The first and greatest command is to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, strength and understanding. He who loves God seeks wisdom from God which is truth with understanding. God calls, God teaches and God sends because using the Sword which is the Word of God requires proper instruction, counsel and guidance which comes only from Jesus the tree of life and the Mighty Counselor.

Reading and explaining the mysteries of what the Word of God is talking about.

As is seen below reveals what exists above. In other words, the physical dimension reveals what exists in the Spiritual dimension.
The key to understanding all of this is found explained only in the Word of God, yet is displayed in all of creation.

If we set our minds on things eternal, we will come to understand eternal things.... As in love leads us to recognize and acknowledge Father TRUTH.

Here are some clues to help you understand more clearly the importance of our daily and public confession of the identity of God and His Christ. God being identified as Father TRUTH His Spirit being LOVE and Jesus being the Father's Christ or God's personal, individual FORM - God Himself in flesh the one and only Savior of mankind.

Test the spirits in others, as well as the spirits in oneself, to see if what one hears or thinks, actually comes from Father TRUTH, The Word, or if it comes from Falsehood the devil.

Jesus "IS" LORD but only those who really do love God will ever discover this and acknowledge that this is true.

Reincarnation advocates repetitive continued existence in flesh.
The resurrection of the dead advocates continued existence in spirit as we await a specific day of resurrection in bodily form - 2 Timothy 2:17-18.

Whoredom against God is not recommended because screwing around with Falsehood is about to be set ablaze.

Logic is based upon reality, not conjecture and imagination.

Do all get to participate in the resurrection of the dead? And just who is the Israel of God?

Hell is a place of torment and regret on both this side of life and the other side of death.

Our final video in this series of videos on how we today can read the historical account of the flood and from it derive counsel from God appropriate to what is taking place in the present.

Unraveling more of the mystery

A recap of part one from a female perspective

Part 1 of a 3 part video speaking of Noah, the ark and the gathering of the waters that resulted in the cleansing of the earth.

Priceless information yet it seems to be the most undervalued.

If God says that He did not ask for the blood of bulls, goats and sheep then what was Abel's sacrifice which God said was correct and acceptable? And even more importantly, what was Cain's sacrifice which God said was not correct nor acceptable? The proof of what I am telling you is found in the Scriptures I write on the screen and in connecting the information I share with you in the video.

"The Law will go out from Jerusalem." That is what the Old Testament and the New Testament state. The Jerusalem spoken of in this prophecy is the New Jerusalem which is coming down out of heaven prepared as a Bride for her Groom. Yet there are people who call themselves Christians, who claim the Law is done away with and no longer applicable. Obviously such people do not understand that wisdom (which includes the Law) has two sides. The old exoteric understanding Jesus nailed to the cross and it is done away with, but the new esoteric understanding is still to come and is in fact what we as Christians should be preaching.

One interpretation called the exoteric comes from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
The other interpretation is called the esoteric and comes from Jesus the Tree of Life.

A Biblical look at the proper definition of divination and sorcery and the sin called Balaam's Error.

The thumbnail says it all......

A mind capable of logic and a heart capable of emotion and the ultimate gift of freewill and our choice to choose God or the devil to teach us how to rule our lives.

Revealing what God we serve. Remember that God is eternal with no beginning and no end. God as well must be omnipotent and omnipresent, in everything, the authority over everything, everywhere, all at the same time. The devil must be exactly the opposite of God because the devil opposes God.

We must be born again! Not of flesh and blood but of mind and heart to TRUTH and LOVE, Christ Jesus is His Name.
We must pick up our own cross and follow Him offering Spiritual Sacrifices and offerings acceptable to God. When we are tempted to think poorly of someone else, criticizing and condemning others; and we instead choose to humble ourselves before God and put those feelings and temptations to death, butchering them, separating each feeling into the category of coming from God or coming from the devil and we choose to follow God, we offer a sacrifice of ourselves in love instead of hate, in TRUTH instead of Falsehood we offer grace, kindness, mercy, compassion and forgiveness just as our LORD Jesus did for us. We put to death our desire to play God over others that Jesus rise up and show others, God at work in us.


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Discussing Bible Issues Not Discussed These Days Within The Confines Of Organized Religion.
As the Bible states, there are two sides to wisdom. One side puts to death while the other side brings to life. One side comes from the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil while the other side comes from Jesus the Holy Spirit Tree of Life. Depending upon which side of wisdom a person uses to interpret Scripture, one will get a completely different understanding of what is written from each side of wisdom. I discuss only the wisdom offered by Jesus the Tree of Life and if you join me in listening to what I share with you from Scripture, you too will glean a completely different interpretation and understanding of what is recorded in the Law, Psalms and Prophets of both the Old and the New Testaments.