dark memes are shocking and fun if you get offended ohh well me my nephew liam and sprcial guest my wife shock ourselfs to almost tears in this show

I directly insult liberals in this 60 second long clip if it is well received I will upload the rest of the series for people to enjoy. This series started only for Instagram and tiktok its big on Instagram with this series spanding over 8000 views since it's inception at the middle January 2020 very insulting and quick

This episode is very unfriendly dating memes you might get offended so sorry not like i care or anything aboult your feels

congradulations patriots on that fight come together get things done divided the government will take us over

I show a group of paranormal images and give my opinions on them i hope you like these new style of videos

I react to videos of supposed spirits or ghost we look at them together and get your opinion

fat people memes and walmart

this is the last video i am going to do on this stupid subject this is got nothing to do with our government we should not even be worried about it

please be honest on your answers

I talk about virginia getting rid of the second ammedment with there sweeping gun legislation the legeslation effectively removes the second ammedment from virginias constitution

Apple has been directly slowing down older models of iphone claiming for batteries which is a lie to make you buy the new iphone

The congress is now trying to draft more articles of impeachment for no reason on the subject of get this justice kavagna and the fbi backround checks as he was sworn into the supreme court trying to implicate that donald trump stopped the fbi full backround check for justice kavagna another fake investigation to draft articles of impeachment apparently they have not learned

enjoy the gamer memes warning i trash on gamer girls sorry for the length of the video it will not happen again

I talk about what led up to the impeachment and the doom it spells for democrat party

Another set of memes for everyone to enjoy

I talk about political stuff and give my opinion on ways to fix government

second installment with the new back drop pretty much makes me transparent i hope you enjoy the video caution pay attention to the tikrtok as no matter whayt i did i could not get the mic for me to work properly

The crushing reality will come tomorrow when donald trump is aquited of all charges and it sinks in don lemon wont be laughing tomorrow night WWGOWGA enjoy the show

You people are so worried about a basket ball player dying then the fact that there is a severe virus outbreak and also the fact the democrats lied and donald trump will be found innocent and will be re elected in this years election

this is a destruction of another huge channel as youtube further detroying what youtube used to be. As youtube blatently violates free speech every single day this is another symptom of forced fake tos that youtube enforces to destroy channels that offend snowflakes

check out mxrplays video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfEar34eLms

More memes feturing a lot of teachers as well enjoy it

This is my opinion on what the democrats had planned from the beginning and now its true

Now that youtube has implemented another form of censoring were if you have any mechandise on your store shelf that is pro trump it is removed and you get a message saying its against the comunity guidlines but the anti trump merchandise remains this is more censoring brought to by youtube tell me how that is ok anyone who agrees with this tactic is a youtube fuck boy

this is the link to the podcast that is mentioned in the video you will hear everything you need know about youtube censorship


this is episode 1 of a new series on my my new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/T0tallyWr0ng/ check it out memes and entertainment

I display several memes that i think are funny meme reactions

I talk about fires in california and austrailia i speak the part that the msm does not tell everyone


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Standing back as censorship takes hold. I decided to do something about it. It was simple get the real truth out not the watered down lies on the mainstream news. The truth is out there, and i knew this so I started looking for it. So that the real story gets out, I am vehemently against censorship of the first amendment in anyway, So what better way then to find out the real story and share it with the public. I have kept that promise for 9 years and i will continue to air out the government's dirty laundry no matter what. And so I embark on this journey as an american patriot who cares about the constitution. So were in for a rough ride in this censorship paradise that is 2019. I promise always to make sure everyone knows that your opinion matters as well as mine.

Changing mainstream to real stream with a harsh political opinion
your feelings do not matter