slap edited with a simplified talk on using minerals and clays. Here is the video I did on the "vagus nerve" last year: "Down to Earth, Vagabond Nerve": https://youtu.be/esN9rAfBE_o

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