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So how are you feeling after the midterms? Are you surprised? Did anything meet with your expectations?

The general feeling is one of disappointment and disillusionment, and there is good reason for that.

But, there is some hope still on the horizon and the battle is not yet over. We have much to do and it's not the time to stop.

We can win this all back, but it's going to take all of us working towards a common goal.

The time for division has long past.

Let's dig into this and more today.

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There is a TON of uncertainty about the upcoming mid-term elections..

First.. will they even happen?

Is what we will be seeing in Brazil a precursor to what will happen in the US?

Are we ready to face this next phase?

Plus, we'll look at the economy, Twitter, and more too!

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The big news this week has been Elon Musk closing the deal with Twitter, then quickly firing the worst offenders!

We continue the momentum from the Truth Tour and we've got something great planned for you!

Plus, we take a look at some of the other stories making news this week that you should be aware of.

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Join us for a special broadcast today with special guest Kevin Hoyt, Independent Candidate for Governor of Vermont, Joe Rosati, and more!

This is both a look back at the past week as well as look at what may be coming up next for us all.


In the coming days, some BIG things are expected to occur that are designed to cause us to take up arms and take to the street. Don't do it!

Let's spread the message far and wide that we know this is a game and we're not going to take the bait.

We just completed the Truth Tour 2 in Anaheim, CA, this past weekend and it was nothing short of spectacular!

I'll give you some highlights today and then fill you in on what may be coming our way in the next week or two.

Stand by... things have begun to catch fire!

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The buildup to the November 8th midterms is in motion.. with more and more craziness happening every day.

This is what's up:

Will they arrest Trump?

Will the approve the COVID vax for the Children's Vaccine Schedule?

Will we see an economic collapse in the near future?

All this and more today on Renegade Media News!

What is going on with the California elections? You have to see this to believe it!!

Plus, the Truth Tour is now free to watch! All of it!

It's not topic I've covered all that much, but it's a massive issue that is going to continue to cause major issues for us for decades to come.

It's time to shine a bigger spotlight on it now and it's well past time to fix the crisis.. for us, and for those who are being trafficked.

Nothing good will come from this situation.

In this episode, we'll look at the border issue, the falling stock market, and what we can expect to see in the coming weeks.

Be prepared..

Wondering how to keep going through it all? Is there an end in sight? Is there something you can do today to feel better?

The good news is that while things are not very smooth right now, you still have the power to be calm and feel strong through it all.

There are 3 areas, that if you focus on them, can and will change everything for you.

My guest today is Lance Schuttler.

Lance graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and is the CEO and owner of Ascent Nutrition, a unique holistic nutrition company.

He is also a Contributing Health and Wellness Writer at The Epoch Times.

His work also includes the topics of regenerative agriculture, resource-based economies and quantum technologies.

He is a facilitator and collaborator of big ideas, visions and projects that spark creative and healing solutions in our world.

We're not ending the 3rd quarter of this year on a high note! With inflation on the rise, almost by the minute, interest rates rising, pushing both rents and mortgages higher, we are headed for disaster!

But wait, there's more! Every single day there is new and ever more shocking information coming out about the vaccines - more deaths, injuries, and of course more censorship!

Then there is the mid-terms and all the chaos that will surround that event.. and the warnings about it all that are already being seeded!

It's enough to make you lose sight about what is most important! But, no matter what, always be informed, and be prepared. We may not know exactly what is headed our way, but we can be ready for whatever it might be.

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If you're not playing role in this fight right now, what are you waiting for? You're not going to get a written invitation!

To the men out there, what are doing to assure your family is safe and secure as we go through the rougher stages of this battle?

Are you simply hoping for somebody else to solve things? Are you simply going into your day as if nothing were wrong?

Or, are you daring to step up and play a serious role in making sure this country remains free?

Today, we speak with Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter about what you can do, man or woman, to be part of the solution.

The world needs us all to step up and take a stand. When we do, we will win! If we don't.... let's not even think about that.

We all want to know what's coming next. When will all the madness end? When will the good guys get back in control?

From all the signs we are now seeing, it sure looks like we're getting close to the end game!

With the November 8th mid-terms looking like the inflection point, I expect a LOT of October surprises and they may begin even before October!

Juan O Savin explains the American flag without stars, what it means and what we can expect to see in the coming days.

Then we talk about the stock market and Amazon, FedEx, and UPS shipments dropping along with the economy.

While there is a still a lot going on, don't expect things to slow down anytime soon. There will be more surprises, more will be uncovered that we will not expect and some of those whom we thought were the good guys might turn out to be the bad guys and vice-versa!

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Stay vigilant, renegades!

Had you noticed how much different 9/11 was this year than in years past? Did you read so many of the posts on social media that shared more and more about the truth of that event - much more than in any previous year?

Did you find yourself discovering information you had never heard before?

Most of us did.

But the bigger story here, if you care to look, is the lasting impact that happened AFTER 9/11.

If you're not sure you remember, this episode is going to be a great reminder to you of what happened and what is still in play 21 years later.

And, we are now seeing similar things in the wake of the 2020 pandemic.. more of the same, the same players, and an even bigger impact to our lives and freedoms.

