Troubling news has been uncovered about the "whistle blower" when it comes to censoring it seems anyone who mentions the name of this whistle blower they seem to magically get banned for no reason it is what is called a power struggle between government and citizen

I talk about the fact that democrats supposedly are against billionaires yet they are going to let another one in the race democrats race to lies and socialism as the dems continue to use our constitution as toilet paper

I talk about my opinion on the 5 reasons democrats and republicans can use this in there campaigns an unbiased approach

finally caught up as i speak on beto the high school kid yes boy that was running for the democrats

I talk About the project veritas video that was released proving that NBC had all the information 3 years ago but never released it to protect Hillary now i fear that this news anchor is going to wind up magically committing suicide

I talk about a controversial subject that is considered taboo to most video platform this will be my most controversial video to date I hope no one gets to offended

trying to figure out how this is news when it is not important at all it has been blanketing the news for the past 3 days as if it is important bad news is it is not and nor do i care about this situation

I talk about the reoccurring theme of extinction rebellion members getting injured because of muh climate change as this has mainly become a way for teenagers to stay out of school

I talk about tulsi calling hilliary out on twitter

i talk about a fake holiday that liberals and democrats consider legit yet i dont get paid time and a half at my real job unlike liberals who complain all day

my opinion on the Syria pull out and the fact that all the democrat candidates are disgusting disrespectful warmongers

I talk about the incident with blizzard the gaming company and there rigorous defense of the oppressive government or china

flying under the radar was the story on soph a 14 year old youtube star who was banned for no reason

I talk about the reason why i think Hillary Clinton will enter the race and lose to Donald Trump

I talk about the reason why nancy pelosi wont put the impeachment on the floor for the vote

My take on the NBA

speaking on her stupid plan of rent control and expanding welfare for illegal immigrants

i talk about the ACLU impeachment and facial recongnition software

I talk about the new law in new york that fines you 250000 dollars if you say illegal immigrant or illegal alien

a virginia officer suspended for following federal law

I talk about the coincidence that bernie sanders takes health reasons just after hiliary started talking politics again which makes me feel like she is going to enter the race

6 more headlines that are actually cool to read

6 headlines i discuss including politics and technology

I talk about the waste of time vape product ban

as biden strong arms in 2019 just like he did with ukraine


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Standing back as censorship takes hold. I decided to do something about it. It was simple get the real truth out not the watered down lies on the mainstream news. The truth is out there, and i knew this so I started looking for it. So that the real story gets out, I am vehemently against censorship of the first amendment in anyway, So what better way then to find out the real story and share it with the public. I have kept that promise for 9 years and i will continue to air out the government's dirty laundry no matter what. And so I embark on this journey as an american patriot who cares about the constitution. So were in for a rough ride in this censorship paradise that is 2019. I promise always to make sure everyone knows that your opinion matters as well as mine.

Changing mainstream to real stream with a harsh political opinion
your feelings do not matter