Share this episode! This information needs to be known!

I spoke at the Truth Tour Virtual today! This is my powerful presentation.

I encourage you to watch the entire live stream here:

How did a virus travel to just about every single country in the world in just months?

How did a test become available and made by the millions within weeks?

How did a vaccine become available that never before existed for a brand new disease in just 9 short months?

How did a guy who didn't campaign, who had a few dozen people show up to his rallies win by the most votes of any president in history?'

Why did the courts block every single court challenge to the election results?

Why were there 55,000 National Guard troops stationed in Washington DC with barded wire fences all around the capital for a presidential inauguration?

Why is anybody who speaks out immediately targeted as an enemy of the state?

Why do they continue to frame Jan 6 as an insurrection when there were no guns, and they were back in business a few scant hours later and almost no damage done?

Why do they continue to ban alternatives to the vax?

Why do they censor anybody who speaks a message that is not in complete alignment with the narrative?

Where is the opposition to any of this?

Why are so many walking in lock-step, regardless of party affiliation and regardless of what the people they represent want?

Why is it only republicans are getting arrested?

When you ask questions, and start looking for answers, you often uncover the truth.

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Sitting at the breakfast table, watching the replay of the Biden speech.. we were literally stunned to hear a sitting AMERICAN President demonize a large part of this country.

NEVER has that happened before. And many were shocked at the visuals and what he said.

I saw it as an escalation of epic proportions. In other words, these guys see that the end is near and they've now pulled out all the stops and are going full out to have their way.

This is a time where things will likely becomes dangerous, unpredictable, and there will be many things that will absolutely shock us.

We'll talk about it in this episode.

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I started talking about the November mid-term elections at the beginning of 2022 and I said back then that I thought they would not go off as planned. Since that time, there have been a few stories here and there about that very possibility, but nothing truly concrete.

This past week, all that has changed and there are a number things that are now pointing to the possibility of the November elections being impacted by multiple events!

Listen to what Juan O Savin has to say and then let's look at a few of the events that have happened already this week that tend to support the idea that things may not go as expected come November.

I strongly suspect we will be surprised by the turn of events that seems to be taking shape now.

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There are 2 questions that I hear more than any other these days. First, people are asking about what's really going on as it's hard to get the real truth, even if you're ignoring the main stream propaganda networks.

The second most asked question is what is coming next. While nobody has the answers to that question, there are some trends that can tell us a lot about what we can expect going forward. Remember, this is a war on many fronts and things are shifting and changing all the time.

We can be pretty sure that we're coming to that all important infection point where things will get ugly before ultimately turning back in the right direction.

In this episode, I share some of the trends that I've been seeing and that can help lead us toward a better understanding of what may be coming. Plus, you'll hear from Juan O Savin on "the plan" and why it's taking so long and what he thinks we can expect to happen in the next 60 days.

Please share this episode as we want as many people as possible to be aware of what's coming.

Dr. Jessie Keener, a Naturopath drops a lot of truth bombs on this edition of Renegade Media News. She has spent 38 years in the world of natural health and has seen the workings of modern medicine first-hand and is on a mission to help inform as many people as possible about the dangers of the jabs.

Plus, a look forward to what might happen when we get to the other side of everything we are going through now. You'll appreciate her positive outlook on things to come.

And we both talk about the what and the when we expect things to go south.. coming very soon!

If you missed the events of this past weekend, here is a recap of what was shared, what it means, and how it will impact our elections this November.

There was a LOT to take in, and after watching hours and hours of the Moment of Truth summit, there is no possibility that anybody would have any doubt about what is happening to our elections.

We must be prepared for what's coming and looking back at what was will teach us what we need to know to stop it from ever happening again.

We live in crazy times. The things we have done in the past 2.5 years is enough to make you scratch your head!

Why did we buy into it all hook, line, and sinker? (fishing reference!)

What will future generations say when they look back on it all and how we acted and the odd things we all did in the name of health and safety!

Let's take a look back, share a few good laughs.. then we'll get into the more serious stuff from this past week.

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When you ask the question "What can I do?" most don't really have a great answer. My guest today, took it upon himself to do the unthinkable.

He went beyond what even he initially thought possible and created a tour where he hosted not one, but 21 live events around the country in just 31 days!

Lewis Herms is making a difference. He's helping people connect, to get informed, and helping support the effort to make this country great again by helping us to be united once again.

He joins us to talk about the Truth Tour and the upcoming Truth Tour 2!

Find out more about the tour and how you can watch it as it happens here:

Instead of taking the day off, I felt it was important to share some of the things that have happened this past week, how they are connected, and what we can expect going forward.

Nobody would ever say that we live in boring times! There is so much popping now that it's become hard to stay on top of it all. But that won't stop us from trying!

So Biden comes out and claims inflation is at 0% in July! You know that's NOT true! But he did say it!

Food is up. Housing is up. Car prices are up.

Then the CDC comes out with quite the whopper today too! If your head doesn't explode now, you're not paying attention!

Everyday, more and more is becoming known about election fraud, and not just in 2020 and not just with the Presidential elections either!

We are on a wild ride.. strap in.. it's not over yet!


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